‘When I was carving my whakapapa, I could feel my ancestors helping me’

A new programme replacing woodwork at two Hamilton intermediate schools is helping young Māori connect through the art of whakairo, or carving.

The debate over Theo Schoon, who built his career on the backs of Māori artists

An exhibition of Dutch-New Zealand artist Theo Schoon at the City Gallery in Wellington has set off a debate about the place of racially problematic work in public spaces.

How to survive a shipwreck: A sea level rise story

There are many lessons climate scientists can learn from mātauranga Māori. Lesson one is: don't panic.

Our trail of tears: the story of Ihumātao

The standoff at Ihumātao has deep roots in the legacy of colonialism and land confiscation. Historian Vincent O'Malley writes about how it was taken by the Crown, and why that matters today.

Ātea Archive

The decade in the Māori world: from Taika to Tariana

Morgan Godfery tries to make sense of the last decade for Māori in te ao hurihuri, the changing world. Here he looks at the highs, the lows and the TBCs...

The early-intervention parenting project that’s worth its weight in gold

A landmark study has shown the true value of tikanga Māori-based early-intervention childcare using research from a parenting programme in West Auckland.

10 ways the world got (a little) better for Māori this decade

At the end of the decade, Ātea editor Leonie Hayden tries to eke some positivity out of a garbage year. 

Review: Colonial Combat reinvents colonisation as a level playing field

Is there something to be learned from TVNZ's Wild West-meets-WWE-meets-19th-century-New Zealand web series? After all, writes Sharon Mazer, colonisation, like professional wrestling, is a fixed match.

Leading us through loss

The leadership shown by tangata whenua at every national disaster and tragedy should be recognised and honoured by all of us, writes Catherine Delahunty.

Andrew Little’s justice reform report is just that – another report. It’s time for action

The second and final report of Te Uepū Hāpai i te Ora, the Safe and Effective Justice Advisory Group, contains nothing we didn't know 30 years ago.

Where to learn te reo Māori anywhere in Aotearoa, for free or next to nothing

Start learning te reo Māori anywhere in Aotearoa with this list of introductory, part-time classes.

Learning to live by the maramataka: Hakihea

Hakihea (December) brings clear skies, tui chicks and plenty of energy.

A life together: The rise of cohousing, papakāinga and the ‘social mortgage’

It's a way of living that is often mistaken for either a 'hippy commune' or a boarding house, but cohousing is slowly becoming a viable solution to New Zealand's growing housing needs. It's also a way of fighting the isolation and loneliness that is harming our collective wellbeing.

Stay in our lane? Cannabis law reform *is* our lane

Hāpai Te Hauora CEO Selah Hart responds to criticism of her organisation’s stance on cannabis law reform.

The firebrand: meet the new man at the helm of the Māori Council

The NZ Māori Council is reinvigorated and ready to make big changes on behalf of Māori in Aotearoa. However some people are asking questions about its new leader.