Why Wellington is the world’s best food city

Simon Day has eaten great food in iconic cities all over the world. Nothing beats Wellington's food scene, even on a bad day.

Why this man says the problems of today will be solved by the tools of tomorrow

Bruce Mau believes that far from being a hopeless case, the future of the planet is in safe hands. Why? Because he looks at the issues the world faces as design problems.

Actually Interesting: A machine can make decisions, but can it ever understand why?

In the second episode of Actually Interesting, The Spinoff’s new monthly podcast exploring the effect AI has on our lives, Russell Brown explores how aware machines really are.

Spot price vs fixed rate: how transparency is changing the electricity market

Flick’s Nikki Cockburn explains the difference between fixed rates and spot prices.

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Low waste living with my best friend, Miriama Kamo

For the month of July, Josie Adams is taking on the challenge of being low-waste. That means minimising plastics, emissions, and even recyclable. This is week three.

Say goodbye to 9-5: How robots are transforming jobs for the better

The rise of the machines will radically transform the way we work. Jobs will disappear. New ones will emerge. But what if the perceived threat of technology is really an opportunity to be more human?

Why the time has come for a standalone Ministry of Energy

With several high profile Government objectives in the spotlight, covering areas including carbon emissions and power prices, a single Ministry could drive better outcomes across them all.

The camp where young Māori and Pasifika explore the wonders of science

DiscoveryCamp gives Māori and Pacific high school students the chance to experience science at a tertiary level. Alice Webb-Liddall asks why it's important to get these young people interested.

The corporate rebel who convinced IKEA to imagine a future without furniture

From travelling the world pondering her existence to convincing a Swedish furniture giant to back a venture looking at the future of living, Carla Cammilla Hjort has lived several lives.

Tech is taking over retail, which is why investing in humans is crucial

At the same time as supermarkets adapt to increasing demands for online shopping, some supermarkets are investing in the development of their people.

How to grab a piece of the new $300m fund for your small business

The 2019 budget put aside $300m for venture capital for small to medium-sized startups. There’s hope it will allow businesses to grow locally and stay in New Zealand for longer.

The housing crisis could be solved by 3D printing and growing homes from seeds

What if you could grow a house from seed or 3D print a new subdivision in a week? The housing sector is ripe for disruption. Can technology solve the housing crisis?

Ed Sheeran is here to make friends

Fifteen tracks, 22 guests, one album. There are a lot of reasons why Ed Sheeran's new collab album shouldn't work. The surprising thing is how much of it does.

How to live low waste when you ooze waste from every pore

"It turns out being low waste is compromising my love life."

Recipe: A Cricket World Cup final bacon and egg pie

Why Simon Day hopes baking a bacon and egg pie will guide the Black Caps to glory tonight.

He turned a radical idea into $5 billion. This is what he learned along the way

Ahead of his trip to NZ for the Future of the Future, the man behind Kickstarter shares a few secrets.