Why Aucklanders must save 20 litres of water every day

Auckland's dams have seen just 37% of their normal rainfall in 2020. That's a problem.

In pictures: The transformation of Glen Innes

Photographer Brendan Kitto shares images telling the story of the dramatic housing changes in Glen Innes, Auckland.

Beyond the Unitary Plan: a short list of solutions to Auckland’s housing crisis

Hayden Donnell looks for inspiration and innovation on how to house the city’s future.

Auckland Council’s plan to reduce its emissions, from farms to fleet

From declaring a climate emergency to setting a 1.5 degree regional target, Auckland Council has repeatedly emphasised its commitment to doing its bit to tackle climate change. The question is, how exactly does it plan to do that?

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Crash, cry and carry on: The often grim reality of riding a bike in Auckland

On the good days, riding a bike is the best. But in Auckland there aren't nearly enough of those days, and unless decision makers take urgent action, that's not going to change.

Why OpenTheBooks is taking aim at Auckland Transport

A riposte against a ghastly and unfair misrepresentation of a noble campaign.

Councillor Penny Hulse: We’ve failed to represent the diversity of Auckland

For Auckland host Timothy Giles talks to longtime Auckland councillor Penny Hulse about her time in council, why she's stepping down and her hopes for the future.

For Auckland: Grace Stratton on how accessibility is more than just building ramps

Timothy Giles speaks to Grace Stratton about accessibility in fashion and in life, for the latest episode of For Auckland.

Beauden Barrett has abandoned us for the Blues and I’m weeping tears of fury

A Hurricanes true believer on a massive Super Rugby shift.

Good density: myths about how more housing affects Auckland, debunked

No, more density doesn't mean more traffic – and other widespread myths about the effects of increased housing, busted by Greater Auckland's Heidi O'Callahan.

How to change Auckland without making everyone mad

Auckland is going through a period of rapid change. Hayden Donnell talks to an urban design advisor about whether it’s possible to transform the city without riling everyone up.

The case for ending the generational monopoly over local government

There is an increasing class division in Auckland, defined by access to the democratic system. Where does this leave our young people in the future, asks Shehara Farik?  

The suburb at the crossroads of Auckland’s future

Mt Albert is a town at a crossroads. The pressures of growth are set to radically reshape the area, but so far change has left some of its residents and business owners pining for the past. Hayden Donnell travels to the suburb to talk to locals about the way forward.

A tribute to the pie shop that saved my terrible soul

Muzza’s Pies is a beloved Mt Albert institution, responsible for curing a million hangovers. Alex Casey pays tribute to the shop that got her through her teenage years.

Transforming Mt Albert: how trains will change everything

Mt Albert is on the verge of a transformation. Josie Adams gives a roadmap for how to change Auckland’s second-oldest suburb without ruining it in the process.

How a suburb gets made: The history of Mt Albert in 10 moments

We're on the record praising the virtues of Mt Albert, but how did it get to where it is today?