Summer Reissue: A newbie’s guide to buying your first e-bike

The number of e-bikes sold in New Zealand continued to rocket in 2018. So how do you buy one, and what do you need to know before you invest? Russell Brown has the lowdown.

Summer reissue: The Spinoff survey of corporate payment times

Imagine you didn't get paid for a month or two for your work. Big businesses have used this tactic to keep cash in the bank – but how long do our corporates take to pay?

Into the dragon’s den with New Zealand’s wealthiest investors

Hundreds of New Zealand’s wealthiest investors gathered for the 2018 Flux Demo Day for a night of wining, dining, and million-dollar business investments.

Summer reissue: Sour grapes – Nobilo wine family feud over a ‘squandered’ fortune

The sons of pioneering immigrant vintner Nikola Nobilo are embroiled in legal action over the family inheritance, with one accusing the other of losing it all.

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Summer reissue: Where did it all go wrong for Riot Foods?

Art Green's company Riot Foods hit headlines this year for all the wrong reasons, Green and co-founder Ryan Kamins sat down exclusively with The Spinoff to reveal exactly what went wrong. 

Summer reissue: I founded Happy Cow Milk to make a difference in dairying. I failed.

He founded an ethical dairying company that would allow calves to stay with their mothers. But Happy Cow founder Glen Herud admits that his enterprise had failed.

10 classic episodes of NZ’s best business podcast

We ask Business is Boring host Simon Pound to pick 10 of his favourite and most interesting episodes from the past year.

The space race? So last century. Today’s technology race is in your own town

Sensors that turn the city into a ‘body’ which can detect its own workings. 'Digital twins' that are new improved versions of the original town: the sprint for the urban environment of the future is on.

Doing business Japanese-style: What can Kiwis learn?

Pre-meeting meetings sound like bureaucracy gone mad to Westerners, but the Japanese method of decision-making means everyone is brought along together.

‘Time’s up for shitty bosses’: one woman’s fight for exploited hospo workers

Chloe Ann-King wants to set up a digital union providing hospo workers with tools such as a 'Rate My Boss' scheme and an online pay checker.

IKEA is coming! Or is it?

After seeing so many reports over the years of the Swedish flatpack furniture giant coming to New Zealand, business editor Maria Slade is having a crisis of faith.

How the construction and infrastructure industry can encourage Māori-led players

Simon Pound talks to Warner Cowin, founder and CEO of procurement and bidding consultancy Height.

The business year: Construction woes, CTO sagas, and so much corporate jargon

Business editor Maria Slade reflects on lessons learned from her truncated career in corporate PR and the enduring importance of journalism. Not so long ago I did a stint in the …

Generous to a fault: How businesses can give without breaking the bank

Small business owner Heather Claycomb learned the hard way that donating till it hurts is not how to change the world. She offers some tips for making an impact.

Why there can be big money in being a wholesale importer

From furniture to food, wholesale import businesses are on an upward trend.

Stop telling young people NZ Super is unaffordable

The pension probably will still be around when today's youth retire, but refusing to change the system at all will mean a tougher working life, writes Jenesa Jeram.