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Techweek’18: A festival of the future

At Techweek‘18 the people leading New Zealand’s innovation and technological revolution share their secrets. We asked the experts for their festival recommendations.

Magnify VR/AR: Hooked into the machine

Techweek! Demos, prototypes, presentations, discussions, and keynotes, all radiant with the reflected glow of futurist optimism. Tof Eklund got steeped in digital dreams last week, spending Sunday afternoon at the Magnify VR/AR Expo, and the next day at the subsequent Business Summit.

‘We created it for New Zealand’: A TechWeek wrap-up with director Jennifer Clamp

As TechWeek'17 comes to an end, Henry Oliver spoke to national director Jennifer Clamp about what she's learned from the newer and bigger 2017 event.

Could Christchurch become New Zealand’s Silicon Valley?

With Christchurch’s first Techweek over and done, Jonathan Cotton takes a moment to look back and ask the question seemingly on every tech-conscious Cantabrian’s lips: Could Christchurch become the centre of New Zealand burgeoning tech boom?

What will we eat in the future? And how will we grow it?

Jonathan Cotton goes to Techweek’17’s Future of Food event in Christchurch to find out how New Zealand can innovate our way to a bigger slice of the $1 trillion global food market.

Eight simple rules for destroying boring stereotypes in the tech industry

Alex Casey reports back from the Techweek'17 'Breaking Stereotypes' panel with a bevy of useful life advice.

Synthetic milk? Lab-grown meat? Microgrids? How New Zealand can disrupt climate change

Jonathan Cotton hears how technology can help literally save the world at Techweek'17's Disrupting Climate Change event in Christchurch.

How Holly Cardew of Pixc learned from the best in Silicon Valley

Simon Pound chats to Holly Cardew about her choice to live in the 'Valley and how it's helped her grow her online business.

‘Where are all the women? We’re here! There’s lots of us!’ : An engineer talks gender diversity in tech

In the midst of Techweek’17, Alex Casey talks to The Next Billion’s Priti Ambani about shining a light on the women in tech.

On the future of paying for stuff: ‘You don’t need a phone, you don’t need a card, you *are* the money’

At Techweek'17, over breakfast baps and muesli cups, Henry Oliver looked into the future. Of money.

Catching up with the reality mechanics at the GridAKL AR/VR Garage

Since opening in October last year the AR/VR Garage in Uptown is now home to more than 20 companies working across virtual and augmented reality. Don Rowe visits ahead of their ten day programme at Techweek'17.

The Spinoff’s Techweek Glossary 1.0: A minimum viable guide to disruptive techspeak

Next week is Techweek'17! So if you're planning on attending one of the 100+ events across the country, but don't know your pivots from your MVPs because you're not in scrum sprints and hackathons in your everyday life, we've got you covered. Here are the thirteen words and phrases you're most likely to hear, explained!