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Decade in review: 10 New Zealand scandals that rocked the nation

From unpaid teachers to match fixing and rogue clamping, these are the news stories that outraged New Zealand in the 2010s.

Bashford Antiques, Part VI: Of Course This Would Happen – the state clamps down

In which the New Zealand parliament rolls up its sleeves.

Bashford Antiques, Part V: Revenge of the Prince

The bizarre story that started back in 2016 just won’t leave David Farrier alone. The saga now includes the courts, the police and a very stylish velvet suit.

The clamps fall silent: a eulogy for Bashford Antiques

Eighteen months after David Farrier first reported on the strange antics of Bashford Antiques, he returns a final time to bid it farewell.

The Bashford Antiques saga, part III: $760 for a half hour’s parking

A Sunday night in Ponsonby revives the Bashford Antiques saga, with revelations it's still unlicensed and still clamping – now for a scarcely believable amount. David Farrier investigates.

WTF is going on at Bashford Antiques part two – a mysterious Organ

Yesterday we dived into the murky world of Bashford Antiques and the clamp-mad Michael Daniel Albert Organ. Today David Farrier and Hayden Donnell reveal the origin story of the mysterious Mr Organ.

The incredibly weird tale behind the Bashford Antiques clamping story

The owners of Bashford Antiques are in the news for aggressively clamping cars outside their Ponsonby store. But this story is much, much stranger than a simple parking dispute. David Farrier reports.