Auckland’s most dangerous stretch of road and how to fix it

Teuila Fuatai is introduced to one of the most dangerous stretches of road in New Zealand.

Summer reissue: Mike Hosking’s brave battle with mathematics

After the release of an Auckland Transport survey claiming two thirds of Aucklanders support more cycleways, Mike Hosking stepped into the ring to fight Statistics.

How the e-scooter revolution is already shaping our cities

Smaller, cheaper, cleaner: e-bikes and e-scooters are already disrupting transport giants like Uber, writes Greater Auckland's Patrick Reynolds. 

Where should Lime scooters go? On The Little Road, of course

The answer to the Lime scooter/pedestrian conflict is right in front of us, says Jessica Rose of the group Women in Urbanism.

Auckland Archive

Angry ferry user David Slack sizes up Fullers’ plan for a harbour revolution

The ferry operator is seeking major investment. David Slack just wants to know why his boat to Devonport is always borked. Can they find a common dream? 

Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden are making Christmas horny again

This year the Basement Christmas show is Work Do, written by superstar comedians Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden. Alex Casey talks to the duo about office parties, Christmas fantasies and Michelle Obama.

If you think cycleways are financially disastrous, wait till you hear about roads

Cycleways are under fire this week following an incredibly misleading Herald story. Hayden Donnell goes in search of some transport projects to actually get angry about.

The truth about those ‘exaggerated’ Auckland cycling numbers

‘Cycleway figures in doubt’ says the headline on an article by Herald journalist Bernard Orsman, and Mike Hosking has prematurely leapt in to agree. But what’s really in doubt may be some basic reading comprehension.

Haters back off: Auckland’s giant Santa is awesome

Every year an 18 metre tall Santa is pieced together and bolted to the front of the Farmers Building on Queen Street. Aucklanders seem to love him, outsiders not so much.

Auckland is turning into a city of cyclists. We must have a seat at the top table

If the rhetoric on cycling and walking means anything, why are they the only modes now set to lose their specialist focus and public champion at Auckland Transport?

The drab and depressing debacle on Albert St

The City Rail Link could have been an opportunity to rejuvenate one of Auckland's most unlovely thoroughfares. Instead, Albert St seems likely to end up looking even worse than before.

If you think Lime scooters are a safety menace, wait till you hear about cars

People are freaking out about the potential hazards of Lime e-scooters. Hayden Donnell asks whether we could apply these same standards to another type of vehicle causing even more harm.

Where are the women on the waterfront? The problem with ATC’s 2019 programme

Last week, Auckland Theatre Company announced their 2018/19 programme - a programme with a glaring lack of representation for women and new New Zealand work. James Wenley takes the programme to task.

Forget the waterfront stadium. What about a waterfront university?

The waterfront stadium debate bubbles up once every couple of months in Auckland. But why has the debate over a waterfront university never resurfaced?

The Auckland housing shortage may be on the verge of receding

New building consents in Auckland are almost keeping up with the region's population growth, reports Greg Ninness of

The design overhaul of the Auckland bus network may be bold, but is it good?

In their pursuit of an abstracted planning perfection, the designers have seemingly been prepared to sacrifice some people’s experience for the sake of a cleaner looking system