Off course: the pricey private education which left its students indebted and fuming

Unlicensed course materials and substandard teaching at a private tertiary institution connected to New Zealand’s education royalty have left students indebted and fuming. Don Rowe investigates.

A week living under the watchful eye of Nest

Google sister company and darling of the smart home industry Nest has finally arrived in New Zealand. Jihee Junn tries out its range of safety and security products, concluding that while Nest might not be for everyone, stalking people on camera sure is a hell of a lot of fun.

Xero is leaving, but don't count out the NZX

Xero’s announcement that it will list solely on the ASX has ruffled some feathers. But if publicly listed companies are looking for better access to funds for growth, there’s no reason to write the New Zealand Stock Exchange off just yet, Mark Hattersley says.

Stories from job seeker hell

Everybody agrees that job hunting sucks. But has it become worse? The hoops employers are making their would-be employees go through are becoming kind of incredible. Here unemployed, under-employed and employed share their jobseeker horror stories. Anonymously, obviously – because they need a job.

Why we need a Māori investment fund

About $100 million has been pledged to a new Iwi/Māori Direct Investment Fund. The NZ Super Fund’s Tama Potaka explains the ‘mahi tahi’ behind the initiative, which has received indicative commitments from over 35 iwi and Māori groups.