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PodcastsOctober 5, 2016

The Real Podcast of Housewives, Episode Eight: The gang ring the Angela Stone hotline


In this week’s episode of #realpod, Jane, Duncan and Alex discuss life drawing, Rescue Remedy pastilles during childbirth and Angie Stone the marshmallow woman. 

The team assembled this week to discuss episode eight of The Real Housewives of Auckland, a week that saw Angela Stone peel back her marshmallow layers to reveal… more marshmallow. Taken by her emotional turn, the team decide to ring her 0800 number live on the podcast with mixed results.


Beyond that, the gang also chews over the effectiveness of Rescue Remedy pastilles, the generational divide widens over a game of 500 and we try to figure out which Housewife is the wealthiest. Take one foot off the treadmill like Angela, probe like Louise and drift like Gilda into this lengthy podcast as soon as you can.

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