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A chat show host’s top 11 chat show duos of all time

Comedian and sometime chat show host Tim Batt runs down his list of the top chat show hosting duos of all time, from Oprah & Gayle to Havoc & Newsboy.

A plan for New Zealand: What our comedians would do if they were president

Ukraine has elected as its president a comedian with no political experience and not many policies. So what would our comedians do if elected to be the President of New Zealand?

Kids in the hallway: the complete history of TVNZ U

It was a world first that fostered some of our finest young talent, so what the hell happened to TVNZ U? Five years since its closure, Alex Casey takes a look back at the little youth channel that could. 

Live every moment: A fanboy farewells The Worst Idea Of All Time

Tonight, in Los Angeles, the New Zealand podcast phenomenon The Worst Idea Of All Time comes to a close. Tom Augustine pays tribute to the show that took a terrible idea and transformed it into art.

Comedians share the worst heckle they’ve ever had (WATCH)

"And she stood up and said, 'It's just not funny!'"

Comedians share the funniest things they’ve ever seen (WATCH)

Comedians tells us about the funniest things they've ever seen, from unexpected peeing, to a cat throwing up, to a vintage YouTube video.

Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden share their biggest Boners of the Heart

Boners of the Heart is a new podcast hosted by Alice Snedden and Rose Matafeo, where the pair dissect their weird, often disturbing, celebrity crushes. By way of introduction, we got each …

“I’m a jobs creator” – Tim Batt on creating a podcast empire

The comedian Tim Batt talks to José Barbosa about his nascent podcast network, the Little Empire Podcast Network

Reissue: Can I Play With Madness – The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast

Duncan Greive spends time with Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery, the creators of cult podcast hit The Worst Idea of All Time.