The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending October 1

This might be the Rooneyist list in Spinoff history.

Teeth and claws and tenacity: how Norway rats came to New Zealand

A gnawing, scuttling chapter of Aotearoa's natural history.

Toni Street cracks open her past to share a life marked by grief

This is what happens when a natural storyteller writes a memoir.

Our writers are being hung out to dry

Writers don't ask for much, but we do need a fairer system.

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The Friday Poem: Young Adult Success Stories, by Erik Kennedy

A new poem from Christchurch poet Erik Kennedy.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending September 24

She's fashionably late and even hotter than expected.

Walk shorts and dreams: Oh, to be a teacher in the 90s

For kids to thrive at school they have to be engaged – and so do teachers.

Dear Hilary: thank you for the reading

Hilz Baz read Jane Austen to the nation and it was glorious.

BookTok tips from a master of the genre, Chloe Gong

Hardly any New Zealand writers are on BookTok. Should they be?

Lydia Wevers: On reading

When I read something that fully engages me, I experience a feeling of completion, as if reading has achieved, for a potent instant, what I am meant to be.

Nicola Legat on the poleaxing of New Zealand books

You can still get doughnuts and sex toys delivered. Why not books?

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending September 17

Rooney was held up in transit – here's how fans filled the void.

The Friday Poem: Whāngai, by Jessie Puru

A new poem from Tāmaki Makaurau poet Jessie Puru.

An ecstatic review of the new essay collection by Nina Mingya Powles

She's one of our finest poets – and her essays are breathtaking.

A review of radical, deeply feminist crime novel Before You Knew My Name

The NZ debut that's been snapped up at auction by publishers across the world.

Ashley Bloomfield fan art reaches new level with romance novella

Sam Brooks talks to the author of Instagram romance novella Blooming Desire about his work, and a fanfiction scholar about why so many of us want to read it.