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The Bulletin: Four key questions for the climate strikers

Four key questions for the climate strikers, unvaccinated border worker tests positive, and big implications of ban on arrivals from India.

How do you strike for the climate when everyone’s stuck at home?

With the coronavirus putting a halt to in-person gatherings, climate activists need to get creative to keep up the momentum from last year's hugely successful strikes.

Who gets to be an ‘ordinary New Zealander’? On Citizens’ Assemblies, climate change and tangata whenua

At a recent Aotearoa Climate Emergency meeting in Wellington, the topic under discussion was a Citizens’ Assembly to work towards cross-party agreement on climate action. Nadine Hura went along to ask what a citizen looks like and who gets to decide.

Signs, songs, stumps, symbols: A history of protest in Aotearoa in 350 objects

New book Protest Tautohetohe: Objects of Resistance, Persistence and Defiance explores our history of protest through objects symbolising the power and lasting legacy of activism in New Zealand.

On the Rag: Why does Greta Thunberg make men so angry?

Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden, Michèle A’Court tackle the past month in women, with thanks to our friends at The Women’s Bookshop. 

Chlöe Swarbrick: Time for a new tribe of anybody-MPs to smash the marble walls

We need more of those who will take to the street, rather than sniffing out put-downs from air-conditioned television studios, writes NZ's youngest MP

The climate strike smashed it for scale. But is it all too … polite?

The groundswell of protesters across NZ on Friday is reason for optimism. But if results don’t follow, the calls for more direct action that confronts the status quo will grow.

The Bulletin: Is NZ First already in election mode?

Shane Jones says the quiet bit out loud to forestry industry, massive marches take place against climate inaction, and pharmacists fear Chemist Warehouse wipeout.

Photo essay: Climate strike in Auckland, New Zealand

Over 170,000 people went on strike for the climate crisis in New Zealand today. Photographer Sylvie Whinray was in Aotea Square, Auckland, along with approximately 80,000 others. 

Tens of thousands throng for #climatestrike NZ – here’s what happened

Organisers estimate that 170,000 New Zealanders have joined the strike for the climate around the country

The Spinoff and the #climatestrike

For three hours, we’re going quiet. Here’s why.

My doppelgänger is trying to save the world and you should listen to her

After being confused for an 18-year-old climate activist multiple times, Alex Casey hunts down her heroic doppelganger.

The Bulletin: Greens push to lower voting age on climate strike day

Greens push to lower voting age on climate strike day, latest IPCC report unpacked, and analysis of Fonterra's tough annual results day.

A boomer’s message to the kids considering striking for climate

Tossing up whether to join the climate strikes on Friday? Don't make the same mistake we did: this is not going to fix itself.

Crunch time: the critical month for NZ and climate change begins now

Covering Climate Now: Submit, protest, vote. These are the moments that must be seized.

I stand with Greta, and with the strikers: James Shaw’s letter to NZ school students

The NZ climate change minister, James Shaw, writes an open letter to participants in the School Strike 4 Climate ahead of their day of action later this month.

‘We’re striking because we’re terrified’: a student on the second climate strikes

Zoe Mills is a 17 year old high school student and one of thousands who joined the global climate strikes. She explains why her generation feel this moment so acutely.

Why we’re striking again

We are the future and you cannot ignore us.

‘If we don’t stand up, who will?’ The faces of Auckland’s climate strike

Today it seems in some ways another age, but on Friday young people from around New Zealand and around the world rallied together to demand action on climate change. Sonya …

School Strike 4 Climate: rolling updates as student protests kick off in NZ

A global day of action from young people is under way in New Zealand.

The Bulletin: No deal Brexit looms for Kiwi businesses

Brexit No Deal threat looms for Kiwi exporters, students to go on climate strike today, and families of disabled people fear support cuts by stealth.

‘We don’t really have the luxury of time to rely on elections’ – David Wallace-Wells

An interview with the author of probably the most important book of 2019

Strike if you like, but then go do what really matters: maths and physics

Climate change is here and now, and young people will bear the costs of continued inaction. But it matters less whether they skip a day of school than what they do when they go back

NZ schools strike for climate: everything you need to know

What’s going on, and where, and what are the guidelines for participants?

We asked seasoned protestors for their top Strike 4 Climate tips

Fellow kids, are you going on strike for climate change tomorrow? Here are some top tips from seasoned pros.

The kids of NZ are absolutely owning adults and it’s bloody magnificent

This week, and pretty much all the time, young people are putting to shame the aged moaners among us, says Emily Writes

Children’s commissioner: Politicians should stop and listen to young strikers

We should be proud young people in New Zealand have the courage to demonstrate their commitment to addressing climate change

Students should strike on Friday (and they should be punished for it)

An Auckland secondary school teacher posted some thoughts on the climate strike. They were smart and pithy thoughts, so with permission, we're republishing below.