The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #34: West Side Story at The Civic

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today: Sam Brooks reviews the West Side Story touring blockbuster spectacle.

'I have not quantified the benefits': the astonishing truth about NZ's most expensive road ever

Remember that proposed new highway from Penrose to Onehunga, the East-West Link, set to cost close to $2 billion? Turns out no one has worked out, using current figures, if it's worth the money – and it's most likely no one ever will. And it's not clear if the responsible ministers even know this.

Here are the first 30 Paperboy covers – notice what's missing?

Paperboy launched late last year as a stylish free weekly magazine by and for Auckland. We at The Spinoff noticed what they were and were not doing with their covers – all 30 of them run below – and asked editor Jeremy Hansen to write about he looks for in a cover.