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Review: The potentially redundant book adaptation of prime ministerial podcast series ‘The 9th Floor’

Like the podcast, but a book! While that sounds boring and pointless, Duncan Greive controversially argues that it’s actually good.

Stop saying Helen Clark was NZ’s first elected woman PM. It’s wrong and it’s sexist

The shorthand used in The 9th Floor insinuates that Jenny Shipley's prime ministership was somehow less legitimate than that of her successor, and that's just not true, argues Paul Brislen

‘I have no regrets. Never look back’ – Helen Clark on nine years as prime minister (WATCH)

In the fifth and final part of The 9th Floor, Guyon Espiner talks to Helen Clark about her three terms in power as she sought to draw a line under Rogernomics, unleash new social reforms and rethink New Zealand's place in the world.

Mike Moore is ‘boring’, Jenny Shipley’s a ‘vile hag’ – the gender bias in Facebook comments

Is there a male equivalent of a "vile hag?" What about a "sanctimonious bitch?" How about "patronising c**t"? RNZ's Megan Whelan thinks not.

The 9th Floor does the impossible: makes NZ political history urgent and revelatory

The best New Zealand production of the year isn’t TV or radio – it’s a podcast and online video which uses hindsight and our former prime ministers to produce a series of lasting power, says Duncan Greive.

‘Look at the language: men are bold, women are vindictive’ – ex-PM Jenny Shipley on depictions of politicians (WATCH)

In the fourth extended interviews with former PMS, Jenny Shipley mounts a robust defence of the welfare reforms she oversaw, assesses the strengths and weaknesses of Winston Peters, and points to sexism in political commentary.

Neoliberalism has ‘failed’ and the ‘model needs to change’ – Jim Bolger, PM who oversaw mother of all budgets (WATCH)

In the third of Guyon Espiner's interviews with former PMs, Jim Bolger, who led the National Party to power in 1990 pledging to return the 'decent society' to NZ, criticises the prevailing economic orthodoxy, saying it has led to a dangerous gap between rich and poor.

‘My heart was broken. I believed in the Labour Party so much’: Mike Moore on his tumultuous 59 days as PM (WATCH)

In the second of RNZ's 9th Floor series, Guyon Espiner talks to Mike Moore about his short spell as PM, getting rolled by Helen Clark, and his hopes and fears for Labour today – including some advice on the party's leadership rules.

‘It’s a real luxury not to have to interrupt’: Guyon Espiner on interviewing the ex-PMs

Watch the first in RNZ’s big new series of interviews, The 9th Floor, and read our slightly shorter interview with their interviewer – on the contrast with Morning Report, Jim Bolger's surprise attack on neoliberalism, and why John Key isn't involved.