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The broken promises that led to Brexit Britain

In her first years of adulthood, Jai Breitnauer found herself living in a bold and hopeful nation. More than two decades on, she laments on how the Britain we know now came to be.

The Bulletin: The news that will matter in 2021

A wrap of some of the issues that will matter in 2021, and a reflection on coming out of this tough year with hope. 

The Bulletin: Wairoa dental service withdraws, and a quiet regional crisis

Why it matters Wairoa lost their dentist service, commercial rent relief won’t be revisited by government, and four year term referendum looking likely.

Now it is boring

Having started the pandemic storyline, God, or perhaps the scriptwriters working on the world’s stories, have lost the plot.

Winston Peters takes exception to UK media report by issuing an angry diatribe – against The Spinoff

'The clickbait journos can't help themselves,' railed Winston Peters, or a 'disappointed NZF staffer', or someone.

Brexit campaigners pledge to bring ‘mischief, mayhem and guerrilla warfare’ to NZ election

After stonewalling all enquiries on the matter, it has been revealed that NZ First will actually be getting election help from the leading Brexit campaign.

The Bulletin: New support, new taxes in effect from today

New benefits and new taxes in effect from today, questions raised over whether a leading Brexiteer is getting into NZ politics, and contrasting polls on cannabis legalisation.

The curious case of Winston Peters and ‘Brexit bad boy’ Arron Banks

The bankroller of Nigel Farage's Brexit campaign has spent most of 2020 in NZ, becoming an ardent supporter of Winston Peters and NZ First – and the feeling is mutual.

The Bulletin: An avalanche of incompetence in quarantine system

Repeated blunders shake faith in quarantine system, report finds ministry was unprepared on PPE, and trade negotiations with Britain begin. 

A post-Brexit bloc of former colonies is the answer to a question no one asked

It’s called ‘CANZUK’, and it’s a bad idea. New Zealand should not be suckered in by dreams of Empire 2.0, writes Lewis Holden.

A strange British election looked even stranger to those of us used to MMP

UK-based NZ journalist Nicola Kean on Boris Johnson's big victory, and the conundrum of voting under a FPP system.

Cheat sheet: A general election for Brexit Britain in less than six weeks

Once again, Britain is going to the polls in an attempt to dig themselves out of the utter mess they're in around Brexit.

The worst is yet to come: Why ‘getting Brexit done’ won’t solve anything

Even the most ardent Remainers are hoping that a deal will at least bring closure to the interminable wrangling over Brexit. That's wishful thinking, writes UK political scientist Helen Parr.

Cheat sheet: Boris Johnson seals a Brexit deal – what does it mean, and what next?

Britain and the EU have agreed new terms for divorce. But with the Conservatives' Northern Irish support party unimpressed, is the shitstorm over?

Boris Johnson’s historic Supreme Court defeat, explained

In the face of the disaster zone that is UK politics New Zealanders can feel superior that our democracy works heaps better than theirs.

The Bulletin: How electorates could change after census

How electorate boundaries could change, plans to bring agriculture into the ETS stall, and another scandal hits state care abuse Royal Commission.

What is Boris Johnson? An evolutionary biologist had the perfect term

The prime minister of Britain neatly fits the description of a ‘sneaky fucker’

Cheat sheet: Boris Johnson goes prorogue and suspends UK parliament

Absolute scenes are unfolding in UK right now, with PM Boris Johnson getting an agreement from the Queen to suspend parliament.

The Bulletin: Waitaha River saved, but many Coasters furious

Environment minister blocks Waitaha River power scheme, Britain shaken by parliament suspension plan, and measles outbreak spikes in South Auckland.

The Bulletin: PM Boris Johnson and the Britain-NZ relationship

Good morning, and welcome to The Bulletin. In today's edition: What PM Boris Johnson could mean for NZ, Uyghur refugee in NZ fears long arm of Chinese law, and govt …

12 eye-watering facts about the new British prime minister, Boris Johnson

Funny, charismatic, erudite – what could possibly go wrong?

The Offspin podcast: previewing our big night at Lord’s, with Sonia Gray

We dare to believe in a Black Caps World Cup victory.

The metric system is simply, undeniably better. Won’t someone tell the US?

The metric system might seem obvious to us, but resisting it has started to become a point of extreme pride for Americans.

Attention, sensible youths, ‘Milkshaking’ is not the way to counter hate speech

‘Milkshaking’ is on the rise in Brexit-divided Britain. But is throwing milky treats the best form of political protest? Hayden Donnell investigates.

The Bulletin: A day for remembrance

Remembrance service in Christchurch to be broadcast nationwide, skepticism about social media extremism crackdown, and warnings made before bridge collapsed.

The Bulletin: News that went under the radar last week

Today's Bulletin will be slightly longer than usual.

The Bulletin: No deal Brexit looms for Kiwi businesses

Brexit No Deal threat looms for Kiwi exporters, students to go on climate strike today, and families of disabled people fear support cuts by stealth.

How to talk like you have the foggiest idea what’s going on with Brexit

As the United Kingdom wakes in yet another pool of fevered Brexit sweat, here are the essential things to know – and a glossary for bluffing your way through a conversation about it all