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The rot may be so deep we need a wholly new generation of political leaders

The donations scandal looks very different if we see ourselves not as Labour supporters or National voters but as citizens of a country whose politicians are selling us all out

The two-step solution to fixing our donations mess

Reform must be based on the idea that we should each have the same influence over politics, and emulating Canada is a good place to start.

The donations system is unfixable. Let’s bin it and introduce state funding

Time to place parties on an even footing and make elections a contest of ideas, not dollars.

Reputation vs reality: how vulnerable is New Zealand to systemic corruption?

I have reason to believe that New Zealand's reputation for being corruption-free and its sense of well-being don’t fully align with reality, writes Timothy K Kuhner.

A novel way to fix our broken political donations system: flood the market

Here's a completely different way to approach the problem: 'democracy dollars'.

A step by step guide for compulsory anonymity in political donations

Keep politicians in the dark about who pays for their campaigns.

To build a new politics, we must break the grip of big money

The existing system simply cements the interests of the richest and most powerful.

Money talks: Why the donations crisis goes to the heart of trust in our politics

Launching a week-long series on the crisis in electoral funding, Andrew Geddis explains why the issue is so crucial to our democracy.