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Getty Images/Tina Tiller
Getty Images/Tina Tiller

KaiOctober 6, 2018

Quiz: Can you match the NZ rugby star to their favourite recipe?

Getty Images/Tina Tiller
Getty Images/Tina Tiller

Prove your patriotism and test your knowledge of New Zealand’s rugby heroes, by seeing how many recipes from the NZ Rugby Stars Cookbook you can match to the correct culinary code-head.

What do you reckon All Blacks eat? McDonald’s in a stranger’s flat? The flesh of their vanquished enemies? Bunless burgers? Fruit cake?

The answer is all of the above. Yes, believe it or not, some of our favourite rugby heroes appear to be as at home in the kitchen as they are on the field. A selection of All Blacks, Black Ferns and Wheel Blacks past and present have shared their favourite recipes in the NZ Rugby Stars Cookbook, a fundraising initiative for the New Zealand Rugby Foundation, a charity that financially and emotionally supports seriously injured rugby players.

And because cooking offers an unparalleled insight into our very souls, what better way to test how well you really know Aotearoa’s finest sporting specimens than by trying to correctly match our starting XV of culinary code-heads to their chosen recipe.

Which posho whips up pan-fried crispy salmon with watermelon salad? Who favours on-trend Korean barbecue beef? Which nostalgic type can’t go past a classic fruit cake, and who, for the love of god, has foisted a bunless burger upon the unsuspecting New Zealand public? Take the quiz to find out…


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What your score means:

0-5: Embarrassing. The quiz equivalent of the cold, soggy fries left at the bottom of Jordie Barrett’s McDonald’s bag.

6-10: Respectable. A cut-up orange at half time.

11-15: Full credit. As satisfying as a cold Steinlager in the changing room after a hard-fought All Black victory.

Keep an eye on The Spinoff Food next week for three recipes from the NZ Rugby Stars Cookbook 

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