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Politics podcast: Blighty ripples, immigration debate, and Sir Knight Sir John Sir Key

The Gone By Lunchtime team returns, with more hot takes than a jalapeno thief.

Reading the tea leaves: What the budget tells us about how the government thinks

Money may not be important in the big scheme of things, but where money gets put, and how much, tells us volumes about what the government thinks it is doing right. And our government thinks things are going pretty well, writes the Morgan Foundation's Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw.

The mental health budget: You know we can’t grab your ghost money, Jonathan

The government's budget announcement trumpeted a new $224 million spend on mental health - but is the plan really as impressive as it sounds? Kyle MacDonald digs into the numbers.

The rope-a-dope budget: Ben Thomas reviews Budget 2017

After a year of taking heavy shots from the opposition, National responded with a 1-2 of their own with today's budget announcements, writes Ben Thomas.

‘A classic election year budget’: Shamubeel Eaqub reviews Budget 2017

Tax cuts, more money for infrastructure, and catch-up spending on a raft of areas where it had previously been frozen. All well and good, says economist Shamubeel Eaqub, but what about housing?

Five things Auckland desperately needs to hear today from a newly enlightened Steven Joyce

Does the minister of finance understand the needs of Auckland? He lives here, so of course he does, right? Here are five things, and the speech to accompany them, that Simon Wilson would love to hear Steven Joyce deliver in his first budget speech today.

Why the budget must include a tax cut – and fiscal discipline to go with it

Budget 2017: We invited Eric Crampton to make the argument for a tax cut. Here he offers the case for a modest cut to reflect inflation, the case for a more substantial cut, and, for good measure, a dumb case

A beginner’s guide to the bewilderments of budget day

Budget 2017: What does it all mean and why should we care? Over to you, Morgan Godfery

Welcome to the Ministry for Does It Fucking Work: a budget dream sequence

Budget 2017: I had a dream of an evidence-based budget for a thriving New Zealand, writes Jess Berentson-Shaw.

Is ‘social investment’ just a warm and fuzzy cloak for seeking to shrink the state?

Budget 2017: Bill English has been trumpeting the "social investment approach" as a core part of his thinking, and it underpins much of this week's budget. For economist Simon Chapple, however, it amounts to a rhetorical banner that obscures standard centre-right political goals