An artist’s impression of the English summer.
An artist’s impression of the English summer.

Cricket World Cup 2019June 14, 2019

The Offspin podcast: rainy days and father figures

An artist’s impression of the English summer.
An artist’s impression of the English summer.

In episode seven of The Offspin, with more bad weather in England and not a lot of cricket being played, we took the opportunity to reminisce on our personal journeys in the sport. And spend some quality time dissing Australian cricketers.

We are joined in the studio by a passionate cricketer who had little choice in his super fandom. When your father names you after one of the great Indian batsmen, you know your life is destined for cricket tragedy. A man on a mission, Sunil Nathu joined The Offspin just hours before he flew out to the UK to attend the World Cup.

With the Black Caps game against India rained off, we reflected on growing up on the cricket field, the lasting effect of having your father coach your team, and the pressure our parents still put on their adult children at the crease.

Back at the World Cup, we examine Steve Smith’s attempt at sponsored (it didn’t go well and was another reason to hate the Australian team). The bad Instagram post was followed up by David Warner proving he hasn’t learnt much in the last 12 months. We also discuss the potential effects of climate change on the power balance of cricket, and why Pakistan is such an enchanting team.

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