All the interesting, funny, weird, and bad things we didn’t cover these local elections

Sorry about not covering everything that happened these local elections. To make it up to you, we’ve compiled all the stories we missed into an ultimate election-ending list.

Chainsaw lessons with rates-slashing billboard idol Tina Nixon

Tina Nixon, Masterton mayoral candidate and chainsaw model, is leading one of the tightest campaigns rural NZ has seen. Josie Adams headed to the Wairarapa to meet her.

On World Mental Health Day, a call to vote for more connected cities

The design of our cities can help shape our mental health. Lucy McLean puts out a call to vote for the politicians who'll build a city where people feel more connected to community.

A beautiful local government friendship comes to an end

At the Horowhenua District Council, the last three years have been a tale of two mates against the world.

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Race briefing: Palmerston North, the election that’s so thrilling it’s a crime

In our final local elections race briefing of 2019, Josie Adams (who is lame) visits Palmerston North (which is cool).

The young candidates trying to take the reins in two of our palest, stalest councils

Two young candidates are trying to bring change to the staunchly conservative Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts in North Canterbury. But are their ideas truly new?

Not great: Auckland’s ‘one stop shops’ have been running out of voting papers

Good: setting up places for people to cast a special vote while they’re waiting for their dumplings. Bad: those places running out of voting papers. Hayden Donnell reports on some trouble with Auckland Council’s one stop shops.

Cheat sheet: The storm around the Porirua mayor’s spending

In the final week of the local election campaign, Porirua mayor Mike Tana has been embroiled in yet another brouhaha around how he has spent public money.

John Tamihere: My final pitch to voters

We asked the two leading Auckland mayoral contenders to write a final pitch to local election voters. This is what John Tamihere wrote.

Phil Goff: My final pitch to voters

We asked the two leading Auckland mayoral contenders to write a final pitch to local election voters. This is what Phil Goff wrote.

The motley crew trying to overthrow the old guard in the Far North

For decades, the Far North has been ruled by a collection of conservatives. Now a gang leader-turned-Man Up organiser, an ex Green Party MP, and the lead singer of Opshop are among those trying to replace them.

Politics podcast special: Livin’ la vida local

Area man Hayden Donnell joins Toby Manhire for a bonus edition of Gone By Lunchtime, leading a whistlestop tour of the local elections.

The many knives out for Porirua mayor Mike Tana

In a city that is a microcosm of the growth challenges New Zealand is facing, an engrossing and sometimes nasty race for the mayoral chains is unfolding.

Dunedin’s venomous election fight, assessed via the Spinoff Snake Rating

Dunedin's local election race has broken out into a symphony of front-stabbing, back-stabbing, and general mud-slinging. But then, doesn't a good politician need a bit of bite? Josie Adams consults …

Auckland’s penny-pinching rates protesters find a new hero

In the last public debate of the Auckland mayoral campaign, the three leading contenders fronted up to a crowd of rates-averse elderly people – and an unlikely hero emerged.

The 26-year-old mayoral candidate trying to reshape Hamilton’s local politics

Louise Hutt is running for Hamilton mayor on a progressive platform. She talks to Hayden Donnell about her plans to start a political movement that will reshape local politics in the city lovingly known as the Tron.