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We return to our Survivors for a third wee – who leaves, who goes home and who is angling for a Dancing with the Stars gig?
We return to our Survivors for a third wee – who leaves, who goes home and who is angling for a Dancing with the Stars gig?

Pop CultureMay 6, 2018

Survivor NZ recap, week 3: A villain emerges

We return to our Survivors for a third wee – who leaves, who goes home and who is angling for a Dancing with the Stars gig?
We return to our Survivors for a third wee – who leaves, who goes home and who is angling for a Dancing with the Stars gig?

It’s week three of Survivor NZ, and it’s one week closer to finding out which one of our castaways will be allowed to return home to participate in the next season of Dancing With The Stars, and who will be left marooned in the Thai jungle for the rest of time. Luke Harries recaps.

Eve’s Camp Décor

The biggest story this week began with Chani’s very first challenge win of the season. Back at camp, Eve spotted something hidden inside their newly earned fishing gear, but instead of quietly sneaking the note out for herself, she made a mistake which I’m sure will haunt her for years to come: she announced her discovery to the rest of the tribe.

The note, of course, was a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that an Immunity Idol is much more powerful as a secret weapon than it is as shelter décor.

Eve is maybe not the most savvy player this year.

Having an idol out in the open makes it difficult for anyone in the tribe to use it for a power play, and it certainly was the centre of a lot of anxiety and paranoia in Chani this week. But for JT, who will let nothing get between him and the prize, that idol was as good as his. In true villain style, JT hatched a plan to convince Eve to give him the idol, and make her think it was her idea… or, you know, just take it. Sssneaky sneaky, JT.

JT: he’s gonna get it.

Team Pink

In Survivor, perception is reality, and this has been playing on Tess’s mind this week. Tess wants everyone to know that even though she’s a young blonde woman, she’s definitely not too precious to be a serious player. But don’t worry. She’s still Team Pink! Well, maybe… unless Team Pink is for gay people.

Tess is asking the important philosophic questions.

Look, you’re kind of right there, Tess. The Gays™ actually own all of the colours now. They’re 100% ours and you aren’t allowed any of them. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Adam’s Mean Streak

Although the Khang Khaw tribe has managed to avoid Tribal Council so far, we saw last week that the claws are definitely already out, and superfan Dylan seems to be at the bottom of the heap. Dylan has been the target of a lot of shade, especially from Adam this week.

Adam seemed to have something to say about everything Dylan did this week. Dylan smiles… how dare he! Dylan has some alone time… go jump in the ocean! Adam couldn’t help but be salty, and it showed. Even Dylan’s not-so-secret and not-so-loyal accomplice Kaysha had a dose of his bitter attitude on her return from the outpost, as Adam interrogated her about whether she had food stuck in her teeth.  

It has to be said that for someone who got a jumbo dose of botox before the show to hide his emotions, he sure managed to pull a lot of stank-faces this week.

The Myriad Faces of Adam.

With JT being the clear frontrunner for this season’s top villain, it looks like he’ll have some competition for the title from Adam and his many, many bitch faces.

Strat Chat

Things in Khang Khaw haven’t changed too much, and with the tribe avoiding Tribal Council for another week, it looks like Dylan and Kaysha are safe for a few days more.

Over at Chani, the idol has thrown the tribe into chaos. Having the immunity idol puts a target on Eve’s back, but Eve is hoping that her alliance with JT will keep her from being voted out this week. Instead, Eve tries to shift the focus on to Franky.

Hearing that her name has come up, Franky is hoping the Dave, Arun and Renee with stick with her and vote Eve out, with the added benefit of flushing the idol out of the game. Now on the defensive, Franky is scrambling to make sure it’s Eve who has her torch snuffed tonight. It is all out mayhem, which might mean we finally get an exciting Tribal Council vote this week.

Coming to TVNZ on Demand weekly.

Arun has been most strongly aligned with Eve and JT, but after a conversation with Franky, he tells us he has “quite a few fingers in a quite a few different pies”. Arun, they’re people, not pies, and I absolutely need you to get your fingers out of there.

Tribal Council

Every week that Chani has come to tribal, Matt tries to find some cracks or alliances, but still no one is willing to reveal that there is definitely strategic play happening. JT tells Matt that there’s no central source of strategy in the tribe, and he’s only on the receiving end of these messages. The rest of the tribe agrees, they’re all just receiving messages! Something here doesn’t add up, and Matt knows it. Trust me, it’s not a very fun party if everyone wants to catch but no one wants to pitch.

You’re a machine, girl.

After a pretty tense vote, “Frank The Tank” became the third member of Chani to get the boot. With the idol still in play, it will be interesting to see how Chani copes with the uncertainty it brings to the game.

Blindside Rating: 5/10

It could’ve gone either way this week, and I think Franky had good reason to think her tribe would keep her around. Franky was a strong swimmer and a great asset in challenges, so time will tell if Chani made the right decision tonight, or if their losing streak will continue.

Chisholm-ism of the week

Our very own Kiwi Jeff, Matt had plenty of zingers this week. Best of all was at Tribal Council when he asked JT to “look us in the beadies”. An equally brilliant and horrifying way to ask someone to look at you.  

Survivor NZ Quick Stats

2 – Hidden Immunity Idols in play

0 – Pieces of food in Kaysha’s teeth

36 – Units of Botox in Adam’s forehead

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