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Photo: Alice Snedden’s Bad News
Photo: Alice Snedden’s Bad News

Summer 2022January 18, 2023

Alice Snedden’s Bad News: The omnibus

Photo: Alice Snedden’s Bad News
Photo: Alice Snedden’s Bad News

Summer watch: All six episodes from the latest season of Alice Snedden’s Bad News together in a single tab. 

Episode one: Wealth

What does the cost of living even mean and how do we close the wealth gap? Alice speaks to Grant Robertson, Bernard Hickey, Ngarimu Blair and Bubbah about why there hasn’t been a revolution… yet.

Episode two: Fat

Why do we still have such a problem with fat people? Alice speaks to Andrew Little, endocrinologist Robyn Toomath and academic Ashlea Gillon about the stigma of being fat and why the BMI is bullshit.

Episode three: Prisons

We’ve been throwing baddies behind bars in Aotearoa since around 1840 – but what if there was a better alternative? Alice speaks to a prison boss, a prison abolitionist and a former inmate about what needs to change.

Episode four: Meat

Is it OK to love your pet while still eating other animals? Comedian Tom Sainsbury, Lord of the Fries’ Bruce Craig and animal welfare scientist Craig Johnson help Alice swallow some hard truths about meat.

Episode five: Minimum wage exemption

Did you know that some New Zealanders work for $2 an hour? Alice Snedden explores the complexities of the minimum wage exemption, and speaks to advocates, politicians and bosses arguing for (and against) reform.

Episode six: Rugby

What is rugby actually doing to be better? And why have the All Blacks never fronted a domestic violence campaign? Alice meets with bosses, players and experts and encounters a culture of silence that nearly shuts the episode down entirely.

Alice Snedden’s Bad News is made with support from NZ On Air. Watch the previous season here.

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