How more remote working could make our environment cleaner and greener

If remote working reduces emissions, why the hell aren't businesses encouraging more of it?

Bernard Hickey on Labour: Great antennae, but still no radar

Despite its popularity, the Labour government remains in MMP-mode with finely tuned antennae for the 2023 election, but no radar or vision that voters can believe in.

Kaitiakitanga in action: How one man saved his awa

Last night Shannon Te Huia was named Kiwibank New Zealand Local Hero of the year for his work with Waikato communities preserving their environments. 

Light at end of tunnel for Lifewise workers, two years on

After almost two years in limbo, aged care workers at the Methodist-run charity Lifewise have struck a deal that both sides hope will put an end to recent industrial action.

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One year on, what lessons has Covid-19 taught NZ about the digital world?

With the world rapidly evolving, some fear New Zealand is at risk of falling further behind.

Will the house price ‘guarantee’ be honoured?

On this week's episode of his new podcast, Bernard Hickey talks through the consequences of this week's big housing announcements.

Business is Boring: The NZ non-profit helping prisoners learn to code

Podcast | Take2 CEO and founder Cam Smith tells Simon Pound about the life-changing work his company does helping ex-prisoners reenter the job market.

‘It’s a drop in the bucket and it’s a leaky bucket at that’: Housing package underwhelms experts

What do the experts make of the government's latest attempts to address the rampant housing market?

The first glimpses of life after Covid-19 are appearing. Now what?

In a vaccinated world, NZ's Covid-19 elimination strategy will no longer be a source of national strength or economic advantage.

Should Kris Faafoi take a harder line on taxing Google and Facebook?

As Google and Facebook look to fund parts of NZ media, how will the minister of media mitigate their smothering impact on the market?

Bernard Hickey: A cacophony of magical thinking on housing

Politicians, regulators and most voters believe that the housing crisis can be solved in their lifetimes without too much disruption or pain. They're dreamin'.

Business is Boring: The NZ platform where you can rent just about anything

Podcast | Mutu founder Toby Skilton on his vision for a service where people could rent out and borrow things from each other – and how he made it a reality.

One year on: The St Patrick’s Day and Bluff wedding clusters

The St Patrick's Day cluster and the Bluff wedding cluster both began one year ago this month.

Close to a hundred NZ companies sign letter calling for ‘modern slavery’ law

Barkers, Countdown, PWC and The Warehouse are some of those pushing the government for a new law.

The Campbell enigma: Corporate juggernaut with a socialist heart

From picket line anarchist to chair of SkyCity, how does the man once included on Robert Muldoon’s list of 'dangerous communists' reconcile his ideological evolution?

Business is Boring: Why ZeroJet wants to electrify your outboard motor

The environmental impact of going for a blat in the dinghy is probably worse than you think.