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The latest TVNZ OnDemand figures reveal a TV-watching nation divided

Today, TVNZ released its latest findings on who is watching what on TVNZ OnDemand. Sam Brooks analyses the results.

What older women wished you knew about them

Alex Casey talks to two women who are defying the expectations around old age.

Celebrating the greatest Kiwi pop culture love stories

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and the launch of DB Export's new campaign, The Spinoff pays tribute to New Zealand’s most famous love stories.

What the heck is Drew’s Christmas Holiday and why is it so weird?

To many, Drew’s Christmas Holiday was a light-hearted comedy to keep thirsty Shortland Street fans satiated during the summer hiatus. To others, it was a terrifying descent into the soul of a confused and lonely man.

Shortland Street The Musical: A post-mortem

On Monday, it was announced that ATC’s Shortland Street: The Musical would be cancelling its planned 2019 tour. Sam Brooks analyses why the show might’ve fallen short of its ambitions – and what it says about the industry.

Spinoff Investigation: Who is the Goodest Doctor of them all? (WATCH)

Chris Warner, House, Shaun Murphy, Meredith Grey, Mindy Lahiri – there are a lot of doctors on our television, but who is the goodest? Madeleine Chapman investigates, and the results may surprise you.

What are people complaining about now? The BSA edition

Swearing, nudity, blasphemy and Clarke Gayford – these are just some of the things New Zealanders have been complaining about to the Broadcasting Standards Authority over the past year.

When Chris Warner speaks, New Zealanders with Down Syndrome hear it

Anyone debating the controversy around Shortland Street need to remember those with Downs are not some abstraction but real and important people

When Shortland Street cuts, it cuts deep

On Monday night's episode, the possibility of a woman aborting her child because of potential medical issues was raised. Controversy ensued, which says a lot about Shortland Street's place in our culture.

Is it you or is it me? Viewers react to shock Shortland Street move

Yesterday, it was announced that Shortland Street's famous hourlong winter Mondays will transform into a six night monster. And the internet was shook.

Repressed Memories: Was 2009 Shortland Street’s greatest year ever?

Shocking deaths, forbidden love, multiple Harry Warners and TK in a fedora – revisiting the glory of Shortland Street in 2009.

Fucking? Fecking? Fricking? What did Angry Cop really say on Shortland Street?

The S***off panel of experts with their learned assessments of what was said on the nation’s favourite soap.

The official Spinoff property survey of the Shortland Street suburb of Ferndale

Shortland Street expert Tara Ward finds the best – and worst – places to live in the mythical Auckland suburb of Ferndale.

Which channel wore their returning 7 o’clock show best? 

Last night marked the return of several key shows to the coveted 7 pm time slot, so we deployed our television moles to watch and report back. 

Counting down the top 10 local TV moments of the year

Alex Casey and Calum Henderson count down the top 10 most electric, shambolic and memorable New Zealand television moments of 2017. 

The Shortland Street Christmas cliffhanger just left us at sea

Tara Ward watches the power-chucking, beard-itching, blood-soaked finale to Shortland Street. Contains spoilers. 

My Kitchen Rules NZ: Lucy’s back from the dead to hit on Paleo Pete

It’s out of the instant restaurant frying pan and into the sudden death cook-off fire – and half the Shortland Street cast has come for tea.

New comedy The Vultures: Entitled, greedy, rich – and Māori

Playwright Miria George talks to Leonie Hayden about her new satire of Māori capitalism, and challenging assumptions about what Māori art should be.

The best Shortland Street weddings in the world… EVER!!!

Following last night's love fest, Tara Ward walks back down a very long aisle of dramatic Shortland Street nuptials.

The most memorable sex scenes in New Zealand television history

In this rare Spinoff sealed section, Lucy Zee rounds up some of the most memorable sex scenes in local TV history.

Where are the stars of Being Eve now?

After watching an episode of the slightly weird teen-oriented show while on painkillers (legitimate medical reasons), Sam Brooks goes on an internet investigation to find out what the cast are doing now.

Throwback Thursday: In loving memory of Ride With The Devil

For years Lucy Zee thought maybe she had dreamed a hot and steamy TV series set in Auckland's boy-racer underworld. But it was very real, and there hasn't been anything quite like it since.

The Real Pod: Some angels get their bingo wings at the Shortland Street 25th birthday party

This week we talk The Bachelor NZ's 'Women Tell All', partying up a storm with TK from Shortland Street and John Key's bingo wing-free dab.

The top 10 most popular Shortland Street episodes of all time

Shortland's Street big blowout 25th anniversary might be over, but we're still in the mood to celebrate. From births to deaths, with hostages, heists and cliffhangers aplenty in between, Tara Ward counts down the most-watched Shorty episodes EVER.

WATCH: Here’s all the Real Talk with Dave, Cam and Ben that didn’t make the cut

In the final episode of Real Talk with Dave, Ben and Cam, we present the glorious outtakes.

Kiwis of Snapchat: The Nick Harrison Fan Club (WATCH)

The 25th anniversary episode of Shortland Street has aired and now Nick Harrison's fans rate the show

WATCH: Shortland Street’s Ben Mitchell and Cam Jones discuss objectification with David Farrier

Today, Shortland Street's Ben Mitchell and Cam Jones discuss the objectification of men.

Real life read: I survived Chris Warner’s disastrous 50th birthday party

Tara Ward recounts the surreal experience of being invited to Chris Warner's intimate 50th birthday shindig – eruptions and all.