What’s going on with the business case for the proposed new highway to Whāngārei?

Transport minister Simon Bridges says no instruction was given to transport officials to hide the business case for the proposed new highway from Auckland to Whangarei. Simon Wilson reviews the paper trail.

That rainbow kind of magic: Ranking the rides at Rainbow's End

It's a New Zealand stalwart, but does anybody have the guts to rank the rides at Rainbow's End? Fully grown man Sam Brooks does.

The legacy of Winston Peters and the future of Auckland's port

If bullshit and bluster could make the trains run, Northland would be full of railroads. Still, when politicians gathered in Whangarei on Monday night, they did have some good things to say, writes Simon Wilson, who was up on the stage alongside them.

One night out in Remuera

There's a lot riding on the Epsom election, with four current MPs in the race and everything from glory to humiliation at stake - for the candidates and for their parties too. Simon Wilson went along to a debate.

Twenty million trips! Auckland rail has come a long way in a very short time

Auckland's public transport renaissance reached a major milestone today with the announcement that 20 million trips were made on the rail network within a single year, almost double what it was just four years ago. To mark the occasion, Matt Lawrie of Greater Auckland looks back at how commuter train travel in the city was saved from the brink of extinction.