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NewsOctober 24, 2014

Sad Farewell: The Jim Hickey Reign


As any scarf-laden teen will tell you – hickeys are notoriously hard to get rid of. But we don’t want to part with this one. Today, the Herald announced that our eternal weather shaman Jim Hickey is sadly retiring (again).

Doing his time in front of that mesmerizing TVNZ green screen since 1988, Hickey is leaving to focus on his aviation memorabilia-themed café in New Plymouth called Airspresso. It’s sort of like when Matthew Ridge started that coffee and carwash business called Carfé, except Jim’s is actually cool.

We hope that his café really takes off, and wish to pay brief tribute to the many shades of Hickey that have appeared on our screens for nearly three decades:

Consummate Professional Hickey:

Due to someone at Metservice being a slow loris one night, Jim had to totally wing it – stalling for temperatures and eventually reporting without a single place name in sight. He soldiers through like an absolute pro, even having to leave his perch to flick the wee magic weather telly a few times. And you thought it was bad when you lose the remote! Ha ha ha.

Rap God Hickey:

Best adaption since that chewing gum ad with the threatening gang of donuts.

Magic Hickey:

For anyone who was doubting that he is actually magic and/or a superhero.

X-rated Hickey:

This great Eating Media Lunch bit catches the Hick-monster saying something very very rude to Judy.


Cloud Genius Hickey:

Great to hear a true expert in their field just nailing it, this clip throws down a real challenge to Sam, Kanoa and any other Sticky TV alumni looking to get into to cut-throat weather game. I expect this cloud speech will be available on audiobook at the Airspresso café.

Scratch That, Conspiracy Hickey:

Is Jim Hickey a mere puppet employed by the government to hypnotise the general public into laughing jovially about plane emissions? Don’t be ridiculous. Tell you what is funny though – toxins.

Retro Hickey:

Even back in the early days the guy was crackin’ major jokes about the weather expecting twins. What an absolute charmer.

TVNZ announced last month that Dan Corbett is joining their weather team – he’s got a giant pair of galoshes to fill for sure. Goodbye Jim, may the weather gods shine upon New Plymouth airport forever more.

h/t NZ Herald

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