TelevisionMay 25, 2017

The best lines from Shortland Street’s explosive 25th anniversary extravaganza


BREAKING: Mount Ferndale has erupted, engulfing the town in a deadly cloud of ash and totally ruining Chris Warner’s 50th birthday party. We bring you a chronological selection of the best lines of dialogue from tonight’s one-liner-filled special episode.

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“This hospital’s gone to rack and ruin since I left” – original receptionist Marjorie Brasch on the state of it

“Oh, you squashed my peonies” – Stuart Neilson after Harper squashed his peonies (they later kissed!)

Marj and Stew! (Photo: Shortland Street)

“We’re all just hanging on by a thread” – Dark Chris Warner

“God can’t save you now” – a hired goon beating the crap out of someone called ‘Hawks’, seconds before a friggen volcano erupted… saving him

Mount Ferndale has erupted (Photo: Shortland Street)

“Our baby is being born in a freaking car” – Lucy, giving birth to a baby in a freaking car

“Last time I was stuck in this lift I had a dicky tummy … this time I’ve got a dicky ticker” – Marj, again, stuck in a lift, again

“Just little bits of history repeating” – Shirley Bassey and Propellerheads back in ’98, somehow foretelling this episode

“Bit of a headache or blood squirting out your eyes?” – Nick manning the reception desk

Nick’s back baby (Photo: Shortland Street)

“Will uncle Boyd die?” – TK’s kid calmly watching Boyd spew up some kind of black tar

“Just a plain wicker casket and Kiri Te Kanawa” – Marj planning her funeral

“I’m pinching back a panic poo” – Damo from IT re: needing the toilet

“Tell me where my sister is or I’ll rip ya head off and spit down ya neck” – Chris Warner’s son Frank threatening a hired goon

“I’m a mountain Sarah – sometimes I explode” – supervillain Mason Coutts after murdering Frank

“It’s the mountain, Boyd, the deep Dionysian truth” – Eve dropping an Easter egg for the academics

The muffin man returneth (Photo: Shortland Street)

“Mate, I don’t know you, and you’ve got sick on your shoes” – Lionel Skeggins to Chris Warner, seconds after Waverley vomited on his shoes

“I’m pregnant as anything – again!” – Waverley to Nick

“Yes, I’m a sperm volcano!” – Nick to Waverley

“Nick Harrison, You can use the s-word at home but not in a public hospital” – Marj’s second-last words

“Life’s too short and wonderful for regrets” – Marj’s last words

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