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How to give ethically this Christmas (without giving someone a goat)

If you want to do gift-giving without hurting the world this Christmas, we have just the guide for you.

Making money, saving the world: all the NZI Sustainable Business Award winners

Big businesses such as New Zealand's largest ever transport infrastructure project are tackling real sustainability issues instead of the greenwashing of the past.

Outsourcing ethics: how All Heart NZ is helping businesses go sustainable

All Heart NZ proves the proverb that one man's waste is another's treasure.

The social enterprise sector comes of age

From businesses doing good to charities running businesses and everything in between, social enterprise as an industry is growing up and holding its first national conference.

You’ll make mistakes, lots of them: Lessons from a social enterprise startup

A year on since launching Nisa – an ethical underwear company that employs former refugees – founder Elisha Watson reflects on all the things she’s learnt.

How Flo is helping feed kids through fashion

On this week's Primer, we talk to the founder of clothing company Flo which donates a free school lunch to a child in need for every product sold. 

What social enterprises in Aotearoa can learn from Māoritanga

New Zealand should be using Māori cultural practices to better understand what social enterprise is – and what it could be.

Morningside for life: How Crave cafe reinvests in its neighbourhood

Crave café has been serving locals in Morningside, Auckland for almost a decade, and is spearheading plans for a major regeneration of the suburb over the coming year.

A fierce argument for and against Eat My Lunch

Henry Oliver and Henry Oliver debate the efficacy of Eat My Lunch’s social enterprise model.

The walking billboards of Nopesisters

On this week's Primer, we talk to sibling entrepreneurs Brittany and Johanna Cosgrove of Nopesisters, the social enterprise championing 'fashion for a cause'.

Buy a mascara, save someone’s sight: Meet NZ makeup brand Indigo & Iris

Indigo & Iris CEO Hannah Duder talks about the company's new Levitate mascara, how it's helping to end avoidable blindness in the Pacific, and the challenges of being a social enterprise in New Zealand.

The Primer: the NZ underwear company employing refugee seamstresses

Every week we ask a local business or product to introduce themselves in eight simple takes. This week we talk to Elisha Watson, who quit her full-time job as a lawyer to start Nisa — an organic cotton underwear company that employs women from refugee backgrounds.

Are all businesses social enterprises? It’s a question of definition

What does it mean to be a social enterprise today? Is it about profit, purpose, or both? Steven Moe takes us through the various definitions.

The fast crew: The Kiwi companies to watch

Wanna run with the fast crew? Rebecca Stevenson takes a look at Deloitte’s Fast50 index to see how quickly Kiwi companies' revenue is growing.

From Mexico to Cuba St: One woman’s mission to create inclusive coffee

They're helping Mexican farmers grow coffee, but The Lucy Foundation's next step is to give disabled Kiwis employment chances. Maria Slade caught up with founder Robbie Francis to find out how she is building a operating model with inclusiveness at its core.

Five key questions for Kiwi social enterprises

Social enterprises are everywhere right now. But what are they? And how do we make sure they are not just businesses exploiting a trendy term?

Why Social Enterprises need ‘new clothes’

Social enterprises often operate as limited liability companies, but new legal structures to govern them have been introduced in a number of countries. Lawyer Steven Moe argues we need new options in New Zealand.

After SEWF: Where to next for social enterprise in NZ?

The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) was hosted in Christchurch in the last week of September. Ākina Foundation chief executive Alex Hannant, looks back at the event and into the future of the social enterprise sector. 

A guide to the top social enterprises in NZ right now

The Social Enterprise World Forum in Christchurch may be over, but the conversation continues on The Spinoff, with a list of the coolest Kiwi social enterprises selected by those in the know.

Eat My Lunch: the business of doing good

Eat My Lunch (EML) has changed the way New Zealanders think about where they buy their lunch and the power of their purchase. Rebecca Stevenson talks to founder Lisa King about the EML model, making a profit, and the company’s growth.  

Living the moral high life: a week consuming consciously

As part of the The Spinoff’s  social enterprise series, Madeleine Chapman attempted to use only the most woke businesses for a week’s worth of consumption. It wasn't easy but she was left uplifted.  

Social enterprise: the future of capitalism?

Social enterprise is changing the way we consume. In a discussion with some of the most prominent players in the sector, The Spinoff asks: can we consume our way to …

What social enterprise can learn from Britain’s Big Society

While the state has a responsibility to fund public services, that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be delivering them. Jihee Junn reports on Social Enterprise UK CEO Peter Holbrook's talk at the University of Auckland to find out what we could learn from David Cameron's controversial Big Society project.

What is the future of social enterprise? (WATCH)

In the fourth episode of our week-long series exploring the possibilities, challenges, and potential of social enterprise in New Zealand, our panel looks at what to expect in the next 10 years.

Can a social enterprise remain true to its values? (WATCH)

In the third episode of our week-long series exploring the possibilities, challenges, and potential of social enterprise in New Zealand, our panel looks at the political risks social enterprises face.

Is consumerism the new politics? (WATCH)

In the second episode of our week-long series exploring the possibilities, challenges, and potential of social enterprise in New Zealand, our panel asks: is consumerism the new politics?

Can we consume our way to a better society?

Today we launch a week-long series of videos and articles which explore the possibilities, challenges and potential of social enterprise in New Zealand. The first episode asks: is a charity also a social enterprise?

The rise of social enterprise in New Zealand

With the Social Enterprise World Forum in Christchurch from September 27 - 29, The Spinoff is examining the way the sector is changing our economy. Alex Hannant, CEO of the Ākina Foundation, spoke to Simon Day about the development of the socially conscious business in New Zealand.