Who gets to speak for the people of Parihaka?

As a proposed new law to protect the Parihaka name makes its way through parliament, Rachel Buchanan reflects on the shifting legacy of something that is so much more than a set of GPS coordinates.  

The Kia Ora Lady: Dame Rangimārie Naida Glavish in her own words

When we decided to do an episode of On the Rag on ageing, I knew immediately I wanted to talk to one of my kuia, and I knew who I wanted it to be, writes Ātea editor Leonie Hayden.

Protectors condemn ‘intimidating’ increased police presence at Ihumātao

Tensions at the Ihumātao occupation in Māngere, south Auckland escalated last night after a dramatic increase in police numbers.

Five wāhine Māori protestors (who other Māori thought were a pain in the ass)

From the suffrage movement in the late 1800s to the fight for Ihumātao today - here are five wāhine Māori leaders who faced large criticism, but left larger legacies

Ātea Archive

How art and technology mobilised an army of support for Ihumātao

One thing that has set the fight for Ihumātao apart is the confidence with which multi-media digital communication has been deployed to spread the message far and wide.

The occupation of Ihumātao: week one

For past 150 years the struggle at Ihumātao has gone on under the radar, but it exploded into mainstream public consciousness last week. Here we take breath to recount an extraordinary eight days.

The woman reviving the art of Māori Aute

Nikau Hindin is reviving a contemporary form of Māori art largely lost after the extinction of the aute plant in Aotearoa. Photographer Sait Akirrman visited Nikau in studio.

Our trail of tears: the story of Ihumātao

The legacy of colonialism and land confiscation is inescapable in the standoff over Ihumātao.

The camp where young Māori and Pasifika explore the wonders of science

DiscoveryCamp gives Māori and Pacific high school students the chance to experience science at a tertiary level. Alice Webb-Liddall asks why it's important to get these young people interested.

Organise Aotearoa protesters arrested on Southwestern motorway near Ihumātao

The group coordinating the Ihumātao occupation says it did not sanction the action.

Coco Solid on the return of Aroha Bridge and the fight for Ihumātao

Aroha Bridge writer and director Coco Solid talks about the new characters on the show, the 'psychic vat of reality' that birthed them, and her Ihumātao call-out of PM Jacinda Ardern.

‘I’ve had my tangi’: Police descend on the occupants of Ihumātao

After months of protest, the last occupants were moved off Ihumātao in south Auckland by police this afternoon. Don Rowe reports. 

Listen to Māori midwives – they know more than you think

The Māori midwives on the frontline of whānau care and Oranga Tamariki scrutiny say their voices are going unheard and their wisdom unheeded.

Cheat sheet: Compulsory te reo Māori in schools

Our government and leaders are divided on the question compulsory te reo Māori. Who’s for making it compulsory, who’s against it, and who’s flip flopping around in the middle?

The children come first: A day at the Oranga Tamariki hui

Ātea editor Leonie Hayden headed out to the hui for a Māori-led inquiry into Oranga Tamariki, the Ministry for Children, and found a unified Māori force that has decided enough …

The call from the hui was loud and clear: give us back our kids

Whanaungatanga, whakapapa and whānau – the solutions that have always been with us, but largely ignored.