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Georgia Robertson, CEO of Humanitix
Georgia Robertson, CEO of Humanitix

BusinessJune 10, 2021

Business is Boring: The ticketing app using booking fees for good

Georgia Robertson, CEO of Humanitix
Georgia Robertson, CEO of Humanitix

Georgia Robertson, CEO of Humanitix, tells Simon Pound about the company’s work at the intersection of tech and social good.

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Few things are truly universal among people, but hating paying big booking fees for online tickets must be one of them. One company saw this big pain point and the margins being made by the big players, and decided to make a change.

Humanitix was started by two friends in Sydney, who pooled their resources to make a ticket booking platform that would donate 100% of profits to charity, and use the power of better tech to deliver lower costs to customers and clients, so they could win market share and do more good. 

Their idea won the interest of Google and Atlassian social good funds, gaining millions in grant funding. They’ve been joined by a CEO, New Zealander Georgia Robertson, who’s running their growth and responses as they’ve recalibrated for online events during Covid, and scoped the US market.

Georgia started out as a lawyer interested in tech and social good. That combination is what led her to Humanitix, where she soon found herself facing a serious cancer challenge. To talk about that experience, her journey, the company and its mission, she joined Business is Boring for a chat this week.

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