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MediaAugust 1, 2018

‘Why are you like this?’ A deeply awkward interview with David Farrier


The Spinoff’s not at all embittered or deranged reporter Hayden Donnell talks to David Farrier about his Dark Tourist series for Netflix the time David failed to show up to his wedding.

The career of New Zealand journalist David Farrier has skyrocketed since the release of his acclaimed documentary Tickled. Last week his new series for Netflix, Dark Tourist, launched to great fanfare. Farrier expected to talk about all that with Hayden Donnell when they sat down for an interview. But Donnell instead decided to “do some dark tourism of my own, into David Farrier’s past”.

“If you’re going to stack things up, you have wronged me in multiple ways over the years,” says Farrier.

“Everything that you’re saying is a massive distortion, this is exactly the kind of person who doesn’t go to their friend’s wedding because they’re interviewing Paul Henry,” rages Donnell, who is very much on a journey of his own.

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