Stuck in traffic: How the government is exploiting the Auckland transport crisis for votes

The minister of finance just announced a multi-billion dollar spend up - and Auckland should be very worried. Simon Wilson explains how the government’s traffic plans are badly stuck.

Planes, trains and automobiles: inside the playground fight over the way to Auckland airport

Auckland Transport wants a rail line from the CBD to the airport, and so does Council. Then why does a start date seem further away than ever? Simon Wilson examines what’s gone wrong and how to make it right in the dispute over rail to the airport.

Death to jargon: a call for better Auckland names

Here’s a quick and easy and inexpensive way we can all get more excited about Auckland. Change the names of things! No really – Simon Wilson is serious about this.

The last dance of Carla van Zon

Auckland Arts Festival boss Carla van Zon has left the spiegeltent. Triumphant but also very ill, she has retired. Simon Wilson pays tribute. The day I interviewed Carla van Zon she …