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Everyone says they’re moving to New Zealand – ray of light in a bleak world

NZ has long been the world’s imagined lifeboat – and increasingly for something more than just escape

The fraught social ritual of getting your round in

One of the many unspoken rules of British life is that when one is drinking at the pub with others, one buys rounds. For the naive New Zealander, it's stressful AF, says Elle Hunt.

What do I miss most about New Zealand? Trade Me

Elle Hunt composes a love letter to New Zealand's online auction site, with which foreign counterparts cannot compare

The gruelling journey of having to fly back home

In the latest instalment of her series on life as a NZ expat, Elle Hunt recounts the tedious minutiae of flying halfway across the world. 

Brexistential dread: Life in Britain amid the terrible, tedious drama of Brexit

With the March 29 Brexit deadline bearing down on the country at an alarming speed, it's hard not to wonder whether staying in Britain is really worth it.

Congratulations on IKEA, New Zealand, and good luck

You might be excited about IKEA's possible (though far from guaranteed) arrival on this country's shores, but just wait until the first time you try to assemble a chest of drawers.

I moved to London, and now I finally care about Christmas

When she lived in New Zealand, Elle Hunt never really understood the fuss about Christmas. That all changed when she moved to London.

My name is Elle, and I’m a city break addict

Flying almost anywhere in Europe for the price of a mid-price restaurant meal? If there was ever a reason to move to the UK, budget airlines are it.

It’s just a long way to go: When expats’ fantasies of trips home meet reality

Almost every Kiwi who moves to London tries to soften the blow to family and friends by claiming they'll regularly return. But is it realistic?

‘Sorry, I fell asleep’: the never ending struggle of long distance friendships

In her fourth Elleswhere column about life as an expat New Zealander in London, Elle Hunt navigates the lost connections of a 12 hour time difference.

The Whittaker’s Run: Feeding your NZ choccy addiction when you live in London

In her third Elleswhere column about life as an expat New Zealander in London, Elle Hunt begs folks back home to spare a thought for a Whittaker's fanatic stuck with no supply.

‘You should move here too!’ How to get your NZ friends to join you in London

In her second Elleswhere column about life as an expat New Zealander in London, Elle Hunt writes about seeing the city through the eyes of people who are just passing through.

The question that echoes in every NZ expat’s ears: ‘Will you go back?’

London-based Elle Hunt, along with just about every New Zealander living and working overseas, is routinely asked if and when she might return home.