Tag: Social Enterprise

Business is Boring: The social enterprise helping create more social enterprises

Podcast | Simon Pound talks to Louise Aitken, CEO of the Ākina Foundation, about how they're helping social enterprises grow.

Dragon’s Den for giving: The live event where charities sell themselves to donors

There are 27,800 registered charities in New Zealand. 10x10 Philanthropy offers a helping hand to the ones that can create the most impact.

How the Christchurch earthquake gave rise to a new generation of businesses

Christchurch has changed a lot in the last 10 years. So too has its values.

Tolaga Bay businesses are innovating beyond brick, mortar and distance

What connects a remote East Coast inn with a Norwegian printing company? A whole lot of grassroots innovation.

The sustainable tourism start-up that keeps the cash in the community

With New Zealand tourism in a lull, Queenstown-based start-up Kiwi Welcome is creating a new model of sustainable travel where visitors add value to the land.

An iconic Auckland building with a complex history is set for a brand new chapter

After 27 years, Unitec has moved out of the old Carrington Psychiatric Hospital. Could a new community enterprise give it a fresh lease on life?

Good business: how profit and purpose can coexist

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The Mind Lab’s new leadership course is designed to replace those aspirations with action.

The social enterprise creating opportunities for refugees by selling tea

This week on Business is Boring, host Simon Pound talks to Pranav Chopra, Founder and CEO of Nemi Teas.

From selling Christmas trees to building an online platform for fundraising

Michael Fuyala helps run his family’s wildly popular Misa Christmas Tree Farm in Auckland. But in recent months, he’s decided to venture into something a little bit different.

The ticketing platform using booking fees to fund education

Backed by tech giants Google and Atlassian, Humanitix redirects thousands in booking fees to charitable causes while at the same time disrupting the highly competitive ticketing industry.

Why sustainable business makes for better business

Sustainability is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ for businesses – it’s as pivotal as profit to their long term survival.

How to build an ethical brand: Advice from someone who’s been there, done that

Nisa founder Elisha Watson's step-by-step guide on the most important things to think of when trying to build an ethical brand.

‘We need to use the collective for equality’: the angel investor calling for a fairer society

amed Angel of the Year by Enterprise Angels, investor Alan Dick talks about the importance of making resources available to a wider group of people.

The Robin Hood payments system providing a Paywave alternative

This week we talk to Fraser McConnell, co-founder of alternative payments app Choice.

Little Yellow Bird: From the military to making ethically-produced clothes

This week we talk to Little Yellow Bird founder Samantha Jones whose social enterprise makes sustainably and ethically-made uniforms and basics. 

How Collaborate matches volunteers with jobs that match their skills

This week, we talk to Collaborate co-founder Poppy Norton who's helped create an app matching charitable organisations with volunteers. 

Ghost enterprises: How the government penalises companies who do good

Social enterprises don’t get tax advantages and can’t get the same kind of funding as businesses. This needs to change, says the co-author of a new report.

The business year: Construction woes, CTO sagas, and so much corporate jargon

Business editor Maria Slade reflects on lessons learned from her truncated career in corporate PR and the enduring importance of journalism. Not so long ago I did a stint in the …

Generous to a fault: How businesses can give without breaking the bank

Small business owner Heather Claycomb learned the hard way that donating till it hurts is not how to change the world. She offers some tips for making an impact.

How to give ethically this Christmas (without giving someone a goat)

If you want to do gift-giving without hurting the world this Christmas, we have just the guide for you.

Making money, saving the world: all the NZI Sustainable Business Award winners

Big businesses such as New Zealand's largest ever transport infrastructure project are tackling real sustainability issues instead of the greenwashing of the past.

Outsourcing ethics: how All Heart NZ is helping businesses go sustainable

All Heart NZ proves the proverb that one man's waste is another's treasure.

The social enterprise sector comes of age

From businesses doing good to charities running businesses and everything in between, social enterprise as an industry is growing up and holding its first national conference.

You’ll make mistakes, lots of them: Lessons from a social enterprise startup

A year on since launching Nisa – an ethical underwear company that employs former refugees – founder Elisha Watson reflects on all the things she’s learnt.

How Flo is helping feed kids through fashion

On this week's Primer, we talk to the founder of clothing company Flo which donates a free school lunch to a child in need for every product sold. 

What social enterprises in Aotearoa can learn from Māoritanga

New Zealand should be using Māori cultural practices to better understand what social enterprise is – and what it could be.

Morningside for life: How Crave cafe reinvests in its neighbourhood

Crave café has been serving locals in Morningside, Auckland for almost a decade, and is spearheading plans for a major regeneration of the suburb over the coming year.

A fierce argument for and against Eat My Lunch

Henry Oliver and Henry Oliver debate the efficacy of Eat My Lunch’s social enterprise model.