The writer of Vegas responds: ‘Vegas is a story of change. A story of hope’

The co-creator of TVNZ's Vegas defends the series and his authorship of it, and talks about 'the how and the why' behind the show.

Rawiri Paratene is a proud paka

The actor, protestor and overall blimmin' legend in conversation on the eve of his final show.

Vegas keeps the Māori warrior-gangster trope alive for another generation

Despite being funded as part of a major initiative to get Māori stories to screen, Vegas reinforces some centuries-old stereotypes.

The rise and fall of the pine on One Tree Hill

The 1994 chainsaw attack on the pine wasn't a simple act of vandalism – it was an act of protest informed by centuries of history.

Ātea Archive

Bedbugs and handbag-clutching and wave pools, oh my

Comedian Janaye Henry is on a theatre tour of Aotearoa teaching teens about sex, and is writing us a non-Tourism NZ-approved diary of her travels. This week: Ōtepoti Dunedin.

The Single Object: The chainsaw heard across Aotearoa

Video | 'You're in a dangerous place here,' Mike Smith warned a group of teenagers. 'I'm about to drop this tree, and it’s gonna fall on your car.'

The Haka Party Incident masterfully brings to life a bold act of resistance

ATC's gutsy new production hammers home the enduring relevance of a fleeting confrontation 40 years ago.

How to overcome your fear of the smear – be brave like Kiritapu

Four wāhine Māori reflect on how we can be our own best health advocates.

The new generation rebuilding Tapu Te Ranga Marae

Pare Sannyasi grew up at Wellington’s Tapu Te Ranga Marae, founded by her father Bruce Stewart. Now she's part of the rebuilding process after the main whare was destroyed by fire in 2019.

An apology for the Dawn Raids is long overdue

Heeding the call for an apology will go a long way towards healing the relationship between the government and the Pacific peoples of Aotearoa.

Why Police Ten 7 hurts us

'You already watch us with a ball on the field, with guitars in our hands and you want to watch us get arrested too?'

The year of Teeks

He’s a nervous sex symbol and a reluctant pop star, but soul singer Teeks is slowly becoming more comfortable in his own skin.

‘Unsafe space for Māori’: Auckland Art Gallery in turmoil as staff question leadership

The gallery's contemporary Māori art exhibition has been met with widespread acclaim. But under the surface, things are far from rosy.

Putting racism into words

Māori health advocate Gabrielle Baker looks at a new landmark survey that puts into words what so many Māori already know.

Finding whakapapa: The generational trauma of closed Māori adoptions

Dr Erica Newman has been awarded $300,000 to study the generational effects of closed adoptions of Māori children to Pākehā families. 

Chelsea Winstanley: Whose lens is it anyway?

It might ruin her chances of winning a Golden Globe, but Oscar-nominated producer Chelsea Winstanley is calling out the Hollywood Foreign Press.