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Meadowbank train nightmare: passengers trapped for 3+ hours

Fifty-two people were trapped on an Auckland train last night with no access to toilets, no food and no information

The daily commute: a disability perspective

Able-bodied commuters who think they're up against it would do well to take a moment to consider the challenges faced by disabled people on the same journey.

Commute Week: Commute pictures from all around the country*

The Spinoff concludes Commute Week by sharing commute images from you, our lovely readers.

From house to house: the NZ MP with the longest commute

For Sarah Dowie, the commute from Invercargill to work in Wellington typically eats up at least half a day.

Eight reasons to slam the door on your car commute, based on the science

The arguments for ditching your four-wheel addiction are overwhelming, writes public health expert Caroline Shaw

My life in commuting

Commute week: Sam Brooks muses on the commutes of his life - from going to school with his grandfather to a puberty-filled school bus to bumming rides of friends, and what they meant to him.

The famously bad Rangiora to Christchurch commute is… actually getting better

The rush-hour drive from Rangiora into Christchurch is bad enough to give Auckland a run for its money. But Jamie Small finds it's no longer a commute from hell.

Bike-curious: A novice’s guide to buying your first e-bike

Last year New Zealand imported a massive 20,000 e-bikes and that number is likely to grow exponentially. But what do you need to know before you buy one? Russell Brown has the lowdown.

How public transport saved my marriage

Finding existential fulfilment on the public transport.

Light rail is a really big deal: it can transform Auckland

Planned and implemented in the right way, these projects can lead to the creation of high quality urban places at the same time as reducing the need for travel, writes urban designer Alistair Ray.

How Parkable is helping drivers make the most of Auckland’s wasted space

This week on The Primer we talk to Parkable co-founder Brody Nelson whose business is using technology to shake up traditional parking.

POP Waiata: Taking Māori music on a train ride

Geneva Alexander-Marsters on the POP Waiata project she initiated last year to bring Māori music to Auckland's trains.

Why do Auckland’s Link buses spend so long not moving?

If you've ever caught one of Auckland's Link buses, you've probably spent a good chunk of the ride sitting at a bus stop, not moving.

Five people to avoid sitting next to on public transport

Toby Morris sizes up the lord guardian of the extra seat, and other passengers we love to hate.

Phones, trombones, placentas: the weird world of NZ transport lost property

You don't know what you've got until it's gone, unless that's a human placenta or a full sized cello. We present the most bizarre items left behind on public transport.

Why we should be wary about jumping aboard the light rail bandwagon

Are trams really the answer to the city's transport challenges, asks former National Party cabinet minister Wayne Mapp

Ten numbers which show how addicted to our cars we still are

How could it be Commute Week without an ode to New Zealand's favourite mode of transport?

My commute? Walk-train-walk-bus-bike. Bring on multi-modal Auckland

Matt Lowrie on his epic daily commute, and the direction of travel for public transport in NZ.

How the Mahu City Express is making outer suburb commuting a car-free reality

Faced with a lack of public transport options to his home in Warkworth, Julian Ostling launched his own private bus company which now runs from Warkworth to the CBD six times a day, five days a week.

Sick of Candy Crush and Hearthstone? Some better games for your commute

If you're tired of crushing candies and playing meaningless virtual card games, we've something else to distract you from the mindless grind that is your commute.

They’re not other passengers, they’re my train family

They're more than just people on the same train, they're soul mates.

Motorbikes and bicycles be damned. I love to ride my scooter

Paul Brislen writes an ode to that most European method of transport, the humble scooter. 

How will Auckland deliver ‘world-class’ transport if it can’t fix basic problems?

The many failings of my daily bus commute experience show that money alone will not prise Aucklanders out of cars, writes Todd Niall.

Mad’s great Onzo commute from Mt Eden to Huntly

What's the longest commute you've ever had? How about 12 hours on a single-gear rental bike?

Rites of passage: announcing Commute Week on The Spinoff

All this week on The Spinoff, we pick up the NZ commute and peer at it from every direction.

What does heavy weather do to the transport system?

With heavy rain and wind pounding away at New Zealand, what does it mean for the buses, trains and roads? It's a little more complicated than you might think.

Another incredibly stupid week in the never ending transport debate

Hayden Donnell runs down the latest media salvos in the ongoing battle between road warriors and public transport champions.