Ethnography of a Ranfurly Man, a story about man and beer

'Darren only drank Ranfurly Draught. Only in the large 440ml cans, and only at room temperature.'

A sincere appreciation of The Hunger Games

On the release of a new Hunger Games novel, we looked back and marvelled.

How to read without munting your back

Featuring six of the most bemusing stock images we've encountered this year.

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Searching for decency: John le Carré, 1931-2020

Remembering a transcendent storyteller – and exceptionally good man.

Pēpi steps: Two mothers on creating taonga with te reo Māori

Stories of learning te reo, and passing it on.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending 18 December

Finally, we come to the final weekly chart of 2020.

The Friday Poem: End Poem by Michael Hall

The last Friday Poem for 2020 is by Dunedin poet Michael Hall.

Twenty books that were a tonic in 2020

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Christmas confessions of a jaded NZ bookseller

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An overdue idea: The NZ libraries that are shelving late fines for good

It sounds counter-intuitive – but libraries around the world are finding that when they ditch fines, more people bring their books back.

Keeping the romance alive

A theatre kid reviews a memoir that's very close to home.

The Friday Poem: Under the Flight Path by Jennifer Compton

A poem by Melbourne-based New Zealand poet Jennifer Compton.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending 10 December

What were you buying as we hit December double digits?

Missing persons: How poets are erased in the world of classical music

If the words matter so little to composers or performers that they can’t be bothered naming the writer, why don’t they just settle for humming the melody?

Stack ’em up: the most-borrowed library books of 2020

When times got tough we turned, as ever, to Jack Reacher.