We're looking at a woman standing in the sea, her back to us, hair up showing the tattoo on her neck. The sea is a collage.
A still from the video Edgewater, for the poem by Grace Iwashita-Taylor (Image: Going West)

Poetry season: A dip in the deep briny blue with Grace Iwashita-Taylor

We continue our autumn series of original poetry set to video, courtesy of Going West. 

This week’s instalment is called Edgewalker. It is an immersive push-pull of a piece, written by South Auckland poet and slam star Grace Iwashita-Taylor and woven by director Ursula Grace into multi-textured visuals. Together the two afakasi women convey a feeling of reaching out and down and way, way, back, and absorbing and being absorbed, and just letting yourself float.

Salt from my mouth / cos my eyes are all dried out / the world wants so much … 

You can see previous poems from this series here and here, and more of Going West at goingwestfest.co.nz

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