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Count me out on the tax-love bandwagon

Even if you admire the ends, the who and what of tax is pretty loathsome, argues Danyl Mclachlan

Good times at New Zealand’s third largest taxpayer

She thought about walking away from tax, but couldn't. Maria Slade finds Westpac's tax guru Jo Sawden does it for the love of it.

Sir Michael Cullen: ‘tax is not a necessary evil – it’s a necessary part of a civilised society’

The former deputy prime minister and chair of Labour’s tax working group talks to Duncan Greive about housing, tax, Bill English and Labour’s big 2017 campaign mistake.

Why we need to stop thinking of tax as a burden

The rhetoric over the past decade or so has painted tax as a 'burden' from which we need 'relief'. But PSA national secretary Erin Polaczuk argues that tax isn’t a burden nor a necessary evil, but something paid by Kiwis, for Kiwis.

Tax is not love, it’s violence: David Seymour tears into Duncan Greive

Last week The Spinoff's managing editor published an op-ed celebrating the nation-building value of taxation. Act leader David Seymour was not impressed.

A crazy little thing called tax

Tax heroes: If tax is love then New Zealand needs to show a lot more affection, writes Max Harris. 

Māori and the Tax Working Group: how do we make the system more fair?

Business consultant and Treaty commentator Joshua Hitchcock looks at the terms of reference for the new Tax Working Group and asks – how can the tax system create a more equitable outcome for Māori? 

Google and Apple are under pressure over tax. Should Visa and Mastercard be too?

Visa and Mastercard benefit from sweetheart tax deals from being based in Singapore, but with increased scrutiny on international tech behemoths over their tax records, is it time for us to take a closer look at Visa and Mastercard as well?

And New Zealand’s biggest taxpayer is…

It has paid billions in tax since 2003, but the NZ Super Fund's head of tax John Payne says it sees tax as simply a return to the government.

Why the lack of a capital gains tax is letting property companies off lightly

No capital gains tax no problem? Not exactly – Tax Heroes has uncovered our biggest property players pay a much lower tax rate, Maria Slade reports.

Tax has come a long way, baby

We always hear about who is not paying tax, but who pays the most hasn't been measured – until now. Maria Slade talks to the two Auckland professors behind Tax Heroes.

The people deciding the future of tax in NZ

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today, what is the Tax Working Group anyway – and what is it up to?

Ten amazing (and big) numbers about tax

Tax, tax, lovely tax. We all pay it, in one way or another, and we rely on it to pay for things like schools, healthcare and roading – our tax does some wonderful things. Here are ten tax numbers you need to know.

Tax Heroes: forget the rich list – who pays the most tax in NZ?

Today we launch Tax Heroes, a project created in partnership with the IRD which aims to ‘invert the rich list’, and instead focus on the entities that contribute the most to New Zealand.

How much tax did our largest companies pay last year?

Tax Heroes: We take a closer look at how much tax our 50 biggest companies paid in 2017.