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Pop CultureJune 21, 2023

The Real Pod: In which we drop a massive bombshell


This week on our pop culture podcast we talk about the arrival of Jojo Siwa, the staying power of What Now and drop a big news bombshell. 

Before we get to our massive bombshell, there’s some thrilling celebrity news to get through including Jojo Siwa’s southern sojourn, Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy and Erin Simpson’s chook-hungry child. Also, Jane had a run-in with a handsome bum doctor and Alex went to What Now and had a scandal queenie at Cirque on Ice. How do Christchurch celebrities compare to Auckland celebrities? Four words: Ruud the Bug Man.

We also recap the latest drama on Love Island UK, including the sad departure of George, the allure of Jess and the relatability of Medhi. Finally, we have some very big and very exciting (we promise) news about the future of The Real Pod. Is the band breaking up? Is a new bombshell entering the podcast villa? Are we closed off? Or are our heads turning some type of way? You’ll simply have to listen to find out.

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