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A bumper crop of telly over the horizon. (Image: Tina Tiller)
A bumper crop of telly over the horizon. (Image: Tina Tiller)

Pop CultureNovember 15, 2023

The 10 most exciting shows coming to TVNZ in 2024

A bumper crop of telly over the horizon. (Image: Tina Tiller)
A bumper crop of telly over the horizon. (Image: Tina Tiller)

Alex Casey and Tara Ward pick out the shows they’re most looking forward to from the just-released TVNZ line-up for 2024.

This morning TVNZ announced the list of shows that will hit our screens next year, and if you love property shows, then all your dreams have come true. TVNZ’s 2024 slate is absolutely heaving with houses, because not only are Grand Designs NZ, Moving Houses and Country House Hunters NZ coming back, we’re also getting our own version of Love it or List it NZ. Better yet, Phil Spencer (yes, that Phil Spencer) is coming to make a show about New Zealand’s fanciest homes. 

If you don’t like property shows, there’s also an assortment of homegrown scripted drama and documentaries on offer. Testify is a new New Zealand series about a family at the head of a mega-church, while The Gone, Under the Vines, The Brokenwood Mysteries and My Life is Murder all return. Documentary New Zealand is back with six new documentaries, while Sir David Attenborough’s epic Planet Earth series returns for a third instalment about the secrets of our changing planet.

Reality television lovers should be pleased with new series like Hospital (following junior doctors at Middlemore Hospital), Casketeers: Life and Death around the World, and James Mustapic’s new dating show James Must-A-Pic His Mum A New Man. Fan faves The Great Kiwi Bake Off, Celebrity Treasure Island and My Kitchen Rules NZ return for another season, as well as an all-star season of Love Island UK.

For more insight and analysis, Duncan Greive will be talking with TVNZ’s acting director of content Nevak Rogers in  Rec Room this Friday. But for now, here’s the 10 shows we’re most excited about. 

New Zealand’s Best Homes With Phil Spencer 

Huge news for the nation that can’t get enough of watching English people go house shopping on Location, Location, Location. One half of the dynamic duo Kirstie and Phil is heading to New Zealand to discover the country’s most impressive homes, speaking to the architects and designers about what makes the houses so unique. Fingers crossed he’ll bring Kirstie with him next time. / Tara Ward  

James Musta-a-pic His Mum a New Man 

The star of Repressed Memories, Abandonment Issues and winner of Celebrity Treasure Island is back with a brand new series that we’re already fizzing for. Fans of Mustapic’s YouTube days and stand-up will be familiar with his mum Janet, who appears to have a near endless tolerance for James’ shenanigans. Now, it seems Mustapic is looking to find his Mum a love match in this original dating show. “From blind dates, clairvoyants and ice baths with the Bachelor Art Green, no stone is left unturned in the search for love,” the synopsis reads. “After all, James might get himself the father figure he’s always wanted.” Shoot it into my veins! / Alex Casey

James and Janet. (Photo: TVNZ)

Love It Or List It NZ

It’s the reality format that’s gone around the world, and the New Zealand version will be hosted by interior designer and The Block NZ 2014 winner Alex Walls, along with actor/real estate agent Paul Glover. Love it or List It NZ sees New Zealand homeowners renovate their home on a budget, while also looking for other properties they might love more. Love it! List it! As long as we can judge a stranger’s home furnishings from the comfort of our couch, nobody minds. / TW

My Family Mystery

Working with a team of experts and internet sleuths, Sonia Gray will leave no stone turned in her quest to help families solve a mystery. We assume these are the “was my great grandfather a murderer?” variety of mysteries, rather than “who ate the last of the peanut butter?” ones, but imagine if Sonia Gray really did just come into your house to work out who keeps leaving the loo seat up? A mystery, indeed. / TW

Mysterious. (Photo: TVNZ)

Casketeers: Life & Death Around the World

Given the amount of love shown to The Casketeers from around the world since they arrived on Netflix, it makes sense that their next step is to take them global. We don’t much more about it other than Frances and Kaiora go on a “journey through grief around the world”. I can’t wait to see their singular mix of sincerity and humour tackle this gnarly topic once again, and I only hope and pray that Francis brought an adapter for his leaf blower. / AC

Four Go Flatting

Our first ever reality show Flatmates tried to capture the unique magic of flatting way back 1997, and now it’s time for a new twist on a national rite of passage. “Four twenty-something guys who each live with an intellectual disability, move out from under their parent’s wings, and for six weeks experience living together in a real-life flatting situation,” the synopsis reads. “Whether it’s working out the shopping list, navigating public transport, cleaning up after their first party, drag bingo or learning the toilet doesn’t clean itself, the flatmates are on this journey together.” / AC

The Boy, The Queen, and Everything In Between

A new six-part comedy series that TVNZ says is “filled with big heart, big drama and big hair”. It follows Jacob, who is released after a three-year stint in prison, and tries to reconcile with his father Max – who also happens to be one of the most famous drag queens in the country. What could go wrong? / TW

The Boy, The Queen, and Everything in Between. Image: Supplied

Warren’s Vortex

Much like a vortex itself, little is known about this new scripted comedy from the team behind Wellington Paranormal. What we know for sure is that it features a “Lower Hutt dad, Warren, who has a hidden vortex in his garden shed that leads to parallel realities”. If it is anything like the monstrous fun of Wellington Paranormal, I’ll be throwing myself in there in no time. / AC

My Dream Green Home

If you, like me, are interested in how to Be Better with the lowest possible energy required (aka watching TV), My Dream Green Home could be just the ticket to a more sustainable you in 2024. Hosted by comedian and actor Rhiannon McCall, each week the series will meet a new Kiwi household looking to create “a better, greener living environment at home”. Featuring local experts and a bountiful amount of tips, think Eat Well For Less: Climate Hero Edition. / AC

Celebrity Treasure Island S6

Another season of the beloved reality show washes ashore in 2024, proving we do have more celebs than we think and we can make compelling reality TV. Will we return to the windy shores of Te Waipounamu, the stormy beaches of Northland, or the tepid waters of Fiji? Only the monolith knows the truth. / TW

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