Book of the Week: Joseph Romanos reviews the Steven Adams bio

Veteran sports hack Joseph Romanos reviews My Life, My Fight by Steven Adams with Madeleine Chapman.

The first WAGs: A 1970s All Black wife on rugby and women’s lib

We asked former All Black great Bob Burgess to write about a new book on his team-mate Keith Murdoch. But then we changed our mind, and asked his wife Linda Burgess.

How to make the story of an affair between a young woman and a much older man seem original

Stephanie Johnson suspects the debut novel by English writer Lisa Halliday is "the first flaring of a great talent".

The Monday Excerpt: Tupaia, Banks, and an unnamed Māori trading a crayfish in 1769

The story of Tupaia's famous illustration of an unnamed Māori trading a crayfish with Joseph Banks is told in a beautifully produced book on Cook's three voyages to New Zealand.

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The Friday Poem: ‘Our Lady’ by Carin Smeaton

New verse by Auckland writer Carin Smeaton.

Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending August 3

The week's biggest selling books at the Unity stores in High St, Auckland, and Willis St, Wellington.

Book of the Week: Nicky Hager on Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh

Investigative reporter Nicky Hager reviews the new memoir by one of the world's greatest journalists, Seymour Hersh.

‘My mouth wrote a sex cheque my vagina declined to cash’: here comes Caitlin Moran

Wyoming Paul is grossed out and engrossed by the new novel by English humourist Caitlin Moran.

The second to last man to be executed in New Zealand

Tina Shaw reviews Fiona Kidman's powerful and haunting new novel based on the short life and brutal death of Albert Black, hanged at Mt Eden jail in 1955.

Steven Adams: Why does everybody want to fight me?

In this edited extract from the new book by Steven Adams, he tells how as a rookie he got NBA veterans ejected, and it wasn't that hard.

The Friday Poem: ‘Night time words to Ruby’ by Elizabeth Smither

New verse by the winner of the 2018 Ockham New Zealand national book award prize for poetry, Elizabeth Smither.

Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending July 27

The week's bigget selling books at the Unity stores in Willis St, Wellington and High St, Auckland.

Book of the Week: The innumerable pourings of gins and the tiny rituals of swizzle sticks

Vincent O'Sullivan admires Caroline's Bikini by Kirsty Gunn, who continues to write and shape novels like no other New Zealand author.

Papercuts Podcast: new books, new studio, new pod

Louisa, Kiran and Jenna are back with all the latest book news, reviews and gossip.

The barefoot men of Niue sent to die in the trenches of World War I

Michael Field reviews a new study of Niue's role in World War I, when Sir Māui Pōmare despatched 150 Niueans to fight in a mysterious war

His life, his fight: Madeleine Chapman on co-writing Steven Adams’ autobiography

The Spinoff's Madeleine Chapman co-wrote Steven Adams' autobiography, in shops next week. She tells how she wrote the book alongside an athlete she's known since they were both teens.