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Calling an extraordinary general meeting of the Parly Kids’ Caucus

Following Jacinda Ardern's announcement that she will soon have a baby, the Spinoff has exclusively obtained a memo from the daughter of MP Kiri Allan to her fellow parliamentary under-ones.

‘Nana, I stand here to honour your name’: Kiri Allan’s maiden speech

In a powerful and acclaimed first parliamentary speech, the new Labour MP pledges to give a voice to the voiceless

‘My skills in reality TV hold me in good stead for my time in this House’: Erica Stanford’s maiden speech

In a passionate parliamentary debut, the new National MP says concern for the environment must not be seen as the preserve of the left, and hails the impact of generational change

‘I want to change people’s awareness of what politics really is’: Chlöe Swarbrick’s maiden speech

In her first parliamentary address, the new Green MP reveals her personal history of anxiety and depression, and her overriding ambitions for NZ.

We did it, now let’s actually do it – Kiri Allan on delight for Labour (and two other labours)

I’d forced myself not to think about it, but now the incredible has happened, writes Spinoff candidate diarist and new star of the Labour caucus

Labour’s Kiri Allan on going into #labour4Labour

Five days out from the election, Kiri Allan writes about being both a first-time candidate and first-time mum in the latest instalment of her campaign diary.

‘The pressure is on’: crunch time on the campaign trail for Erica Stanford

In her third candidate diary entry for the Spinoff, the National Party’s East Coast Bays hopeful Erica Stanford reveals the workload, the unexpected pleasures of door-knocking and the terror of a TV …

Labour’s emerging star Kiri Allan on the day of chaos which elevated Jacinda

'On Monday night I was scratching my head about how to inspire Labour supporters. And then along came Jacinda.'

Chlöe Swarbrick on the baying for Metiria’s blood and escaping echo chambers

For the last fortnight the Green Party has found itself in the unfamiliar position of dominating campaign headlines. Chlöe Swarbrick takes a (brief) pause for breath to reflect on it all in her third candidate diary for the Spinoff.

Diary of a politician’s spouse, aka SuperHusband2000

In a departure from usual service, the second candidate diary entry by the National Party's East Coast Bays hopeful Erica Stanford is not written by Erica Stanford at at all.

‘The culture of politics can take a few lessons from rugby’: Kiri Allan kicks off full-time campaigning

Kiri Allan on the emotional rollercoaster after chucking in the day job, growing a layer of skin to deal with the scrutiny, a gathering of women who get shit done, and rugby as a metaphor.

‘This mad political experiment would test any relationship’: Chlöe Swarbrick dives into campaign mode

In her second candidate diary for the Spinoff, the Greens' Chlöe Swarbrick recounts a moving visit to Christchurch and pays tribute to partner of five years Alex, a rock in a turbulent political tide.

‘Let’s be honest, I wanted to throw up’: Kiri Allan on taking the Labour message from the doorsteps to the TV studio

In her second candidate diary for the Spinoff, Labour's candidate for East Coast describes door-knocking in the electorate, meeting fellow diarist Chlöe Swarbrick, fronting a press stand-up after that controversial list announcement, and a big TV appearance.

‘How to compute these ridiculously humbling and incredible things?’ – Chlöe Swarbrick begins a tilt at parliament

In her first candidate diary for the Spinoff, Chlöe Swarbrick recounts a mad few weeks, getting 13th on the Greens' initial list, and the thorny question of what our country stands for.

The Spinoff versus the 2017 election: our campaign plans exclusively revealed

To be honest it would be weird if someone else revealed our campaign plans, but still, writes Spinoff politics editor Toby Manhire.

Say ‘nice to see you’, not ‘nice to meet you’ – early campaign lessons for Stanford, Erica

In her first entry for our new Election 2017 Candidate Diary series, National candidate Erica Stanford recounts the decision to stand for East Coast Bays, the mounting pressure and the struggle to remember names and faces.

Kiri Allan on standing in the East Coast, where times are hard and the people shine

In her debut candidate diary for the Spinoff, Labour hopeful Kiri Allan explains why she decided to go home to the East Coast and stand for parliament, and the devastating impact of recent floods on Edgecumbe and the region.