How to change Auckland without making everyone mad

Auckland is going through a period of rapid change. Hayden Donnell talks to an urban design advisor about whether it’s possible to transform the city without riling everyone up.

The case for ending the generational monopoly over local government

There is an increasing class division in Auckland, defined by access to the democratic system. Where does this leave our young people in the future, asks Shehara Farik?  

The suburb at the crossroads of Auckland’s future

Mt Albert is a town at a crossroads. The pressures of growth are set to radically reshape the area, but so far change has left some of its residents and business owners pining for the past. Hayden Donnell travels to the suburb to talk to locals about the way forward.

Transforming Mt Albert: how trains will change everything

Mt Albert is on the verge of a transformation. Josie Adams gives a roadmap for how to change Auckland’s second-oldest suburb without ruining it in the process.

Auckland Archive

How a suburb gets made: The history of Mt Albert in 10 moments

We're on the record praising the virtues of Mt Albert, but how did it get to where it is today?

The insider’s guide to cycling Auckland’s inner west

Mt Albert isn’t exactly known as a cyclist’s paradise, but it has some good rides if you know where to look. Local rider Helen King shares her secrets to cycling in the suburb.

I survived the Waiheke ferry

A watery war zone has emerged in New Zealand's biggest city, with Waiheke-Auckland ferry cutbacks leaving abandoned souls desperate for home and hungry for retribution. Josie Adams risks everything.

The new Auckland Harbour Bridge crossing: what you need to know

Is this the Harbour Bridge crossing breakthrough Auckland has been waiting for? And what does it mean for SkyPath?

The story of a revolution: How public transport transformed Auckland

Public transport in Auckland is about to hit an all-time high of 100 million passengers this year. Patrick Reynolds looks back at how we got here and what next to expect for the future of transport.

The pensioners and the apartment complex: a parable for housing in Auckland

A legal challenge from a tiny group of pensioners is holding back a 100 apartment development on Dominion Rd that the Council’s own development arm is trying to build.

Our definitive analysis of anti-housing anthem ‘Standing On Stockade Hill’

In what seems like an unlikely source of inspiration, a group of Howick singers have created a folk protest song about Auckland local body planning rules.

Don’t let Auckland go to the dogs

A recent Spinoff column argued that Auckland's dog laws are overly restrictive, and only set to get worse under proposed new bylaws. Nonsense, writes James Parsely.

Free the fur: Why it’s time for Auckland to loosen the leash on dog rules

With Auckland's local body elections coming up in October, now is the time for Aucklanders to turn their attention to the city's overly-restrictive dog laws, writes Julian Light.

Why our construction industry is broken, and how it can be rebuilt

For Auckland is a new Spinoff podcast of civic conversations with people working to create and sustain a better Auckland for all. In episode three host Timothy Giles spoke to Mark Spencer about how to build a construction sector that can build a world-class city.

Auckland’s two million person problem

For Auckland is a new Spinoff podcast of civic conversations with people working to create and sustain a better Auckland for all. In episode two host Timothy Giles spoke to Pauline Winters about migration.

Freeze the Fares and other great ideas to fix public transport in Auckland

In February, Auckland bus, train and ferry fares went up. Again. We say we want a world-class transport system, writes Auckland Councillor Richard Hills – so why do we keep hitting users in the pocket?