Auckland’s most dangerous stretch of road and how to fix it

Teuila Fuatai is introduced to one of the most dangerous stretches of road in New Zealand.

I bet you don’t have a will. This is why you need one.

In the final instalment of our Money Talks series, freelancers and sprightly young women Tess Nichol and Alice Webb-Liddall talk about the necessity of making a will, despite both being not yet 30.

New to Lightbox in March: It’s Jojo Siwa’s world and we’re all just living in it

The return of television's most authentic mum, a Dance Moms spinoff and some fantastic mister beasts - all these and more are New to Lightbox this month.

Mastering the art of the at-home cocktail

You don’t need a cocktail shaker, 14 different obscure liqueurs or even any particular skill to create a killer mixed drink in your own kitchen.

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The Enemy Within is a fantastic spy thriller – and an even better character study

The Enemy Within combines the funnest parts of a spy thriller with the complexity of a character study, thanks to a compelling lead performance. Sam Brooks reviews.

Why is there still so much plastic in our supermarkets?

OK, so we've got rid of plastic bags. But what about all the other stuff? Phasing plastic packaging out is a mammoth task, but some of the industry's main players are working hard to promote change.

Now that’s what we called 2009: Looking back at the monster hits of a decade ago

Sam Brooks steps back in time to 2009, the year of Now! That's What I Call Music 31. What did his younger self think of those songs – and do they still hold up today?

Tips for buying your first home, from Spinoff staff who’ve been there

Buying your first home is confusing, stressful, and a huge financial decision – and nobody knows that better than those who have actually done it.

The incredible legacy of Dame June Jackson

For decades she stood up for urban Māori and provided services to a community that was often overlooked. Close friends and family celebrate the life of Dame Temuranga “June” Batley-Jackson.

What Better Things nails about being a parent

There’s a lot to love about the acclaimed comedy-drama Better Things, which returns to Lightbox for a third season this Friday. Tara Ward takes at look what the show gets right about parenting.  

Poetik is bringing back 90s West Coast rap, Samoan style

Poetik is a fresh talent within the Auckland hip hop scene, but he takes a very retro approach to his music.

Watch: The Terry Huffer guide to Piha

It's one of New Zealand's most picturesque locations, but what are Piha's best bits? Mark Mitchinson, star of the Lightbox TV series High Road, takes us on a tour of West Auckland's famous beach suburb.

How Imugi 이무기 went from bedroom artists to rising music stars

To celebrate the launch of New Balance's 997H – the sneaker built for independents – The Spinoff spoke to Auckland synth pop duo Imugi about their musical influences, independence, growing up, and giving voice to bicultural experiences.

Why we love Lizzo

She's the tsunami taking the world over - and you better get on the wave before you get dragged under. Sam Brooks tells you why you love Lizzo.

How extreme weather is changing the way your electricity is delivered

Climate change has already affected how electricity gets delivered to customers, and it's only going to get more challenging.

How much do I need to retire? Two freelancers imagine life in 60 years

In the fifth instalment of our Money Talks series, freelancers Tess Nichol and Alice Webb-Liddall talk about retirement, and having enough money squirrelled away to enjoy it comfortably.