The lifelong trauma of road deaths

Twenty-one years after Steph Martin’s mother was killed in a road crash, she reflects on what's been happening on New Zealand’s roads.

Auckland’s most dangerous stretch of road and how to fix it

Teuila Fuatai is introduced to one of the most dangerous stretches of road in New Zealand.

The ‘Dolphins’ that don’t belong in Auckland’s harbour

Plans for two massive concrete mooring structures jutting out from Queen's Wharf are another assault on our harbour. writes Michael Goldwater of Stop Stealing Our Harbour 

Aucklanders should be optimistic about Auckland’s future. Here’s why.

Urban designer Ben van Bruggen spoke to Jeremy Hansen about why we should stop listening to the vocal minority attempting to block change, and be inspired about Auckland's development.

Auckland Archive

Some structures in Auckland

The Monday Extract: John Walsh and photographer Patrick Reynolds join forces to present a handsome new book about some structures in Auckland.

Cyclists 1, children 0: School abandons walking bus on ‘dangerous’ shared path

It's supposed to be a shared path, but the Northwestern Cycleway has been deemed too dangerous for a local school's walking bus, reports Rowan Quinn for Radio NZ.

Take a look at the six potential designs for the Erebus memorial in Auckland

Six designs are being considered for a new memorial to mark the Erebus plane crash.

Queens Wharf is one of Auckland’s best public spaces. Why is it being given away to buses?

Auckland Transport's plans for the Queens Wharf ferry terminal include a wide bus lane to serve cruise ship passengers on the wharf's eastern side – effectively closing the wharf to the public over summer.

Photo essay: the people fighting kauri dieback

In a new exhibition, photographer Michelle Hyslop explores kauri dieback through the personal stories of the people close to the trees and their fight to save – and protect – the giants of the forest.

Sharp objects: A lesson in the fine art of knife-making

Catherine Woulfe spends a day at the Auckland Blade Show, a celebration of knives of all kinds.

Friend like him: Gareth Jacobs on his star turn as Genie in Aladdin

Aladdin the musical is currently playing at Civic Theatre. Madeleine Chapman sat down with the star of the show, Gareth Jacobs.

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #79: How good is Aladdin?!

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, the glitzy premiere of Aladdin at Auckland's Civic Theatre. 

Summer reissue: Mike Hosking’s brave battle with mathematics

After the release of an Auckland Transport survey claiming two thirds of Aucklanders support more cycleways, Mike Hosking stepped into the ring to fight Statistics.

How the e-scooter revolution is already shaping our cities

Smaller, cheaper, cleaner: e-bikes and e-scooters are already disrupting transport giants like Uber, writes Greater Auckland's Patrick Reynolds. 

Where should Lime scooters go? On The Little Road, of course

The answer to the Lime scooter/pedestrian conflict is right in front of us, says Jessica Rose of the group Women in Urbanism.

Angry ferry user David Slack sizes up Fullers’ plan for a harbour revolution

The ferry operator is seeking major investment. David Slack just wants to know why his boat to Devonport is always borked. Can they find a common dream?