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PodcastsJuly 19, 2015

Podcast: Dancing With the Stars – Heavenly Dad Bods, Dog Triumphs and Chrystal’s Basic Instinct

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Thank our heavenly Dads, we’ve made it to the grand finale of Dancing With the Stars NZ for 2015. Congratulations Simon Barnett, it’s time for us to crack into The Spinoff’s wig department, and finally hear Jane’s chilling story of Ronan Keating and the bad catering. Join Flapper-era Siobhan Marshall (Jane Yee), satin shirt-era Red Foo (Duncan Greive) and 80s-era Simon Barnett (Alex Casey) as they recap the dancing one more time.

What is Ben Barrington playing at? Is Chrystal going to be the new Bachelorette? Who really is Simon’s heavenly dad? How good is Skype? All these crucial DWTSNZ questions will finally be answered, along with some very powerful costuming that can only really be done justice through the majesty of the podcast.

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