Hello Darkness: Peter Wells’ life with cancer, part 4

The fourth instalment of Peter Wells’ diary of life with cancer, republished from his private Facebook with permission.

The Monday Extract: New Zealand’s first celebrity wedding

'Be kind to animals,' Gwen Shepherd instructed an avid listening audience when her wedding was broadcast in 1930, as told in an extract from a new book by Peter Hoar.

The Spinoff Reviews #59: Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People: Diary Comics

A new collection of one of our best fanzine creators is maybe the best thing you'll read right now.

The Friday poem: ‘When’ by Rachel McAlpine

New verse by Wellington writer Rachel McAlpine.

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Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending April 6

The week's best-selling books at the Unity stores in Willis St, Wellington and High St, Auckland.

Book of the Week: Animal nitrate in mind

Simon Sweetman goes all-out fanboy of a new, tortured memoir by Suede frontman Brett Anderson.

In search of fake news: the diary of Charlotte Grimshaw

Charlotte Grimshaw writes about the forces behind her new novel: "Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un. The posturing. The bizarre hairstyles, the violence and cruelty. The narcissism..."

Prince Charles, meet King Tūheitia Paki of Ngāruawāhia

Steve Braunias reviews a new biography of Prince Charles by way of wondering when a full account will ever be given about New Zealand’s royal family and the kiingitanga.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for Easter

The bestselling books this Easter at the two Unity stores in High St, Auckland and Willis St, Wellington.

Book of the Week: Middle-class love and sex and agony

Stephanie Johnson luxuriates in the new Julian Barnes novel - a story of adultery which "wrestles with the deepest conflicts of human existence."

The Kiwi who writes Oscar-winning films and has book tours in Germany

Anthony McCarten is nominated for Oscars and wins Baftas for the films he writes, such as The Theory of Everything and Darkest Hour. The New Plymouth-raised writer is also a novelist with a devoted following in Germany. He reports from his latest tour.

Is there any such thing as literature in Westport?

We continue our occasional - and occasionally insanely depressing - series which investigates whether literature exists in the provinces. Becky Manawatu looks for signs of bookish life in Westport.

The Monday Extract: The loves and tragedies of Dorothy of Franz Josef

An extract from a fascinating new book by ex-Hokitika Guardian journalist Cheryl Riley, who tells the stories of remarkable men and women of Westland.

Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending March 23

The week's best-selling books at the Unity stores on Willis St, Wellington, and High St, Auckland.

Book of the Week: The best New Zealand novel of 2018

Elizabeth Alley celebrates the latest novel by the masterly New Zealand writer Vincent O'Sullivan.