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A tribute to Donald Trump and the Saudis
A tribute to Donald Trump and the Saudis

PoliticsDecember 31, 2017

Our experts’ wild predictions for politics in 2018

A tribute to Donald Trump and the Saudis
A tribute to Donald Trump and the Saudis

At least one of these 15 soothsayers is bound to be right …

We asked them to name their winners and losers in politics 2017, and so they did. We asked them to describe the year in sentence. They did that, too. We asked what might be the issues 2018 hinges on, and again they did it, which was very decent of them. Finally, we implored: Give us a wild prediction for 2018 …

And here they are.

Graham Cameron

Shane Jones will be ejected from NZ First, lose his ministerial roles and become an independent MP by the end of 2018.

Graeme Edgeler

Leader of the opposition Judith Collins, plus that Chinese moon thing again.

Emma Espiner

Helen Clark turns down a position on the board of a charitable entity or NGO.

Joshua Hitchcock

Winston Peters, frustrated by the lack of progress on his key policies, will swap sides and reinstate a National-led government.

Leonie Hayden

Lance O’Sullivan founds the Handsome Doctor Party and becomes leader, deputy leader and president.

Stephen Jacobi

CPTPP will be concluded in March 2018 and signed later in the year

Nicola Kean

President Pence – is that even that wild? I don’t know any more

Annabelle Lee

Gone By Lunch Time will become the world’s most downloaded podcast, win several prestigious awards and be cited as facilitating lasting world peace.

Toby Manhire

The year will see new leaders for not one, not two, but three parties in parliament.

Wayne Mapp

Peace in the Middle East, with Israel and Palestine making real progress, and the Syrian civil war ending.

Tainui Stephens

Perhaps sooner than we think, we may follow the world, nay lead it, in terms of marijuana reform. When that glad day arrives I look forward to our prime minister going to Govt House to swear in a new government, and at the function having a cone with the GG along with the cocktails. Perhaps the only constitutional challenge could be if the GG has to pay GST on the royal stash.

Ben Thomas

Everything will probably be fine.

Andrea Vance

The Brexit negotiations will bring down Teresa May’s government.

Guy Williams

Simon Bridges becomes leader of the National party and goes out like an idiot. One of those dirty politics crackers goes full Charlie Sheen on live TV or radio.

Simon Wilson

Jacinda Ardern will set out a programme to rethink NZ society on the basis of kindness, hope, smart and original thinking and a bold commitment to inclusiveness and opportunity. It will be far reaching, in political, economic and cultural terms, and she will rally support for her vision throughout the nation. There is absolutely no reason I can think of why it could not happen.

Keep going!