Danyl Mclauchlan

Danyl Mclauchlan is a novelist, writes the Dim Post blog, and volunteers for the Green Party. He was born in Wellington in 1974.

The myth of the missing million

For years left-wing politicians and activists have fantasised about the 'missing million' voters, and what they might do to an election if they returned. Danyl Mclauchlan argues persuasively that the million aren't who we commonly imagine them to be.

Seeking shelter from the information monsoon

Saturated with Trump commentary, Danyl Mclauchlan's brain felt like a tiny teacup with a firehose gushing into it. Here he explains why he decided to refocus his attention away from the floods of content and the 'ludic loop' of social media, where, more than ever, the audience is the product.

The four John Keys you meet when he governs your country

Who was Prime Minister John Key? A lovably uncool dad, goofing off on the breakfast TV couch? A proudly vicious parliamentarian, sticking the knife in at Question Time? A political genius with an uncanny knack for understanding voters better than they did themselves? Or a cautious conservative who avoided the real issues? Danyl Mclauchlan picks apart the man who, even when he lost, just kept on winning.