The reluctant founder

He was one of the first employees at TradeMe, Xero and Vend. He’s just started his first company since the ‘90s. So why does Rowan Simpson want out already?

How virtual reality can help people with autism practice social interaction

This week we talk to Socius VR's Anzel Singh who's working to create VR videos for people with autism to practice social interaction. 

Container Door: How a career bringing goods out of China became a business

This week Simon Pound talks to Ben Nathan, CEO and founder of Container Door.

How I fought back against my property manager, and won

If your property manager tries to charge you a ridiculous 'cleaning' charge when you leave your place, there's something you can do, writes Sam Grover – and he should know, because he did it.

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The virtual wedding planner helping you plan your big day for free

This week we talk to The Curator's Marica Frost who went from dealing with refugee law to building a free virtual wedding planner from scratch. 

The cult of failure reaches a new peak at Unfiltered Live

Fail fast has gone from an intriguing idea to mainstream business orthodoxy in just a few short years. Jihee Junn went along to a pricey business event dedicated entirely to 'falling forward'.

The AI chatbot app helping people get the mental health services they need

Simon Pound talks to Angela Lim, co-founder and CEO of a free, online mental health platform called Clearhead.

The frustrating complexity of the new R&D tax scheme

The incoming R&D tax credits scheme makes government research and development incentives available to a much wider range of Kiwi businesses. But there are caveats to be aware of.

What’s up with the holiday pay windfall, and could you be in for a payout?

Why are so many companies having to pay out extra holiday pay? Here's all you need to know.

Restorative justice at work: when health and safety breaches don’t lead to fines

Air conditioning company Airtech has developed a safety app and is making a video in lieu of punishment after two of its workers became seriously ill from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Spinoff investigation: how come every New Zealand kid had the same trike?

The red, yellow, and black trikes are everywhere. But where did they come from and how did they get here? Madeleine Chapman investigates.

The man behind the rogue National ad is fighting predatory lending controls

In the same week as Steve Brooks placed an unorthodox election ad for National his fringe lending business has called for looser restrictions on its activities.

How to invest ethically in KiwiSaver and why you absolutely should

Weaponry, fossil fuels and gambling services are all being invested in from some of the most popular KiwiSaver funds, and a new charity tool is making it one step easier to change what you're investing in.

Australians have deep pockets for luxury and that’s good for New Zealand

While bargain hunters get excited that cut price retailer Costco is on the way, across the Tasman opportunity lurks for New Zealand firms targeting the other end of the shopping spectrum.

The beeswax wrap providing an alternative to single-use plastic

This week we talk to Honeywrap co-founder Tara McQuinn, makers of organic fabric beeswax wraps.

Facebook’s digital currency Libra is the biggest money story since Bitcoin

Not calling it 'Facebucks' might be a lost opportunity but the giant social media platform's new form of money could offer benefits to New Zealanders, writes Aaron McDonald. Facebook’s foray into …