Techweek special: Celebrating Māori innovation and this year’s biggest tech trends

In this Techweek special, Simon Pound talks to Amber Taylor from Ara Journeys and Callaghan Innovation's Jonathan Miller.

How Collaborate matches volunteers with jobs that match their skills

This week, we talk to Collaborate co-founder Poppy Norton who's helped create an app matching charitable organisations with volunteers. 

How not to do it: Disgraced Fuji Xerox warns others as part of its redemption

The printer company has worn sackcloth and ashes since being caught out exaggerating its New Zealand revenue by $350m. Boss Peter Thomas tells the tale of lessons learned.

Has the Official Cash Rate cut re-lit the house market fuse?

Have we just seen a turning point for the house market in New Zealand?

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Making sense of Wish and its bizarre, freaky ads

What is Wish? Is it legit? And why does it advertise so damn much?

Using co-working to tap into the vast potential of South Auckland

This week, Simon Pound talks to Manawa Udy from co-working space Te Haa o Manukau.

In the beginning, we had no idea: on the birth and growth of Trade Me

NZ's pioneering online auction site and marketplace has just marked 20 years with a staff reunion. Rowan Simpson went along, and it sparked some fascinating memories and reflections.

The robots are not coming for your job. With a few exceptions

There are serious flaws in the theory that the ‘jobpocalypse’ is nigh, and technology is not about to replace New Zealand workers anytime soon, according to a new book.

Melodics is the Duolingo of learning to play music

This week, we talk to Melodics founder Sam Gribben who's created software to help people learn how to play musical instruments. 

How creating more connections between people can help NZ Scale-Up

Simon Pound talks to Rosie Spragg of Callaghan Innovation and Craig Simpson, an entrepreneur many times over, about Scale-Up NZ, a new platform to foster connections in our startup sector.

How one small business absorbed the minimum wage increase, and you can too

The recent minimum wage rise took a toll on some small businesses, particularly in sectors such as hospitality and retail, which rely on minimum wage workers.

Rating the odds of a wealth tax in New Zealand anytime soon

Despite the bitter disappointment of those who backed capital gains tax for a win, it's not the only horse in the wealth tax race. Max Rashbrooke studies the form guide. 

The headset that allows you to use a computer just by blinking your eyes

This week, we talk to Dr Sarvnaz Taherian who's helped develop technology that allows physically disabled individuals to communicate via blinking.

What do I miss most about New Zealand? Trade Me

Elle Hunt composes a love letter to New Zealand's online auction site, with which foreign counterparts cannot compare

Uber, Zoomy, Ola & DriveHer: Comparing ridesharing services in Auckland

It pays to shop around, and ridesharing services are no different. Some are cheaper, others are more convenient, so which is which? We take you through four options worth trying in Auckland.

A millionaire wants to land a helicopter on the beach. Herne Bay is ready to fight

In a polite Herne Bay kind of way locals are gearing up for a battle royale with retailing millionaire Rod Duke over his plans for a helipad on the neighbourhood beach.