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Angella Dravid (Photo: FIRST)
Angella Dravid (Photo: FIRST)

Pop CultureApril 28, 2021

Angella Dravid explains the difference between MSN and Yahoo chat

Angella Dravid (Photo: FIRST)
Angella Dravid (Photo: FIRST)

Comedian Angella Dravid  talks us through her first forays into chat rooms and an unusual first flatting experience in the latest episode of FIRST.

Angella Dravid won the NZ International Comedy Festival’s Billy T award in 2017 for Down the Rabbit Hole, her stand-up show about the time she went to prison. In short: she was 19, living with a man she’d met on the internet and moved halfway around the world to marry, and felt trapped. One night she attacked him with a picture frame, and with no family or support network around, had nowhere else to go but jail.

This story, currently being developed into a film, seems important to know when Dravid talks about her first flat, which was far from your typical black mould infested city fringe villa. “It would have been the bail hostel,” she says. “I was living in a bail hostel with like 22 or 23 other women. And we were all just at different stages of the criminal justice system.”

Dravid has accumulated plenty more stories since then. She returns to the Comedy Festival this May to tell some of them in her new stand-up show, Stories for Adults.

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