The Freeview documentary guide to getting smarter

You've already met the new Freeview On Demand – now it's time to get acquainted with the documentaries on it. Tara Ward has you sorted. Don’t listen to what your parents …

Eight things Cardi B should do when she’s in New Zealand

Cardi B plays Bay Dreams festival in Mount Maunganui and Nelson just after New Year's. What should she do while she's here? What should she eat? We offer her some suggestions for her itinerary.

Power to the people: The app that lets you choose your energy source

Want to avoid using electricity when the generators are burning environmentally unfriendly fuel, and save money at the same time? You now have that option.

A definitive ranking of the best beards on the TV show Vikings

The Spinoff's resident beard expert Madeleine Chapman ranks the top five facial hair situations on Vikings.

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Here’s how you can best support charities this Christmas

Jackie Clark from The Aunties has one Christmas wish: before you give to charities, do your research. 

Merry Christmas from The Beths, New Zealand’s coolest uncool rock band

Henry Oliver talks to The Beths' Elizabeth Stokes and Jonathan Pearce about their love of Christmas and uncool music.

How whakapapa led to one doctor losing her stomach and gaining her life

In the age of advanced genetics, whakapapa is a powerful tool against hereditary illness. Don Rowe talks to Dr Karyn Paringatai, the stomach-less doctor reconnecting whanau to save lives.

A strap-on covered in peanut butter: An oral history of the Basement Christmas Show

The Basement Theatre Christmas Show is celebrating its tenth year as the most fun you can have in December.

The Good Citizen: Fonteyn Moses-Te Kani on doing diversity the right way

From a mostly-Māori rural community to the centre of one of the country’s biggest banks: in the latest episode of The Good Citizen, Fonteyn Moses-Te Kani explains how we can do diversity better.

Now that’s what I call an alternative history of NZ music in 10 songs

Henry Oliver traces an alternative history of New Zealand music via songs featured on the Now That's What I Call Music series.

How to match beer and food: practical tips from people who know their stuff

The Spinoff asks the experts for tips on what food to match with your beer.

Outlander recap: Jamie and Claire show a bear who’s boss

The new world ain't so new anymore - especially when you're killing bears who might not actually be bears, and when your Mum has already been there for approximately two hundred years. Tara Ward recaps episode four of season four of Outlander.

Making money, saving the world: all the NZI Sustainable Business Award winners

Big businesses such as New Zealand's largest ever transport infrastructure project are tackling real sustainability issues instead of the greenwashing of the past.

Ageing like a fine wine: The family business that came back from the brink

Just like the New Zealand wine industry it champions, Fine Wine Delivery Co has been through quite a journey over the past two decades. 

The petrol company that says it wants to save the world

At tonight's NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards, Z energy – a fossil fuel company – is a nominee. Z CEO Mike Bennetts explains how this could possibly happen. 

Feeling the force of fungi to stop it killing our forests

Today the government announced a $13.75 million funding boost for research to combat the spread of kauri dieback and myrtle rust. Could microfluidics be the solutions we are looking for?