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Grant Robertson and the $5.5 billion curse

The government will welcome the unexpectedly large surplus, but it brings with it a heap of extra pressure from all sides

‘If you do R&D, we plan to support it’: Megan Woods defends the new tax incentive

Innovation Minister Megan Woods says the Government's new R&D tax incentive is far from a startup killer. In fact, she says, it will open up R&D funding to more businesses than ever before.

Save our startups: an R&D SOS

Budget 2018 signalled significant changes to the government’s approach to R&D. Will the plans push our knowledge economy into the sea – or worse, Australia

Budget 2018: Is a camel a horse designed by committee?

The compromises of the Labour-led government’s first budget was a sign of consultation required in the coalition.

The lamingtons were delicious: The Spinoff joins the pre-Budget lockup

A few hours hours before the budget is announced to the public, journalists and other interested parties get a preview in a secure room deep inside the Beehive. This year, Jess McAllen was among them.

A squandered opportunity to be transformational on poverty

The Labour-led government has missed its chance to help those in the worst poverty

Grant Robertson just delivered National’s tenth budget

He was eager to burnish his fiscal responsibility credentials on his first outing. In doing so he has conjured up a neoliberal triumph

The Bulletin: Budget 2018 Megamix

Today we've got all the washing up from yesterday's budget, plus news about councils, cows and creeps.

Budget 2018: the great Spinoff hot-take fry-up

How did Grant Robertson and co fare? Experts from across a range of sectors give their verdicts.

Budget 18 is stuck in the present. We need investment in innovation for the future

The Budget's R&D spend looks less than futuristic, says Grant Thornton's Greg Thompson.

Grant Robertson and the blame-it-on-the-last-bunch budget

Labour is seeking to sell today's funding announcements as an exercise in cleaning up National's mess

Budget 2018, at a glance: $$$ for health, houses and schools

The Labour-led government has delivered a restrained and cautious Budget in its first year, keeping money in the kitty instead of a major spend up, writes Craig McCulloch in this summary …

Budget 2018: what to expect today, and when

Chris Bramwell of RNZ sets the stage for Grant Robertson’s big day Finance Minister Grant Robertson is pitching today's Budget as one that will set the foundations for the government's plan …

Grant Robertson is about to undergo his first big test. He has a lot to prove

The finance minister is about to find out just how difficult it is to keep both constituents and political allies happy, writes Massey University's Grant Duncan.

With $38m on the table, TVNZ suddenly remembers how to do public broadcasting

With the government’s relationship with RNZ rocky, is moving Q+A to primetime a deftly timed olive branch?

The ‘fudge-it budget’ and more of the best (and worst) Budget nicknames

With Budget day fast approaching, how will it be sold to the public? And how will the opposition go about pinning a derisive name on it? Let's look back at some of the most valiant attempts.

Government’s health budget must look to the future of care

The health sector needs significant investment, but where is that money going to come from? Grant Thornton’s Pam Newlove says the government needs to look to the private sector.

From ambitious to zero budget: an A-Z guide for Budget 2018

With the Grant Robertson's big day just weeks away we've created a helpful (mostly) alphabetic introduction to the mysteries of the annual government Budget.

Invest in the regions to save Auckland from itself

What might the 2018 Budget deliver on regional economic development, and how will it intersect with our largest city? Grant Thornton's Murray Brewer casts his eye over the options and opportunities.

The Bulletin: Government’s long slog to the Budget begins

In today's edition: The government's month of hell begins, BP under pressure over fuel price manipulation, and Amazon tax coming on online shopping.