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PoliticsOctober 18, 2023

Shop the fit: Election night special


Just when you thought the style advice from politicians was over, we’re back with the biggest Shop the fit yet.

Marama Davidson

Who said that dressing green had to be about natural fibres in neutral earthy tones? With Davidson it’s all about drama, shine, big pussy bows and ballooned sleeves. She wears the $359 LeDoré Silk Bow Blouse by Auckland based Sweepstake Winners. It is “crafted” from 100% silk and “floats effortlessly with every move,” according to their website. Life is a special occasion but I do reckon the extremely large bow is for even more special occasions, so it’s great that it’s detachable. I do not know what Davidson was wearing on the rest of her body. Frankly, it is irrelevant.

Rawiri Waititi

I have been after Rawiri Waititi’s style secrets since the beginning of Shop the fit, and have finally acquired them. Let’s start at the top. The hat is handcrafted in Australia by the brand Akubra, who have all your hat needs sorted. His glasses are from Zenni Optical, and I’m pretty sure they are the Square Glasses 4448731 in ‘Storm’. Zenni have a “wow price” of only $35.95 (including basic prescription lenses). I am feeling very stupid to have paid $200 for the glasses that live in their case on my desk full-time. The earrings were a gift, and yes they are Mako Mōtai – shark teeth – pretty badass. If you want to gift some to yourself, John Mayo, a “retired” jeweller, has some available for $220

Waititi’s carved taonga is not something you can buy. The sperm whale tooth was carved by Rangi Kipa and is a generational taonga of the Waititi whānau.

Waititi bought his trippy shirt in Te Atatū from the New Zealand brand confusingly called Berlin. This pattern isn’t available on their website, but if you like paisley and flowers you’re in for a treat. Perhaps surprisingly, his jacket is from Farmers and costs $199.99. I’m wondering if this is the hottest scoop of election season because it looks really good. I was unable to get a good look at his pants but he said they’re from Tarocash, which is a tag I often see in the op-shop. 

Max Key

I do not know if M-Key knew the election was on, or that he would have to be going out in public, or if he was going for quiet luxury. I also do not know why people wear caps at night-time. I do rate this highly as a home-outfit. You too can look sleepy, with a $12 women’s elite half zip sweat from Postie. If you really want to wear a hat inside at night time Culture Kings has a bewildering selection LA Dodgers caps, most of them for $59.95.

Darleen Tana

Darleen Tana’s outfit caught the eye of one very busy Spinoff journalist stationed at the Green Party’s party on Saturday. Charlotte Muru-Lanning then caught Tana’s eye with a “little weird wave”. Tana told Muru-Lanning that her dress was vintage, and her overcoat was custom-made by Māori fashion designer Jeanine Clarkin. Clarkin sees her work as fashion activism, allowing people to wear and feel pride in their cultural heritage. 

Chis Hipkins

If I were to publicly lose so catastrophically, I would simply not front up to do a speech. Instead you’d find me in the attic of my house curled up in a ball. I think this is where Chippy’s tie was trying to get to. You could take your solid satin red tie to a better place with a $19 Kmart fan.

Bruce Carley

Bruce Carley, once an Act candidate, and now Act online store’s biggest customer. He has it all: an Act vest, Act dog tags, an Act badge, Act T-shirt and a crocheted Act-themed figurine in his own likeness poking out of his pocket. Sadly, none of these items are currently on the Act online store, though you could get an Act T-shirt. Before you attempt to crochet your own likeness, grab a box of Heinekens. Carley endorses it.

Shane Jones

“Get you a girl who can do both,” so the saying goes. Well Shane Jones can catch fish and also look very convincing as Winston’s deputy, just hours apart. He seems to have a weakness for the colour pink, saying to Duncan Greive on the big night that “These events can be challenging,” because, “sometimes you have too much rosé”. There are rosé coloured T-shirts available from The Warehouse for just $16, and they even have a little pocket for the small secrets you, and Jones, keep. I think you can get a black suit, white shirt and patterned tie from any men’s shop.

Brooke van Velden

At some point in the evening Brooke van Velden boldly abandoned her ultra pink jacket. By “some point” I mean when it was apparent she had nabbed the Tāmaki seat and no longer needed the jacket’s political power. Also, she looked pretty warm and shiny amidst the celebrations. Underneath the jacket was a resplendent pink and pink dress, reminiscent of blossoms. 

Van Velden bought the dress especially for election night. She saw it in the window of Veronika Maine at the mall in Newmarket, and when she found out it had pockets, it was a done deal. The dress is made from a lustrous European satin, and is $439. Van Velden says she will be wearing it “again and again”.  She wore her Michael Kors bag which we have already covered, and a pair of tan coloured “everyday work heels” since she knew she would be standing all night. Resplendent and practical.

Gaia from Upper Hutt

In case you’ve missed it, Crocs are trendy now. You will see more of them on Karangahape Road or Cuba Street than Doc Martens these days, and sales of blister plasters are presumably way down at pharmacies nationwide. The particular shade of pink worn by Gaia, one of our dogs at polling booths, appears to be from a previous season, and the colour around the sole a post-purchase addition. You can, however, buy softer pink crocs for $69.99. If that’s out of budget, The Warehouse has perfectly passable dupes for $15. Either way, like Gaia, we should all admit that Docs are uncomfortable, and give in to trends that are good for us.

Lower Hutt events centre waitstaff

The waitstaff at the saddest party in politics wore their usual uniform. Black trousers, white shirts unbuttoned at the collar and, audaciously, electric blue waistcoats. No doubt the waistcoats were bought in bulk from I do not know why someone didn’t make the call to simply take off the waistcoats. Perhaps it was to keep the canapes and serviette bearers easily visible in a sea of depressed red. Perhaps the institution is strict on rules. Perhaps they think waistcoats are flattering. All these reasons were convincing until Chippy’s voice broke.

Christopher Luxon

If you think PM-elect Christopher Luxon looks a little too well after a night of celebrations, it’s because he does not drink. He could even be New Zealand’s first teetotaller prime minister. With absolutely no hangover, he woke up early to watch the All Blacks defeat Ireland at the World Cup. He must have been feeling pretty bloody good, even if his wrist was weighed down by a rather large watch.

He’s taken inspiration from Kieran McAnulty, who showed us how to do the Kiwi Classic look, but with a one big difference. Luxon’s jersey features the very sponsorship logo McAnulty went out of his way to avoid. American International Group (AIG) is a US insurance company that sponsored the All Blacks from 2012 to 2021. Though the new merch no longer has the AIG logo, there are a few on TradeMe for anywhere between $29.99 to $75.

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