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What we can learn from the stories of Kauri, Tohorā and Tiwaiwaka

Once plentiful, Kauri and Tohorā now face the threat of extinction. To save them we need to listen to the message of Tiwaiwaka, writes Donna Kerridge.

Frame: Standing up to kauri dieback

Visitors travel from far and wide to Northland’s Waipoua Forest. Are they putting Tāne Mahuta and his brothers and sisters at risk?

Frame: The life-changing work of Whaea Michelle

'If we fix families, then the rest of the courts will be redundant. Our mokopuna will be safer, our grandparents will be safer – we will all be safer.'

Whaea Michelle, navigator of the Family Violence Court

New Zealand has some of the worst rates of family violence and abuse. Addressing those, especially in the courtroom, is about more than punishment.

Ace of Hearts shows what it really means to identify as asexual

Endless misconceptions exist about people who identify as ‘ace’, and filmmaker Julie Zhu wants to clear some of them up in Frame documentary Ace of Hearts.

Frame: Finding a home on the asexual spectrum

Just as sexuality is a spectrum, so too is asexuality.

Frame: Who owns the toxic waste in Mataura’s paper mill?

On the edge of the Mataura River, a disused paper mill is filled with thousands of bags of toxic waste. Locals want to find out who’s responsible for it – and they want it gone before disaster strikes.

Grass Roots: the wāhine of Hikurangi Enterprises

In the latest in the Frame documentary series produced for The Spinoff by Wrestler and funded by NZ on Air, we meet the wāhine behind Hikurangi Enterprises, a cannabis co-op looking to revitalise Ruatoria.

Capital Royalty: inside Wellington’s gloriously chaotic drag scene

WATCH: Meet the people who have made drag such a big part of Wellington's popular culture

Common ground: Behind the scenes of the hāngī

In the latest in the Frame documentary series produced for The Spinoff by Wrestler and funded by NZ on Air, we follow chef Luke Adams as he prepares a hāngī for his children's school fundraiser. 

Under the Korowai: new approaches to Māori mental health

A kaupapa Māori mental service provider is combining tohunga-led cultural therapy and clinical methods to help young Māori understand, rather than fear, their gifts.

Mould, sweet mould: inside New Zealand’s damp housing crisis

The reality of how people are living in New Zealand in 2018.

Silent lambs: Child sexual abuse and the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses are on a quest to save the ‘wicked’ from damnation. For victims of sexual abuse within the organisation, however, that quest has seen perpetrators shielded from justice

Life with the hookers of Hawera

The Spinoff is proud to debut our Frame documentary series produced by Wrestler and funded by NZ on Air. The first is The Hookers of Hawera, about life in and around a small-town brothel named 'Shh…'.