Alie Benge

Alie Benge is a Wellington-based nonfiction writer. Her essays have been published in Takahē, Turbine | Kapohau, Mimicry, and others. She was joint winner of the 2017 Landfall Essay Competition.

Jul 11, 2020

Are you lost, baby girl? Fear and fantasy in Netflix's 365 Days

People have called it for it be pulled from the service, but the escapist fantasy of 365 Days is nothing new, writes Alie Benge.

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Feb 18, 2020

Review: 2000ft Above Worry Level, a sublime novel about humdrum things

Eamonn Marra's debut novel makes a study of the mundane: sanding a fence, heating baked beans, three pizzas for $29.99 delivered. Alie Benge reckons it belongs somewhere between Sally Rooney and Elena Ferrante.

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Jan 6, 2020

Little Women was more than a story. It was the house I grew up in

Never mind the film: Alie Benge, aka Jo/Meg, on the book that meant the world to her.

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Dec 5, 2019

Shush: Libraries are saving New Zealand book culture, not dismantling it

Yesterday, we published an essay by novelist Lloyd Jones lamenting the change in New Zealand's book culture. Today, Alie Benge responds with a passionate defence of the modern NZ library.

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