The $50 billion Māori economy is nowhere big enough

Size is relative, and a recent report on iwi investment shows that despite growth, the Māori economy has a long way to go.

Whatever happened to the plan to make Aotearoa a green tech giant?

Two decades on from '100% Pure' New Zealand is slipping behind in environmental innovation. We need to act now to preserve our hard-won global image.

The refugee-staffed business bringing clothing manufacture back to Wellington.

Simon Pound talks to Elisha Watson of underwear company Nisa.

The 20 top jobs New Zealanders should be studying for

A study using salary data, employment prospects, skill shortages and training positions suggests aspiring engineers, builders, teachers, midwives and panel beaters are off to a great start.

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NZ truckies queue up to take cases against food giant Goodman Fielder

'Dependent contractors' say they are forced to fight numerous battles against corporates like the Australasian company owing to New Zealand's lack of regulation

Seven golden rules for getting yourself the job you want

Recruiting can suck, both for job seekers and employers alike. In the interests of improving the experience HR expert Sylvie Thrush Marsh offers her top tips for winning the employment game.

Think the rental squeeze is bad now? It’s probably about to get worse

An array of new government policies risks creating a mass rental property sell-off, exacerbating the existing shortage, warns property management consultant David Faulkner.

The Christchurch-based startup making caps from scraps

On this week's Primer, we talk to Offcut founder Adrien Taylor who's company takes fabric scraps destined for landfill and turns them into hats instead.

Beyond Capital Gains: other good stuff from the Tax Working Group report

Employee subsidies for public transport, less tax on KiwiSaver: There are some gems in the government's latest tax report other than the capital gains distraction, writes tax expert Terry Baucher.

Five commentators weigh in on the Tax Working Group’s recommendations

New environmental taxes get the thumbs up, but commentators are as divided as ever on the issue of a capital gains tax. 

The Kiwi ‘brain drink’ sold all around the world

Simon Pound talks to Angus Brown, founder of nootropics drink Arepa.

The most nuclear takes on the proposed new capital gains tax

"A mangy dog", "an assault on the Kiwi way of life" and "yesterday's cold porridge": Business groups and opposition politicians are less than flattering about the proposed new tax.

TL:DR: The Tax Working Group’s recommendations for changing taxation

The Tax Working Group's recommendations on changes to the New Zealand tax system have been released. These are the main recommendations, according to RNZ.

Why is building a house so expensive?

Everything from competition around supply to how many lights you have in a room can determine the cost of building a house, says Box co-founder Dan Heyworth. 

Salvation Army marches in with an ethical shopping truck for South Auckland

The Sallies are so fed up with mobile traders preying on poor areas and trapping people into crushing debt that they're firing back with a rival service.

NZ’s Facebook tax suggests the day of digital reckoning draws near

Does yesterday’s surprise announcement around the tax status of digital giants indicate a willingness to tackle the vast problems they create?