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A message from the future: The Project is going to be just fine

Spinoff prophet Calum Henderson watched a live dress rehearsal for The Project, and predicts that Three's 7pm curse will soon be broken.

Supermarket vouchers and ‘shitty’ flowers: media’s worst-ever leaving gifts

Think media celebs are spoilt rotten? They are, confesses Jesse Mulligan – right up until the day they say goodbye.

Summer Reissue: Revisiting Our Campbell Live Tribute Page

Revisiting our enormous Campbell Live tribute page from May 2015, farewelling the iconic TV3 show and the marvelous man at the helm of it.

Television: Swapping News for Reality – Looking Back on a Bad Year for TV3

With yesterday's terrible news about flagship current affairs show 3D, Duncan Greive assesses the MediaWorks' strategy, a year on from its flashy launch.

Sports: Campbell Live From Apia – How Did JC Fit In on Sky?

John Campbell picked up a one game contract with the Sky Sports team to turn out for a little test match he'd organised in Samoa. Duncan Greive assesses his performance.

The Spinoff’s TV Week: Unlikely Friendships, Explosive Love Bombs and Steamy Sauna Satire

Bringing together the best television moments of the week, including Come Dine With Me's beautiful bromance, Campbell's low-key cameo and Newsworthy's sauna dramas.

News: John Campbell’s Shambolic Return to TV on The Crowd Goes Wild

John Campbell returned to our screens last night for a brief stint as Hurricanes expert and official guidance counsellor to his once-competitor, The Crowd Goes Wild.

Fragmentary Thoughts: The Unapologetic Oddballs of Come Dine With Me NZ

In this month's comic, José Barbosa celebrates the best moments from the first week of Come Dine With Me – the Campbell Live substitute packed with baked beans and broom women.

Telling Our Stories: Is ‘Road Cops’ the New Campbell Live?

It’s local content, it starts with a well-presented white guy driving around in a fast car. Joe Nunweek asks – did we get the 7pm show we deserved?

Campbell Live: The Tribute Page

It's the final day of Campbell Live, so we've set up a tribute shrine for friends, colleagues, fans and driving dogs to post their memories of JC and the team. Will be updated regularly.

Stevie TV: The Changing Faces of John Campbell

"The show, and its genial host, has been with us since that marvelous day when Cook and several of his party first set foot on New Zealand soil on October 8, 1769," writes Steve Braunias.

The Campbell Live Diaries: Seven Nights of Selfies and Belated Epiphanies

"Even though I'm absolutely Campbell Live's target demographic, and it's the type of current affairs that I enjoy watching and think is immensely valuable, I don't actually watch it."

Campbell Live: What this Means for MediaWorks, and for Our Media

Duncan Greive asks what the Campbell Live debacle means for the plurality of voices in our media.

Campbell Live: The NZX Factor – Driven by Mazda, Driven Out by MediaWorks

"Simply a stone in the shoe for a channel remaking itself in the image of its new board – what you might call the NZX Factor."

Recap: Campbell Live – Why We’re Not Strangers Anymore

After today's news that John Campbell is leaving TV3, Alex Casey recaps the Campbell Live episode that followed.

Seven Sharp: One Mum Explains Why Mike Hosking is the Seven O’Clock King

Greg Bruce interviews his own mother about her devotion to Seven Sharp's Mike Hosking over "smarmy" John Campbell.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering the 7pm Slot of Heroes

With TV3’s drive to find a new 7pm weeknight rating-killer, Joe Nunweek looks back at their mid-90s effort, a venture so amazing and bold that it was discussed in Parliament. If …

Campbell Dead? Don’t Do it MediaWorks

Joseph Harper responds to the outrageous revelations that Campbell Live may be on the outs.

Battle of the Bulletins: Campbell Live

Current affairs TV returned from its summer holiday last Monday, when One’s Seven Sharp and TV3’s Campbell Live came back to our TVs. We watched both shows and analysed their comebacks across …

Battle of the Bulletins: Seven Sharp

Current affairs TV returned from its summer holiday last Monday, when One’s Seven Sharp and TV3’s Campbell Live came back to our TVs. We watched both shows and analysed their comebacks across …

2014 in Review: The Best New Zealand Shows of the Year

We polled our esteemed writers and painstakingly tallied the votes. Now the results are in: here are what we judge to be 2014's ten finest New Zealand shows. 1. The Late Night Big …

David Cunliffe on Campbell Live

Last night David Cunliffe appeared on Campbell Live to give his first interview since Labour lost the election and he stood down as leader. John Campbell leaned forward, "you're hard up …