Everyone says they’ll fix Wellington’s buses. Easy-peasy. Right?

Across Wellington, candidates are running for office on the promise of fixing the botched bus network.

Race briefing: Great Barrier Island, home to the highest voter turnout in Auckland

In our latest local elections 2019 race briefing (read the rest here), Josie Adams looks at the battle to wrest control of the beautiful offshore outpost, Great Barrier Island/Aotea.

Your place, your vote: welcome to Policy Local on The Spinoff

The candidate comparison super-tool is now live, making it easy to find out who is offering what in local elections from the top to the bottom of New Zealand.

An election manifesto for making truly inclusive cities

Too many political platforms are designed for the benefit of white, male, 9am commuters. Women In Urbanism has put forward a list of policies for candidates who want to serve everyone in their communities.

Local Elections Archive

Convicted of indecent assault. Kicked off council. Now he’s seeking re-election

The judgment on whether David Scott, who is seeking election on the Kāpiti Coast, is fit for public office should lie with the voters, rather than the law-makers.

Face, name, tick: An analysis of NZ’s good, bad, and very bad election hoardings

This year's crop of local election signs range from the inspired to the utterly terrifying. Professional illustrator Toby Morris delivers his analysis of the best and worst designs.

A night at the nicest election meeting in New Zealand

Most election meetings are by turns angry and boring. On Thursday, Alex Braae went along to a debate in the foothills of Wellington's Mt Victoria and discovered that local democracy can be... nice?

Should John Tamihere be allowed to shrug off past homophobic comments?

John Tamihere once called gay sex “unhealthy and violating” and has opposed gay marriage. Hayden Donnell follows him to a Rainbow Auckland debate.

Race briefing: the betrayals and back-stabbing behind the Invercargill election

In our latest local elections 2019 race briefing (read the rest here), Josie Adams looks at those who would dare oppose Tim Shadbolt’s record reign.

Wellington councillor launches climate change denial attack on colleagues

Tensions have flared around the Wellington Council table, with one Councillor accusing her colleagues of engaging in a form of climate change denial.

Race briefing: The fierce pit fight for control of Hamilton City Council

In our latest local elections 2019 race briefing (read the rest here), Hayden Donnell dips his toe into the extraordinary battle for the Tron.

Revealed: The famous and interesting candidates standing in our local elections

You may think you’re not interested in the local elections. But did you know the candidate pool is a smorgasbord of celebs, weirdos, and otherwise interesting people? Hayden Donnell reports.

Democracy saved: We debated one of NZ’s top unopposed local election candidates

More than 75 candidates across the country have already succeeded in their local election races, taking office unopposed. Thankfully The Spinoff is committed to saving our democracy.

Race briefing: Waitaki District mayoralty, aka the Overlord of Oamaru

Who will be the overlord of Oamaru, in the race to become the Waitaki District mayor?

Whose job is it anyway? Inside our inadequate, uncoordinated efforts to up voter turnout

Turnout in our local elections has long been in decline, particularly among the young. Alex Braae looks at what's being done to improve those stats, and find a lack of centralised funding and strategy.

Race Briefing: Gisborne, aka the ‘farewell mayor Meng Foon’ election

Over the course of the local elections period, The Spinoff is running primers on some of the most interesting races around the country. Today, we look at the Gisborne District Council election.