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I want a Māori prime minister

When do we get a prime minister who looks like New Zealand?

The strange case of the election hoarding vandalised by Photoshop

Dirty politics? New Conservative candidate claims he was pranked by a rival party with mediocre photoshop job.

Font, tick, face, tick: The great 2020 election hoardings design review

This year's election signage goes big on bold colours and simple messaging, writes Spinoff creative director Toby Morris.

Politics roguecast: A bombshell poll for Judith Collins and National

A gobsmacking 35 percentage points separate the two biggest parties in the latest Newshub poll. What does it all mean?

The Bulletin: International students not coming back this year

Bailout to stave off crisis in international education sector, return flight bookings freeze extended again, and man selling bleach as Covid cure raided.

This terrible poll for National may not be great news for anyone

Tonight’s Newshub-Reid Research poll has Labour on 60.9%, with National tumbling to a new low of 25.5%.

Jami-Lee Ross, Billy Te Kahika and the rebel alliance of Election 2020

Covid hoax, Anti-vaxx. Agenda 21. 5G. Can the conspiracy theories of social media be coalesced into a party that makes parliament? We're about to find out.

Scandal, what scandal? On the campaign trail with Judith Collins

Yes to cheaper cheese, no to pine trees – the new National leader hits the road to woo voters.

The Bulletin: Fallout of the Falloon scandal

Fallout continues from Falloon scandal, significant damage to Tairāwhiti from storm, and Labour MP Raymond Huo announces retirement.

What about me?! Seeking the middle children in New Zealand politics

Judith is the youngest of six. Gerry is the oldest of five. Jacinda and Grant? Youngest of two and three, respectively. But where are the misunderstood middle children in our parliament?

Politicians are already trying to divide us. They can’t be allowed to succeed

With less than 50 days until the election, attempts are well underway to pit us against each other in the name of winning power.

The National Party is not an ideological movement

Why being a conservative party isn't the same as being a party with conservatives. 

Last on the list: There’s no shame in being at the end of the Green Party

Gerrie Ligtenberg, who is 24th on the Green Party list for September's election, explains what inspired her to stand in Rangitata.

What kind of election can New Zealand expect now?

You could avoid Todd Muller. You can't avoid Judith Collins.

We acted on Covid to save lives. The same should apply to climate change, too

With the Vote Climate 2020 campaign launching today, organiser Sophie Handford explains why a vote for the climate is a vote for saving the future.

Emily Writes: If you don’t know the price of cheese, you’re not fit to run the country

The leader of the National Party, Judith Collins, doesn't know how much cheese costs.

Judith Collins and the strong team

The challenge now? Pull off a superhuman repair job on the party’s core reputational strength

What Judith Collins can learn from the Jacinda Ardern miracle – from someone who was there

Some words of advice for the new National leader from a senior strategist under Jacinda Ardern in 2017.

In the face of the void, National decides it is time at last for Judith Collins

But do not underestimate the challenge, writes Justin Giovannetti from parliament.

Judith Collins is not what you think she is

Do not mistake tough for malevolent.

Here comes Judith: What does Collins’ book tell us about her leadership pitch?

Todd Muller has gone, so is Judith Collins National's saviour? Her new memoir provides some insight.

With National in disarray, who will hold Labour to account?

After Todd Muller's shock resignation, a crushing electoral defeat for National looks all but assured. But is a historically weak opposition really something for the left to celebrate?.

53 days: The very short and very stormy leadership of Todd Muller

Just over seven weeks after he rolled Simon Bridges to become leader of the opposition, Todd Muller has quit. Here’s a reminder of how it unfurled – and unravelled.

Todd Muller quits as National leader, party looks for immediate replacement

Politics editor Justin Giovannetti reports from Wellington.

Seven ideas to make the 2020 election a true contest of ideas

If there's any time for ambitious, agenda-setting policy ideas, it's now, write Max Harris and Laura O’Connell Rapira. Here are seven suggestions that could transform the country.

Only two things can rescue Todd Muller and the National Party now

National is facing the very real prospect of a crushing defeat, and there's only so much they can control.

Last on the list: I felt scapegoated, so became political. And Act was the only choice

As a sports shooter, I couldn't just stand by and watch, writes Dave King, who is 20th on the Act list for Seotember's election.

A message to NZ party leaders on election 2020, minorities and vilification

I wish to remind you and your party to focus on issues rather than singling out minority communities for political gain, writes the race relations commissioner.