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FoodApril 11, 2017

The owner of NZ’s biggest retro food packaging collection picks his top 10

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We asked retro packaging super-collector Steve Williams for his top 10 Kiwi food labels of all time, and this is what he told us.

Read more about Steve Williams’ collection of historic NZ food packaging here.


1969 Nestle Milky Bar Chocolate Wrapper. “Great early example of the classic “Milky Bar Kid” on a wrapper.”


1990 Mainland Valumetric Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cheese Slices Box. “There was a huge NZ TMNT food marketing campaign around 1990/91, but finding any packaging is very tough.”


1989 Georgie Pie Batman The Movie Box. “A super box from the Batmania era.”


1968 Kelloggs Frosties Jungle Jokes Cereal Box. “The oldest example of a NZ made Frosties box I have seen to date.”


1987 Walls KZ-7 Kiwi America’s Cup Ice Cream Wrapper. “Great graphics! I remember the hype around the America’s Cup well.”


1970s Allens & Regina Big Charlie Chocolate Bubblegum Display Box. “My oldest Allens & Regina Display box, originally from the company director’s private collection.”


Late 1980s Hudson Cookie Bear Cookies Packet.


1997 Eta Ripples Monster Munches 12 Pack Chippies Packet. “I always enjoyed the original 1980s Monster Munch snacks, these may well be a clever knock off by Eta.”


1985 Tip-Top Transformers Ice Block Box. “I lived on Transformers Ice Blocks and Snacks in the mid 1980s, great memories.”


1977/78 Tip-Top Star Wars R2D2 Space Ice Block Wrapper. “One of the first NZ Star Wars Food premiums and from my favourite film series – my holy grail item!”

Read more about Steve Williams’ huge collection of historic NZ food packaging here.

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