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Watch every episode of Youth Wings, New Zealand’s youngest political documentary series

Watch the show that went behind the O Week stalls to get to know some of the youngest and most passionate members of Aotearoa’s main political parties.

Why election promises aren’t the be-all and end-all

Is the government making decisions outside of its mandate, as alleged by Judith Collins? The answer isn't clear-cut.

Law change needed to prepare for next election emergency, urges Electoral Commission

New Zealand’s spy boss and representatives from Facebook have also appeared at parliament’s inquiry into the 2020 election.

The Bulletin: Bite taken from emergency dental funding promise

Bite taken from emergency dental funding promise, public servants in Sāmoa keeping heads down amid turmoil, and bubble with Victoria paused.

‘Take it up a step’: Helen Clark talks climate change action with Sophie Handford

The former prime minister interview meets the former coordinator of School Strike 4 Climate.

Is a war on wokesters and cancel culture a smart strategy for the National Party?

The opposition is better when it's focused on the hard yards of asking questions, following leads, and tugging on the loose threads.

Frame: Behind the scenes of Chlöe Swarbrick’s historic Auckland Central campaign

VIDEO: Here's how they turned Auckland Central green.

Gone By Lunchtime: The morning after election night, with Chlöe Swarbrick

Summer reissue: The new Auckland Central MP joins the GBL team to discuss the big night.

Debbie Ngarewa-Packer: We must urgently boost border controls in the face of the Covid peril

As more virulent Covid-19 strains threaten to breach our borders, the Māori Party co-leader calls on the government to take more drastic measures.

Gone By Luncthime: Mervmania hits the 2020 election campaign

Summer reissue: Merv Manhire, Merv Lee-Mather and Merv Thomas on Auckland Central, the Labour launch, the plight of NZ First, and Merv.

The next six months are make or break for Labour

The government must hit the ground running.

NZ politics in 2021: The big issues on which the year will hinge

Our political sleuths nominate the issues that will loom large.

Youth Wings: The election year debate we’ve been waiting for is here

Summer reissue: The stars of Youth Wings brought the banter, and the party slogans, to the Auckland Town Hall earlier this year for a very special election year debate.

Why our cannabis laws are racist

For two decades, the police have been allowed to turn a blind eye to low-level cannabis use and possession. The problem is they don’t always use the same approach for all cannabis users.

In it to win it: Chlöe Swarbrick’s run for Auckland Central

In the 2020 election, first term MP Chlöe Swarbrick will be one of just two Greens explicitly running to win an electorate.

Judith Collins walks into a nightmare on Ponsonby Road

The day the wheels fell off the Judith Collins BMW

Hustling for a future: How four Māngere year 13s got through 2020

South Auckland students' struggles have been well reported this year, but a group of Māngere pupils say they can see a silver lining to it all.

A visual history of the New Zealand parliament – 2020 edition

Three years after its debut, Chris McDowall releases an updated version of his epic graph view of our national political history.

Get set, go: Labour plans big sprint of new laws before Christmas

A climate change emergency is only the start, as changes to the tax code and Reserve Bank are also awaited.

New Conservative deputy quits one week in, deepening leadership tumult

The fallout continues from the post-election leadership change in the New Conservatives.

What do Trump’s fraud claims have to do with the New Zealand election?

The result of New Zealand’s election is being called into question by mysterious accounts on Twitter.

New Zealand’s cannabis referendum results were defined by age

The campaign for cannabis reform in NZ will outlive the generation that voted against it.

A better visual breakdown of the 2020 election results – updated

The usual way electoral results maps are presented can be deceiving. Here's another way to make sense of the 2020 election results.

As NZ said no to cannabis, Americans voted in sweeping drug law reform

Every US state that attempted to legalise cannabis this election was successful. Why couldn't Aotearoa get there?

We need and deserve fit-for-purpose public health policy

New Zealand's public health infrastructure has swung wildly between comprehensive and chaos over the past century.

Analysis: The online ad campaigns fought over the weed and euthanasia referendums

Which side spent more and why? Jihee Junn crunches the numbers and finds some misleading claims along the way. 

10 buzzy bits of trivia about the final election results

What changed in the final analysis after the special votes came in?