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Shortland Street is in a race against time

You’re not in level four now, Dr Warner.

Te Ao o Hinepehinga Rauna and the weird school rumour

The Head High and Shortland Street actor tells us about a hair-raising rumour, getting in trouble at kōhanga reo and more in this week’s episode of FIRST. 

Kura Forrester relives the horror of being the Eagle Boys mascot

Watch | The comedian and actor tells us about her actual first appearance on Shortland Street, first job and more in the latest episode of FIRST.

Should you buy property in Ferndale or Summer Bay?

There can only be one fictional winner.

When Chris Warner met Alf Stewart

What happens when you get two soap immortals and sit them down together for a chat?

Hello darkness, my old friend: After 25 years, evil nurse Carla is back on Shortland Street

Like a truck through a hospital, Shortland Street’s greatest villain is back with a bang.

Alice Snedden’s Bad News: Why are we still so scared of breasts?

Summer reissue: Alice Snedden goes on a quest to expose some of the many double standards around nudity.

WTF: Carmen’s back on Shortland Street, but it’s not what you think

Shortland Street nurse Carmen Roberts has risen from the dead, and the show seems to think nobody will notice. 

Alice Snedden’s Bad News: Why are we still so scared of breasts?

The latest episode of Bad News follows Alice Snedden on a quest to expose the double standards around nudity.

All that glitters is not Gloss: Shortland Street reunites the stars of NZ’s classic 80s drama

It's the television reunion you didn't know you needed, and a reminder of one of the best New Zealand shows you might never have seen. 

Robyn Malcolm is just getting started

She's Cheryl West, she's Ellen Crozier, she's the woman who makes headlines for throwaway jokes online.

Shortland Street celebrates 7,000 episodes while social distancing

Keep your hands away from each other, you socially distanced horn bags.

Plenty of soap: Shortland Street is back, but life on set is far from normal

How the country's longest-running soap started filming again in a physically distanced world.

The animal shows bringing you the best real-life drama

Tired of watching human faces on your screen but still love a bit of action?

You keep us hanging on: Celebrating the best-ever Shortland Street cliffhangers

Tara Ward pens a tribute to the one constant in New Zealand television: The Shortland Street Christmas cliffhanger.  

Decade in review: The 100 NZ TV moments of the decade (20-1)

Around 2pm every day this week, The Spinoff counts down the 100 most iconic local television moments of the 2010s. Today, moments 20-1.

Yes, Shortland Street is the best we can do

If you don't like Shortland Street, or you're unconvinced that Michael Galvin actually is a doctor, does that mean all New Zealand television is rubbish?

The latest TVNZ OnDemand figures reveal a TV-watching nation divided

Today, TVNZ released its latest findings on who is watching what on TVNZ OnDemand. Sam Brooks analyses the results.

What older women wished you knew about them

Alex Casey talks to two women who are defying the expectations around old age.

Celebrating the greatest Kiwi pop culture love stories

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and the launch of DB Export's new campaign, The Spinoff pays tribute to New Zealand’s most famous love stories.

What the heck is Drew’s Christmas Holiday and why is it so weird?

To many, Drew’s Christmas Holiday was a light-hearted comedy to keep thirsty Shortland Street fans satiated during the summer hiatus. To others, it was a terrifying descent into the soul of a confused and lonely man.

Shortland Street The Musical: A post-mortem

On Monday, it was announced that ATC’s Shortland Street: The Musical would be cancelling its planned 2019 tour. Sam Brooks analyses why the show might’ve fallen short of its ambitions – and what it says about the industry.

Spinoff Investigation: Who is the Goodest Doctor of them all? (WATCH)

Chris Warner, House, Shaun Murphy, Meredith Grey, Mindy Lahiri – there are a lot of doctors on our television, but who is the goodest? Madeleine Chapman investigates, and the results may surprise you.

What are people complaining about now? The BSA edition

Swearing, nudity, blasphemy and Clarke Gayford – these are just some of the things New Zealanders have been complaining about to the Broadcasting Standards Authority over the past year.

When Chris Warner speaks, New Zealanders with Down Syndrome hear it

Anyone debating the controversy around Shortland Street need to remember those with Downs are not some abstraction but real and important people

When Shortland Street cuts, it cuts deep

On Monday night's episode, the possibility of a woman aborting her child because of potential medical issues was raised. Controversy ensued, which says a lot about Shortland Street's place in our culture.

Is it you or is it me? Viewers react to shock Shortland Street move

Yesterday, it was announced that Shortland Street's famous hourlong winter Mondays will transform into a six night monster. And the internet was shook.

Repressed Memories: Was 2009 Shortland Street’s greatest year ever?

Shocking deaths, forbidden love, multiple Harry Warners and TK in a fedora – revisiting the glory of Shortland Street in 2009.