The Friday Poem: One Hit Is Not Enough, by Hinemoana Baker

A poem from Hinemoana Baker's Ockham-shortlisted collection Funkhaus.

Companion planting: the art and history of gardening

Two wildly different books about gardens.

Locked down and far from home with Man Alone

A review of John Mulgan's classic novel.

Poetry season: a bracing walk on the black sand, with Allen Curnow

Think of this as a music video for a poem.

Books Archive

‘Take it up a step’: Helen Clark talks climate change action with Sophie Handford

The former prime minister interview meets the former coordinator of School Strike 4 Climate.

Perhaps we should’ve stayed: a poem-essay hybrid

Lessons in self-care, capitalism and who not to hook up with.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending April 23

What you added to the to-read pile this week.

The Friday Poem: Maggie Cheung’s blue cheongsam, by Nina Mingya Powles

A poem from Nina Mingya Powles' Ockham-shortlisted collection Magnolia 木蘭.

The Australian Poem: Uncovered, by Omar Sakr

Australia Week: A poem by Sydney poet Omar Sakr. To mark the opening of the trans-Tasman bubble, The Spinoff is casting an eye across the ditch all week – read our …

Poetry season: Introducing a series of original poems on film

Poetry set to film, on West Coast beaches.

The Friday Poem: And before that we were stars, by Mohamed Hassan

A poem from Mohamed Hassan's Ockham-shortlisted collection National Anthem.

Ben can read

He was another little boy deciding books weren't for him. And then, he wasn't.

Systems control: Introducing a new way of thinking about the climate crisis

What if the apocalypse never comes – or if it comes, but nothing really changes?

Brian Turner and the open space

Ardent disciple of mountain, valley, river and sky, Brian Turner is one of New Zealand's most celebrated poets. Michelle Langstone meets him at his central Otago home.