Baynk who? Meet one of Spotify’s top five most-streamed NZ artists

The Spinoff and Spark proudly present Pod On The Couch, a weekly podcast exploring music and the people that make it. This episode: Henry Oliver talks to Baynk about how to get your song streamed 8 million times.

Spinoff Music editor Henry Oliver asks to Baynk about how, as an unsigned artist with just a handful of songs to his name, he became one of the top five streamed New Zealand artists on Spotify (along with, y’know, Lorde, Crowded House, people like that).

“It’s hard to warrant me signing to a label now when I can see people in the same vein as me, people who are making the same sort of music  who are signed to a label, that are getting the same – maybe slightly higher, slightly less – streams on Spotify. I don’t see why I’d do it when a label takes up to 80% and not having a label you don’t have to give any of your money away.”

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The opening song is:

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