With the walls closing in, regenerative farming is a way forward for agriculture

A quiet revolution is growing on New Zealand farms. As debates on water and emissions grind on, a new group of farmers are showing us the way forward – regenerating the land, and themselves, writes Daniel Eb.  

How the hospitality industry incentivises smoking

The reward for being a smoker in the hospitality industry? An extra 20 minutes more break time than non-smokers are entitled to. 

The highs and lows of running fashion label I Love Ugly

Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Valentin Ozich, the founder of I Love Ugly.

What I learned that broccoli can do to me when I got my DNA tested

A genetic test showing how people respond to common medicines has the potential to revolutionise the way doctors prescribe drugs. Business editor Maria Slade reports.  

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The Crimson Education enigma

Ambitious families are spending big money on Crimson’s services – but top New Zealand schools say they provide the same advice for free and are deeply sceptical of the startup.

The ticketing platform using booking fees to fund education

Backed by tech giants Google and Atlassian, Humanitix redirects thousands in booking fees to charitable causes while at the same time disrupting the highly competitive ticketing industry.

‘Hey Lonely, where the fat chicks at?’

They're known for celebrating a diverse range of bodies and messages of inclusion and body positivity. So why are they blocking users criticising their size range? 

Outland Denim: How a pair of pants on Meghan Markle helped create more than 40 new jobs

This week Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to James Bartle, founder of ethical clothing brand Outland Denim.

Auditing ethics: How to prove you’re a good corporate citizen

What the B-Corp certification actually means and why it matters.

How will the convention centre fire impact Fletcher Building – the corporate giant which cannot catch a break

Will New Zealand's largest construction firm have to write off yet more money over the troubled International Convention Centre project?

On the horror and futility that is the Disputes Tribunal

The small-claims mediation process is meant to give real people a voice, but the financial and emotional sacrifice just isn’t worth it, writes Jai Breitnauer

New Zealand media: a health check

Three is for sale and could easily disappear. The forces disrupting it are impacting all our media – we assess the health of New Zealand’s six big media companies.

MediaWorks quits television: Three will be sold – or closed

MediaWorks’ owners have called time after years of losses from its TV division. Sources say the company will announce it is for sale – if no buyers emerge, it will close within months.

The Kiwi-founded company making sure Domino’s has enough dough

Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Campbell Brown, CEO of the company making sure Domino's has enough dough.

‘The Ministry of Awesome’ reflects the exciting new era of Christchurch startups

There's an innovation renaissance brewing in post-earthquake Christchurch as multicultural entrepreneurship replaces the old boys' network. This required a new name, writes Steven Moe.

NZ on the grab-and-go back foot as Japan grabs our cashierless technology

In their quest for a cashless society the Japanese have beaten New Zealand to its own next gen shopping experience, reports business editor Maria Slade.