Bunch of clowns: Morgan Godfery on the unfunny jesters who rule the world

For Trump, Johnson, Morrison et al, the jokester act provides the perfect political cover, writes Morgan Godfery.

Little Women was more than a story. It was the house I grew up in

Never mind the film: Alie Benge, aka Jo/Meg, on the book that meant the world to her.

Three Women: The astonishing study of female desire that has everyone talking

Three Women is a fervent, scrupulous qualitative review of female desire. It’s also a lesson in commitment – and the powerful act of paying attention.

‘I am leaving you’: Michelle Langstone writes her heart out to Haruki Murakami

Tired of his tropes and infatuations, Michelle Langstone writes about her waning love for the writings of Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

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Why I think this comic series about death is the straight-up best story of the 2010s

Uther Dean on the comic series he's spent the last five years with – and which he swears is the best story of the decade.

Here’s what happens when no one shows up to your writers festival event

Summer reissue: Madeleine Chapman wrote a book and was asked to speak about it at a writers festival. The problem was, nobody wanted to listen.

What you bought in 2019: Unity’s best-selling books of the year

What sold its socks off at Unity Books this year: top 10 lists for Wellington, Auckland, and children.

Adapt or die: Pacific Laureate Lani Wendt Young is not messing around

Summer reissue: Lani Wendt Young writes powerful Pasifika women who summon earthquakes and crack whips of pure flame. In a fierce lecture presented by the New Zealand Book Council, she landed hit after hit on the all-white castle of publishing, finishing with this rallying cry for change. 

The extraordinary and appalling true story of the rise of Uber

Uber became one of the biggest companies in the world in a few short years. Mike Isaac’s extraordinary Super Pumped shows the world just what it sacrificed for cheap rides.

The Steve Jobs biography is a monster that won’t stop spawning

Good for the cult of Steve Jobs, bad for humanity. Easily the most influential book of the decade.

The 10 best New Zealand poetry collections of 2019

Our pick of poetry titles this year.

The Friday Poem: Swingball by Airini Beautrais

A new poem by Whanganui poet Airini Beautrais.

Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending December 20

The only published and available best-selling indie book chart in New Zealand is the top 10 sales list recorded every week at Unity Books’ stores in High St, Auckland, and Willis St, Wellington.

Remembering the 80s heyday of New Zealand bookstores

Right now the country's booksellers are gasping, frantic, knackered – and still dealing politely with the rest of us at our worst. We at the Spinoff thank you for your service. Please enjoy this nostalgic hug of an essay by Catherine Robertson. 

Decade in review: 10 defining New Zealand books of the 2010s

The loss of innocence, the revitalisation of te reo, the rising up of women and of LGBTQ rights – the decade has been a ride. Here are our pick of …