What delta means for reopening plans

The trans-Tasman bubble will remain closed as the government rethinks a month old strategy to reopen Fortress New Zealand

NZ to have vaccine passport by Christmas

Meant for international travel, a debate looms for the country on how the passports will be used domestically.

How house prices are dividing the country

A new report finds that a majority of homeowners couldn’t afford to buy at current valuations after two years of soaring prices

The story of the Auckland terrorist

He was a refugee, he was on a watchlist and he was fighting to stay in New Zealand

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Covid-19 case numbers soar in hospitals

Reflecting the greater severity of the delta variant, hospitalisation numbers are growing much faster than during the first wave.

Signs of slowing in the housing market

But prices are still increasing and experts warn we might be getting to the point where the country is running out of buyers with enough cash.

Stories you may have missed during lockdown

As much of the country moves to level three, a look at some big issues that will continue to hold our attention for the rest of the year.

Possible vaccine slowdown looms as PM seeks to buy more doses

After breaking records in recent days, the Covid-19 vaccination effort is using up the country's stockpile of jabs quickly.

Stricter level four considered as cases spread in lockdown

While level four seems to be working, nearly a third of cases detected on Saturday were active in the community while infectious.

South Island looks to break away from lockdown

With cases in Auckland and Wellington, cabinet will vote today on whether any parts of the country can exit strict lockdown as infection numbers plateau.

Comparing NZ’s vaccine rollout to the world

The country's effort to get out Covid-19 vaccines has been called everything from overachieving to a dismal failure. Neither are true. Here's a look at the numbers.

Australia abandons the elimination strategy

The country's prime minister says eliminating Covid-19 no longer makes sense and points to New Zealand as an example of the strategy's failure.

The Bulletin: How delta spread through Auckland

Within one week a single case possibly became hundreds as the supercharged variant quietly moved through the country's largest city.

The Bulletin: NZ is preparing for a longer lockdown

The number of cases is climbing as close contacts soar six days into a lockdown that could be extended in Auckland and possibly throughout New Zealand.

The Bulletin: Decision day on whether to extend lockdown

Tests have linked the delta strain to a border case, raising hopes that this outbreak could soon be contained. But thousands of contacts will need to be tested first.

The Bulletin: 100 cases could exist as delta cluster spreads

List of locations of interest swells across Auckland and Coromandel, includes large venues. Experts warn of lockdown extension.