The Offspin – Kane Williamson

Cricket World Cup 2019June 20, 2019

The Offspin Podcast: Can you even call South Africa’s loss a choke?

The Offspin – Kane Williamson

In episode eight of The Offspin, we break down the best game of the tournament so far, and talk about the shattered dreams of South African cricket. 

Writer and journalist James Borrowdale grew up with dreams of South African cricket running through his brain, but they’re long gone now, traded in for a Black Caps shirt. Once again, South Africa has collapsed at a Cricket World Cup – but in this case, can you even call it a choke?

We talk through the game, and what it means for the tournament. Have South Africa’s transformation targets helped or hurt the team on the biggest stage? Do the Black Caps need to do some shuffling to keep advancing, with bigger teams coming up? Will Kane Williamson ever fail to make a decent score in England between now and the end of time?

Plus, James gives a glimpse into the passion of the Hanse Cronje era of South African cricket and how it all went sour, Alex bangs on at length about the greatest cricket shot ever played, and Simon reveals the frankly bizarre and disturbing habits the late nights of the World Cup has forced him to pick up.

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