The story of a mighty pen

Madeleine Chapman inspects a pen, and learns about the power of privilege.

The Single Object: How this pen was used to highlight police racism

Watch | One morning in 1978, a university lecturer walked into the police station and made a confession. His crime? Stealing a ballpoint pen.

Heavy metal afterlives: A sideways appreciation of the NZ Chinese Growers Monthly typeface

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What John Scott taught me about architecture

John Scott broke barriers for Māori architecture – and paved the way for future generations of Māori architects like Jade Kake.

The Single Object: The pou of Māori architect John Scott

Video | John Scott’s use of pou in his modernist designs helped bring two architectural worlds together.

The incredible life story behind this embroidery

Every stitch of Lema Shamamba's embroidery tells a part of her story – and brings her closer to her homeland.

The Single Object: The embroidery with a story to tell

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The Single Object: The chainsaw heard across Aotearoa

Video | 'You're in a dangerous place here,' Mike Smith warned a group of teenagers. 'I'm about to drop this tree, and it’s gonna fall on your car.'