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TopsifySeptember 13, 2019

The zodiac signs as Charli XCX songs

charli xcx

Charli XCX has just released her latest album, Charli. The futuristic musician is always looking ahead, and so are her fans. We’ve paired each star sign with their perfect Charli XCX song.

Charli XCX burst onto the scene in 2012, when she co-wrote and performed electro-pop headbanger ‘I Love It’ with Swedish duo Icona Pop. After seven years of regularly releasing bops, Charli XCX (real name Charlotte Aitcheson) has just dropped Charli, a PC Music-produced masterpiece that’s stuffed with incredible features. But no matter how much influence the collaborators – which include Lizzo, HAIM, and Tommy Cash – exert over the songs, each one is definitively Charli XCX. It’s computer pop, it’s punk-inspired and it’s probably from the future.

Charli XCX is a Leo, so she’s prolifically emotional. At the tender age of only 27, her heartfelt discography is so massive you might be daunted at the thought of diving in. Never fear! We’ve gone through it all to find which Charli XCX song pairs perfectly with each zodiac sign. Read below for your Xodiac.

Aries – ‘Break the Rules’

From the flawless 2014 album Sucker, ‘Break the Rules’ is an absolute anthem, a total thumper, a capital ‘T’ Tune that will be blasting from UE Booms across the world when the revolution finally begins. 

‘Break the Rules’ embraces lawlessness and dancing just for the thrill of it, but it’s also a call to arms. “Boys and girls across the world putting on our dancing shoes,” she sings, inciting mass chaos. Just like a natural leader, just like an Aries. 

Taurus – ‘Gone’ (feat. Christine and the Queens)

This is the purest of pop songs. It’s a little bit about love, but more about being unsure of yourself (yet very sure that everyone around you sucks ass). It features an electronic drumbeat, some sick vocal looping, and the emotive French crooning of pop wizard Christine and the Queens’ Héloïse Letissier. It’s pared down and lush but still clangs around like a piece of aggressive kinetic art.

She’s a natural romantic but has thrown out that side of her so she can cope with a cynical, cruel world. Stubborn, secretly lovely, and wrapped in a bewitchingly attractive package – that’s a Taurus.

Gemini – ‘Vroom Vroom’

The Gemini motto is the same as Sonic the Hedgehog’s (“Gotta go fast”). Geminis tear through life like it’s wet paper, and the only thing they learn from their mistakes is that they can get away with making bigger ones. ‘Vroom Vroom’ is a song about speeding along the hedonism highway too quickly to catch flack for it.

Geminis fit the “Jack of all trades, master of none” mould, and similarly, this song isn’t exactly any genre. It’s kind of computer pop and sort of hip hop, but not really either. It changes its mind as much as a Gemini. It’s also total nonsense.

Cancer – ‘Blame It On Your Love’ (feat. Lizzo)

Cancers love Lizzo as much as they love blaming their relationship problems on other people. This song has both! It’s about being afraid of being vulnerable, being sensitive to others’ vulnerabilities, and trying very hard to fall in love. 

It’s much more top 40-friendly than some of Charli XCX’s other recent releases. It’s got an understated reggaeton beat and a chorus with a real build-up; some chanting, even. Just like Cancers, this song has a broad appeal, not a deep one.

Leo – ‘Fancy’ (with Iggy Azalea)

This is Charli XCX featuring on another artist’s song, but she steals the show – a classic Leo move. It’s not fair that Leo horoscopes always talk about how much attention they want. That’s not what Leos want. They want everyone around them to have a good time, and a party needs star power for that to happen.

‘Fancy’ is a good time. It’s rap, it’s dance, it’s everything the party needs. Just like a Leo, you won’t be able to get this song out of your head for months.

Virgo – ‘Out of My Head’ (feat. Tove Lo and ALMA)

Speaking of getting things out of your head, how about Virgos open their minds a little? Overthinking and neurotic tendencies can make Virgos hard to deal with, even for themselves. On ‘Out of My Head’ Charli XCX and her mates cope with their overactive imaginations with a little self-medication.

One of the biggest tunes on the Pop 2 mixtape, this song blends the Scandinavian hedonism and pop nous of Tove Lo and ALMA with a very British Skins-ish approach to love and life: doing as many drugs as possible to forget that you care about someone. Just like a Virgo, this song is a little too self-involved to ever fix itself. 

Libra – ‘Boom Clap’

‘Boom Clap’ was a featured song in The Fault in Our Stars, and while Libras aren’t the deepest lovers, they’re very prone to romanticism. They also love a cheeky John Green book, and that is 100% an insult.

Everyone loves this song. When it came out it slapped around our ears for weeks, and we relished in it. It’s frivolous and flirtatious and it loves a bit of onomatopoeia. Just like a Libra, it will only ever annoy you; never offend.

Sagittarius – ‘Boys’

Sagittarians aren’t romantic or boy-crazy, but this song isn’t about being loco for the boyos – it’s about boys as part of a jet-set, party lifestyle. It’s just the gentle, minimalist Nintendo noises that make it seem cute. Similarly, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are good at passing off their destructive habits (trashing hotel lobbies, skipping town) as quirky personality traits.

Sagittarians often consider themselves gurus or philosophers, so the allegedly transgressive music video that goes with ‘Boys’ is right on theme. Men? Objectified? You’re blowing my mind!

Scorpio – ‘You (Ha Ha Ha)’

Charli XCX’s first studio album, 2013’s True Romance, slipped under the mainstream radar but is loaded with songs that still totally slap five years later. This is one of them. It’s pre-PC Music phase, but you can tell she’s on her way; just like a Scorpio, she’s got a nose for trends.

This song relishes in being right about a tragic break up. Scorpios love a little auto-schadenfreude. They love to knowingly get themselves hurt and then be self-righteous about it for the next six months. This song’s appeal lasts much longer than that, though.

Capricorn – ‘2099’ (feat. Troye Sivan)

This songs starts out like a cyberpunk dystopia soundtrack and moves into something akin to tropical house (if the house were burning down). Troye Sivan is hardly noticeable on this track. Sometimes you have to wonder if Charli XCX wants people’s voices on tracks or if she just wants some company while she records. Capricorns, too, have huge trouble relinquishing control.

The lyrics are about being an unstoppable, uncompromising force of vision. The computerised whirring and chittering on the track gives the impression of an android here to get shit done, and that’s a Capricorn.

Aquarius -‘ Set Me Free (Feel My Pain)’

An anthem for the reluctant-in-love among us, ‘Set Me Free’ is about falling desperately in love and wanting none of it. Love hurts, and Charli XCX begs her lover to set her free from the torture of feeling any emotion at an intensity level higher than 6/10.

Striving for unemotionality and falling for unavailable people is a big air sign mood, and over-analysing your own emotional responses is an Aquarian hobby. The dark electronica anti-love anthem is strangely bewitching, just like the weird Aquarii.

Pisces – ‘Warm’ (feat. HAIM)

On Charli, autotune is its own instrument, working alongside more traditional vocals. On ‘Warm’, it’s the main instrument. The manufactured sound of the song contrasts with its lyrics, which demands the listener own up to why they’re not in love with Charli XCX.

The finely-curated noises on this track are a glossy filter on a probing question: why don’t you love me? Pisces love a filter, and they love being adored even more. 


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