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Illustrations: Toby Morris for The Spinoff
Illustrations: Toby Morris for The Spinoff

Pop CultureOctober 15, 2020

The epic Spinoff election night drinking game 2020

Illustrations: Toby Morris for The Spinoff
Illustrations: Toby Morris for The Spinoff

From 7pm Saturday, the election results will ooze from the pores of democracy. Toast the franchise with our exclusive election night drinking game. It works with Raro, kombucha or something stronger. Repurpose as bingo if that’s what you’re into. Illustrations by Toby Morris.

Take a sip when you hear/see

“Neck and neck”

“Knife edge”


“Confidence and supply”

“The Covid election”

A bad meme

Live cross resulting in dead air

A rueful but magnanimous tweet from a losing candidate

Take two sips

Gruff person wearing rosette

Field reporter fiddling with earpiece

“Captain’s call”

“Relentlessly positive campaign”


“Fiscal hole”

“Strong and stable”



“Too close to call”

Winston Peters attacks the media

Off-camera swearing

Heartwarming montage of pets at polling stations

Political. Editor. Saying. Something. Important. In. One. Word. Sentences.

Take a shot

“Rural-urban divide”

John Campbell exhortation on the role of democracy in society

Hilary Barry death stare

Tova O’Brien mentions a bazooka

Any reference to drinking whisky with Winston Peters

Mention of nice-smelling polling booth hand sanitiser

Party faithful in background realise they’re on live TV

Shot of pizza being delivered to party leader

A subtweet about party campaign strategy from a losing candidate

“The Bad Boys of Brexit”

A good meme

When you spot a Spinoff reporter shuffling out of the back of a TV live cross

Take three shots

“The people have spoken”

Someone calls Jack Tame “James”

Minor party candidate shares conspiracy theory

Live cross to Winston hooning on a cheeky dart

Finish your drink

A concession

A resignation

A flip of the bird

Simon Bridges with a yak

Walk into the sea

Ashley Bloomfield jumps out of a cake

Keep going!