The connections with wai that can keep us safer in the water

Despite Māori over-representation in the death statistics, drowning prevention strategies have largely neglected Māori perspectives on water safety.

Matariki’s tiny treasures

Artist Jade Townsend reflects on reindiginising, mothering and the mauri and magic of Māori art.

The Sunday Essay: Narrating the seasons of grief

Some mornings I am woken by tapping at the window and urgent, piercing calls: 'He’s gone, did you know? Did you hear the news?'

My stars of Matariki are wāhine Māori

'For me that cover unlocked a thousand wāhine Māori… tūpuna and uri, voices of the past, the present and the future intertwined.'

Ātea Archive

Eight incredible moments from the new series of Matangireia

Conversations with eight former Māori MPs reveal heartbreak, scandal and intrigue.

The occupation at Pūtiki Bay, Waiheke – explained

A planned marina at Kennedy Point is at the heart of a dispute which recently saw police arrested three protesters.

On the Dawn Raids and apologies – a Polynesian Panther writes

Heeding the call for an apology will go a long way towards healing the relationship between the government and the Pacific peoples of Aotearoa.

Learning to live by the maramataka: Pipiri – Māori New Year

Nau mai haere ki ngā whetū o te tau hou, kia Matariki me Pūanga.

Kia ora, Paul Goldsmith. Let’s talk about balance

Last week Paul Goldsmith got himself in some hot water when he said colonisation had been good for Māori 'on balance'.

The plant nursery helping young South Aucklanders find direction, and jobs

How their daughter’s death inspired a South Auckland farming couple to start a charity helping troubled youth.

Ruby Solly is making music to the sounds of the stars

Ruby Solly has been composing music using the frequencies of the stars, but it's the ways they resonate in the stories of our ancestors that creates the most heavenly music. Since …

Hinewehi Mohi and the song that changed so much

Once a ‘diva-for-hire’, Hinewehi Mohi will soon be a dame.

The incredible story of lost tennis legend Ruia Morrison

One of New Zealand's most successful tennis players has fallen through the cracks of sporting history. Madeleine Chapman tells the story of Ruia Morrison, Wimbledon quarter finalist.

Hinemoa Elder’s book is getting the Oprah effect

A mention from Oprah’s Book Club is manna from publishing heaven. Last week, the first book by Dr Hinemoa Elder, Aroha, was included on one of the club’s lists.

Ten words to help you understand Sāmoa’s election crisis

Ten Sāmoan words and concepts to help you understand the developing political crisis in Sāmoa.

Sovereignty in streaming: A new forever home for Māori content

For the last four years the duo behind Pipi Mā have been working on a digital Māori content platform to rival the big streaming services.