Review: Sis is loud, filthy and hilarious – but it’s so much more than that too

A new sketch show on Comedy Central has heralded a new era for Pacific voices.

With a rāhui ignored, opponents of the Dome Valley dump launch hīkoi

A campaign against a huge new dump north of Auckland has drawn together a coalition of iwi, local residents and local government.

Waikato theatre set to be built on urupā, says local iwi group

Despite changes made to original plans, a group of rangatahi Māori says the Waikato Regional Theatre is still set to be built on their burial ground. 

Why Māori communities are more vulnerable to 5G conspiracies

Mistrust in the government and generational trauma mean Māori communities are more at risk.

Ātea Archive

Whakamā: fighting the taniwha of shame

Whakamā refers to a state of personal or collective embarrassment and shame. Unabated shame can corrode the soul. Tikanga can fix and prevent it.

The people have spoken: we want a Matariki public holiday

It’s long past time we officially recognised the Māori new year on Māori land.

Learning to live by the maramataka: Hōngongoi

While Matariki and Pūanga rose last month in Pipiri, they are most visible this month, in Hōngongoi (July). Our celebration of them continues.

Idea: Put up more statues – of New Zealanders who deserve them

As the settler government did in the late 1800s, it's time to erect monuments to the great people of this country, and maybe take some of the stink ones down.

Voting isn’t everything: On Māori politics and the meaning of participation

Almost 170 years ago, Māori political processes were interrupted and displaced by a new, enforced electoral system. No wonder the Māori relationship to party politics is so complicated, writes Jo Waitoa.

Iwi and hapū are crucial to Auckland’s water resource management

A Ngāti Whātua historian on how the sharing of resources between Tāmaki Makaurau and Waikato goes back a very long way. 

These are the women’s stories at the heart of a crisis in criminal justice

In seven short years the number of Māori women on remand has doubled, and you should be furious.

‘I know these people’: Miriama McDowell on leading the pack in Head High

Sam Brooks talks to actress and director Miriama McDowell, fresh off a starring role in Head High and directing Ahikāroa.

All the iwi liaison officers in the world won’t reform the NZ Police

A video of the arrest of an Auckland man has gone viral, as police violence goes under the microscope globally. It's all part of a familiar cycle, writes Emilie Rākete.

Hamilton or Kirikiriroa? New poll on backing for a city name change

A new survey shows limited appetite from the public to restore Hamilton’s name to Kirikiriroa. But a Waikato kaumatua says he'll continue to push for change.

Māori Television needs to go – here’s what should replace it

The head of production house Pango Productions lays out his vision for the future of Māori media – and there's no place for Māori Television in it.

Wave, whip, rise, roar: The art of Mata Aho Collective

A collective of four wāhine Māori artists, Mata Aho Collective work together to transform human-scale Māori weaving practices into atua-scale contemporary artworks.