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Make it 16: a teenager on why we should lower the voting age

Contrary to popular opinion, lots of young people care deeply about politics and are desperate to have their voices heard, writes youth journalist and activist Azaria Howell.

Don’t: the NZ women still not voting, 125 years after suffrage

In the second of two films in our Aren't Can't Don't series, women explain why they don't vote.

The day Māori women first got to vote – as told by some creepy guy

125 years after New Zealand women won the right to vote, we take a look at what the first polling day looked like for Māori women... sort of.

Green Party calls on government to urgently repeal prisoner voting ban

The support party has called for a change in the law that sees incarcerated people ‘unjustifiably denied the right to vote’.

To call ourselves a truly representative democracy, this voting law must change

The ban on prisoners voting is the worst kind of anti-democratic law – harsh, disproportionate and fundamentally at odds with the idea that human rights belong to all of us

A society that denies the incarcerated a vote is a society stamping on human rights

As a formerly incarcerated person, I know that denying the right to vote violates respect for human dignity, sending the message that absolute rehabilitation is impossible.

Can’t: the NZ women still unable to vote, 125 years after suffrage

In the first of two films in our Aren't Can't Don't series, women explain what it meant to be denied an opportunity to vote while imprisoned