The Bulletin: Advance voting surges ahead of final week

Advance voting surges ahead of final week, poll shows John Tamihere in with a chance at Tāmaki Makaurau, and insights into modern drug smuggling revealed.

The Bulletin: Minor parties push for scarce positions

Minor parties push for positions, Gisborne beneficiary advocates raise alarm on emergency housing, and name suppression continues for NZ First Foundation accused.

The Bulletin: Labour puts little new in climate policy

Labour puts little new in climate policy, community cases once again down to zero, and Collins has a bad day out in Ponsonby.

The Bulletin: Day of drama for National

Day of drama and disunity for National, hero of Ōhau fire revealed, and what could be done about the digital divide.

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The Bulletin: Residents of Lake Ohau vow to rebuild after fire

Residents vow to rebuild after fire destroys dozens of Ohau homes, Christchurch stadium funding signed off, and complaint laid after EasyVote packs include campaign flyer.

The Bulletin: Confusion surrounds Trump’s Covid-19 status

Confusion surrounds Trump's Covid-19 status, horror fire and bad flooding for lower South Island, and announcement coming on Auckland’s alert level status.

The Bulletin: For and against a four year term

For and against a four year term, Labour planning market studies on groceries and building supplies, and NIMBYs fighting youth hub in Christchurch.

The Bulletin: East Coast looms as race to watch

Poll puts spotlight on tight East Coast race, Ardern and Collins go toe to toe in very different debate, and solo mother speaks out over denied benefit.

The Bulletin: Peters draws distinction between NZ First party and NZ First Foundation

SFO files charges against two people in connection with NZ First Foundation, tourism industry holding out Christmas bubble hope, and Advance NZ go to court over debate exclusion.

The Bulletin: The poll the Greens wanted

New poll puts Greens in coalition hot seat, Labour pledges more time for Tiwai Pt phase out, and what the bosses think about the election.

The Bulletin: Widely different outcomes loom for referendums

One referendum looks set for easy win while the other flounders, Labour still enjoys huge polling lead, and farming exporters warned on animal welfare and environment.

The Bulletin: Focus on the farming plans

Focus on the various farming plans put out this week, concerns raised about contacts of new positive Covid cases, and huge bill coming for Wellington region water.

The Bulletin: Who will pick the fruit?

Horticulture industry facing labour crisis, details of new cases spark concern, and Canterbury candidate under fire for local government record.

The Bulletin: Poll, debate set tone for the campaign

Politics nerds rejoice with both a poll and a debate, a remarkable story of a high finance world crashing down, and travel agent industry up against it.

The Bulletin: Country moves to a more cautious level one

Country outside Auckland now at level one, previewing the first major leader debate, and another error found in National’s costings.

The Bulletin: Fonterra’s back to basics strategy pays dividends

Fonterra gets back into the black, National’s economic plan derailed by accounting blunder, and Air NZ boss questions continuing with elimination strategy.